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TEXT By Michalow Stud 

                     Features of the house stallion 21 Kuhailan Haifi or. ar.

The family stallion or Kuhailan Haifi. ar. (according to the classification of lines and strains introduced by Z. Rozwadowski - Source code is 21 or Kuhailan Haifi. ar.) are now represented among nasilniej in Poland. , As many as 26 of the sires used in the first 47 years of existence stud, comes in the male line is from Kuhailan Haifi or. ar. This extended the great sire his grandsons, sons Ofir ( Kuhailan Haifi x Dziwa by Abu Mlech) - Witraż (Ofir x Makata by Fetysz ) and Wielki Szlem (Ofir x Elegantka by Bakszysz)Professor Witold Prussia wrote of Ofir: "It is considered the best stallion, which was in Janow in the interwar period. Was small kucowaty, with some deficiencies in construction, especially in the limbs. Had but a lot of expression in the head. '.


 Witraż (Ofir x Makata by Fetysz)

Andrew Krzyształowiczcharacterized Witraż: 'Horse of outstanding beauty of Arabic. Nice head, very large dark eyes, large nostrils, nice neck, good body, and less correct leg.'' Roman Pankiewicz in the book, The Magnificent Seven'' writes stud:,, immense beauty, head, eyes, nostrils, ears , look, and at the same caliber. Sorry neck a little thick, but nicely modeled. [...] It can be found in the pedigree of almost every Polish Arabian, sometimes even several times. His only negative feature was excessive excitability, which is often passed on. He gave a wonderful daughters, who in addition proved to be excellent mothers. You can include a leading Polish stallions after Comecie, but very close to it.''

The Michalów Witraż daughter came following: Armenia ( x Amneris byAmurath Sahib)  , Cosmosa ( x Canaria by Trypolis) , Czajka ( x Wilga by Ofir) , Gazella ( x Norma by Hardy), Egeria ( x Enorme by Trypolis), and Muszkatela ( x Musailima by Wielki Szlem) .

Do not have played a greater role in the herd Michałów.Of the children Witraż used in the michalow stud Como ( x Bona by Kuhailan Zaid ) and Celebes ( x Canaria by Trypolis) - both breeding Albigowa. Como left only one daughter incorporated into the studs - punishment forsycja ( x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub) and stallion Elear ( x El-Zabibe by Rasim III), after which he was drafted into any mares.



Celebes (Witraż x Canaria by Trypolis)

However, Celebes left its mark on the stud. In his youth, Celebes, as too small, it was defective from the PSO Drogomyśl and handed over to the circus. He performed there 12 years, keeping in difficult operating conditions perfect health. Proved to be the last time in Poland, the son of Witraż - stallion, who after the war had the strongest influence on breeding Polish Arabian horses, their marketability abroad and became famous abroad for his phenomenal progeny (eg: Bask ( x ,Bałałajka  by Amurath Sahib) , Karramba ( x Karmen II by Koheilan I ) , Celina ( x Elza by Rasim Pierwszy)). Bought from the circus - fortunately in good shape - has been widely used in the Michalow . The studs included nine of his daughters: Fata Morgana (x Fatma by Anarchista) (sold to the U.S. for 6.600 USD), Fraszka ( Fatma by Nabor)  (USA - 225.000 zł), Moneta ( x Massina by Grand) (USA - 1.406.000 zł), Atlanta (x Arizona by El Trypoli)  (USA - 18.000 USD),Ekstaza ( x Eskapada  by Nabor) (USA - 53.000 USD),Emilia (x ela by Miecznik)   (USA - 20.000 USD), Mitra (x Manilla by Doktryner ) - the end of the stud, one of the most favorite mares Director Ignacy Jaworowski, Falanga ( x Felluka by Comet) (USA - 756.000 zł) and Fladra (x Fregata by Rozmaryn) (USA - 11.250.000 zł). From among them, the most deserved it Ekstaza and Mitra,proved to be a useful Fladra i Emilia.

In the Michalow stud were used of three sons Celebes - Aloes (x Algoa by Czort )  , Pepi ( x Pemba by Czort ) , Etap ( x Etna by Faher) - and stallions coming from them: the Aloes - Fanatyk (x Fatima by Negatiw)  -and by Fanatyk  Dzięgiel  (x Doliwa by Comet) by Etap - Set (Sekwana by Banio) 




Set  (Etap x Sekwana by Banio)
fot. Zofia Raczkowska


Of the five daughters of aloes, four, as not typical, sold to the United States -- Demetra ( x Drumla  by Dardir) (for 5.490.000 zl in1983), Dunkierka ( x Dalmacja by Dambor)  (for 6.300.000 zl in 1983), Foka ( x Fatima by Negatiw)  (for 51.000 USD in 1987) , Malawita ( x Mila by Gwarny) (for 158.4000 USD in 1984), and Weranda ( x Wenera by Negatiw) broke her leg..

After son Aloe, Fanatyk Believer also incorporated five mares:Ezra (x Epora By Dambor)  Żaneta ( x Zolna by Palas)  Cygaretka ( x Ciżemka  by Palas)  Dynamika ( x  Dębica  by Elf) & Garonna ( x Gizela by Palas) - Oaks winner in 1989. The first four of them were exported. However Garonna, a veteran horse stud, mother leading stallion Ganges ( Monogramm x Garonna by Fanatyk ) and mare Gryzetka ( Wojslaw x Garonna by Fanatyk ) remained at stud until 2001, when the old mare has been sold for a high price of 60,000 USD.

After son Fanatyk not included any mares.

Pepi athletic stud left five mothers: Głowica (x Głownia by El Paso) (Sold To The USA for 25.000 USD in 1988), Cela (x Cytra by Negatiw) (Sold to The Italy for 10.000 USD in 1989), Fliza (x Filia by Eufrat) (Sold To Sweden for 9.600 USD in 1988), Folga (x Fabiola by Negatiw) (Sold to Italy for 11.880 USD in 1987) & Maligna (x Mila by Gwarny)  (Sold To Germany for USD in 1988). The best of them was the head, but they were all comely enough to leave them in the stud..

The third son Celebes , Etap left only two daughters - - Druzja ( x Drużyna by Comet)  & Etapka (x Eskapada  by Nabor) - first sold to the U.S. in 1985 (97.020 USD),  and the second - to Germany in 1992. However,Etap, Set very positively marked the stud . Set a stallion very proper structure , large, with a fantastic line of the back , beautiful , horizontal croup , with comely head , beautiful eyes and correct movement. He left in the Michalow 10 mares :: Areta (x Artemida by Chazar) (Sold To Sweden 27.000 USD in 1987), Delenda (x Defilada by Bajdak (Austria - 8.000 USD - 1990), Duga (x Doliwa  by Comet) (USA - 11.800 USD - 1987 ), Dulcynea (x Dulka by Gedymin)  (USA - 15.000 USD - 1988 ), Esperanca (x Espaniola  by Palas) (Poland - 1997 ), Delicja (x Defilada by Bajdak) (USA - 31.000 USD - 1992 ), Elga (x Estonia by Comet) (Sweden - 13.860 USD - 1988), Finta (x Finezja by Gedymin) (England - 17.000 USD - 1992), Grenada ( x Gilza by Espartero ) (Poland - 9.000 USD - 1991), Fedra (x Fuga by El Azrak) (Italy - 4.000 USD - 1988). The stud of the most deserved to Esperanca , giving : Ekspozycja ( Eukaliptus x Esperanca  by Set) - Broodmare Stud, Eunika ( Wachlarz x Esperanca  by Set)  (in foal Michalów record number 2000) and stallion  Esperanto ( Eukaliptus x Esperanca  by Set)  - Polish National Reserve Champion Stallion in 1997 , in 2000 - in race training .

Epochal for Michalów was a Chesnut  Monogramm ( Negatraz x Monogramm by Knippel), leased in 1992 from the United from Mr. Bishop .




Monogramm  (Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel)
fot. Urszula Sawicka


In 1992, the U.S. leased from Mr. Bishop Monogramm Patterson breeding Arabians. This chestnut stallion , very handsome with a beautiful head and neck, a big dark eyes, a good legg positioning, correct on the bottom, with fantastic movement. As the grandson of Bask ( Witraz x Bałałajka by Amurath Sahib)  is a descendant of the family Kuhailan Haifi oa.

Monogramm hid in the Michalow stud in the years: 1993 (68 mares) & 1994 (67 mares). After returning to the United States used the stallion's frozen semen - in 1995 (19 mares), in 1996 (6 mares), & 1997 (7 mares). Total covered 167 mares, 112 foals were born - 54 colts and 58 fillies.


Zagrobla  (Monogramm x Zguba by Enrilo) 

fot. Stuart Vesty

  In 1999, he was drafted into the stud his first daughter: Demona ( Dalida by Probat) - classes of 84 points, Ekscella (x Estancja by Palas) - 80 points, Elganda (x Eloranta  by Endel) - 80 points, Eskalopka (x Egzotyka  by Probat) - 85 points, Palestyna (x Palestra by Penitent) - 84 points and Zagrobla (x Zguba by enrilo) - as many as 87 points "bonus"



Ekstern  (Monogramm x Ernestyna by Piechur)
fot. Stuart Vesty


The Stud was used Monogramm sons: : Ekstern - in 2000-2001 on lease in Belgium; Fernando ( x  Frejlina  by Pepton) - used in private bred; Ganges (x Garonna by  Fanatyk)  - used in maternal stud ;Empres (x Empressa by Probat)  - used in Tarus Arabians and Sweden ; Furiat (x Furora by Pepton)- used in Janow Podlaski (first foals in 2001). The most promising are the foals  Ganges and Ekstern


Furiat  (Monogramm x Furora by Pepton)
fot. Wiesław Pawłowski



Ganges  (Monogramm - Garonna by Fanatyk)
fot. Stuart Vesty


Offspring Monogramm is gray, bay and chestnut, in large part, a very comely, proper, well to moving. It's the perfect horses for shows. In 2000, a dozen mares Monogramm was the first time mothers - caring, sensitive, very quiet, products - gave a very good foals by different stallions.



Kwestura  (Monogramm x Kwesta by Pesennik)
fot. Stuart Vesty


Offspring Monogramm refers uncommon success at shows. The most important results of domestic and foreign in the period 1995-2000 were included in the table. Enjoy!

Next descendantsWitraż, sire Kuhailan Haifi oa represent a horse derived fromWielki Szlem. Andrew Krzyształowicz so characterized him: "A proper construction, deep, broad chest, the movement of medium, small head, large dark eye". 

 Wielki Szlem  (Ofir x Elegantka by Bakszysz )

The daughter Michalów hit following the Wielki Szlem: Angara (x Brda by Mersuch II )  - arrived 17.10.1953 years, mother exported to Tersk stallion Arax (pl) (Amurath Sahib (pl) x Angara (pl) by Wielki Szlem (pl)) bred to Klemensów Stud (PL) , who was then of great importance for breeding Arabian horses in the United States, scrap with stud 23/03/1954; Civita (x Verona by Polonez) - arrived 25.11.1954; Czika (x Panika by  Miecznik)- arrived 10.12.1956; Delja (x Akra by Kaszmir) - deficient 08.08.1969; Devera (x Verona by Polonez) - arrived 25.11.1954; Gwara (x Canaria by Trypolis ) -fell 13.05.1967; Dejanira (x Dalama by Dżingishan III ) - arrived 10.12.1956; Dyska (x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub) - exported to France 1969; Bint Canaria (x Canaria by Trypolis )  - fell 29.07.1960; Bint Badaria (x Badiara by Bad Afas ) - exported to the U.S. 1967; Rega (x Rasima by Rasim Pierwszy) - exported to the Netherlands in 1967. Most deserved in further breeding: Gwara and Dyska. Gwara gave broodmares: Gwadiana (Amurath Sahib x Gwara by Wielki Szlem) , Gawra (Doktryner x Gwara by Wielki Szlem) , Granica (Nabor  x Gwara by Wielki Szlem)) , Gryka (Comet x Gwara by Wielki Szlem) ,  Gwardia (Branibor x Gwara by Wielki Szlem) and chief sire Gwarny ( Amurath Sahib x x Gwara by Wielki Szlem) . Dyska, oaksistka 1954, the dam Dunajec ( Branibor x Dyska by Wielki Szlem) -  Comparative winners in 1969 and 1968 years (head to head with  Algoa (Czort x Algonkina by Pietuszok )), and stallion Dramat ( Rozmaryn x Dyska by Wielki Szlem) - leading in Michalow Stud, then sold to PSO Klikowa.

The Michalów hit a Wielki Szlem - granddaughter - daughter of the stallion Mlech Pełkiński ( Wielki Szlem x Hilla by Kaszmir)- Miriam (Mlech Pełkiński x Gahdar by Wielki Szlem)    (arrived 10/9/1950 years, sold 06/11/1956), and Mufta (Mlech Pełkiński x Atfa by Dżingishan III) (Arrived 17.10.1953 , Sold to England 1961). However, in the Michalow Stud were born after the other sons of mares Wielki Szlem: The Stallion Anarchista ( Wielki Szlem x Bomba by Kuhailan Zaid  - Czatanoga (Anarchista x Canaria by Trypolis)   (enabled 13.11.1963 , died 20.01.1976), Fatma ( Anarchista x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub)  (enabled 30.11.1965 , moved to Białka Stud 5.12.1984) & Purpura (Anarchista x Porfira by Priboj ) (enabled 15.11.1967, exported to the U.S. 2.09.1969), and by Czardasz ( Wielki Szlem x Baza by  Kuhailan Zaid - Centuria (Czardasz  x Czadra by Grand) (enabled 04.07.1968 , deficient 26.10.1972), Meluzyna ( x Manilla by Doktryner ) (enabled 27.09.1968 , transferred to Kurozwęki 14.07.1973), Forteca (x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub) (enabled 24.10.1969 , exported to the U.S. in 1974 for 1.000 USD), Parana (x Porfira by Priboj ) (enabled 24.10.1969 , exported to the U.S. in 1971), Zamieć (x Złota Iwa by Arax)  (enabled 30.09.1969 , transferred to Kurozwęki 30.11.1973), Platyna (x Planeta by Nabor) (enabled 07.11.1970 , transferred to Kurozwęki 15.12.1986), Potęga (x Potencja by Priboj)  (enabled 07.11.1970 , deficient because of blindness 28.11.1973), Patyna (x Potencja by Priboj)  (enabled 02.10.1970 , exported to the U.S. in 1973  for 250.000 zł), Formoza  (x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub(enabled 17.11.1971 , exported to Germany in 1972 for 230.160 zł), Tradycja ( x Tryguza  by Trypolis) (enabled 05.04.1971 , exported to the 1973 for 400.000 zł). In 1957, the TWK Warsaw came another granddaughter Wielki Szlem - Wataha ( Duch x Werbena by Wojski) (in 1975 was deficient because of asthma).

Wielki Szlem by his granddaughter had a significant impact on the culture at the Michalow stud. Of the 16 mares particularly contributed to Miriam, Czatanoga, Fatma & Zamieć.

In autumn 1971 years to Michalów straight from training to TWK arrived grandson Wielkie Szlem - El Paso. In the Michalow Stud needed a stallion with family Kuhailan Haifi db El Paso - harmonious, correct, bay, an elegant silhouette with a striking motion - stood out among stallions in the Torah. The only drawback was a small bump on his forehead. 


El Paso  (Czort x Ellora by Witraz)
fot. Jerry Sparagowski


From the beginning of his stay in the Michalow Stud took all nice character and a great calm. The board could pose numerous photographers long standing motionless as a statue.

In the Michalow Stud has been used for four seasons. He left 28 fillies and 17 colts. Two mares in foal to El Paso transferred to emerging stud in Kurozwęki - were born there two excellent fillies - Zadymka ( x Zamiec by CzardaszGwintówka (x Gwardia  by Branibor) Of the daughters of El Paso Michałów breeding included 13 mares: Attyka (x Atlanta by Celebes)  (11/14/1977 enabled the disused in 1978), Flotylla (x Felluka by Comet)  (enabled11.11.1977 , transferred to  Bialka Stud 11.1982), Głownia (x Gwardia  by Branibor)  (enabled 11.11.1977 , exported to the U.S. in 1989 for 21.780 USD), Wilczyca (x Wadera by Doktryner  (enabled 16.07.1977 , exported to the U.S. in 1981 for 4.880.000 zł), Wistula ( x Warmia by Comet) (enabled 11.11.1977 sold at auction Polish Ovation in the 1985 roku za 510.000 USD), Gildia (x Gilza by Espartero ) (enabled 03.08.1978 exported to the U.S. in 1987 in exchange for letting the stallion Piechur (Banat x Pierzeja by Bandos)), Pascha (x Potega by Czardasz) (enabled 14.11.1977 wiped out because of a broken leg), Wersja ( x Warmia by Comet)  (enabled 06.11.1978 , exported to the 1981 for 9.200.000 zł), Estrela ( x Estonia by Comet)  (enabled 06.11.1979 Died 13.02.1990), Miranda (x Mitra by Celebes) (enabled 02.10.1979 exported to France in 1995 for 7.000 USD), Wilejka ( x Warmia by Comet)  (enabled  02.10.1979 exported to the 1998 for 5.000 USD), Wizja ( x Warmia by Comet) (enabled 14.12.1982 the return of the United States, where she won the title of Champion USA, scrapped in 1995) and Erna (x Emilia by Celebes) (enabled 03.11.1981 exported to the 1982 for 3.780.000 zł). 


Wizja  (El Paso x Warmia by comet)
fot. Jerry Sparagowski


If you need to replace one horse from this group, it will undoubtedly Wizja. It has brought much glamor stud, winning the 1977 U.S. Championships. The stud has left a beautiful bay Wiaźma  In second place, Wilejka Vision's sister, mother's leading sire Wojsław (Tallin x Wilejka by El Paso) and fine mare Wilnianka (Tallin x Wilejka by El Paso )   Wybranka (Piechur x Wilejka by El Paso)  and  Worskla   ( Eukaliptus  x Wilejka by El Paso) 

Exported 26 horses at El Paso - 18 mares and eight stallions. The USA went mares Dacja ( x Daszawa  by Nabor ) , Flaga (x Felluka  by Comet) , Wariacja (x Wataha  by Duch) , Wilczyca (x Wadera by Doktryner ) , Dieta (x  Drumla  by Dardir ) , Eterna (x  Elekcja  by Comet ) , Wersja (x Warmia by Comet) ,  Zdrada (x Złota Iwa by Arax ) , Arka (x Artemida  by Chazar ) ,   Erna (x Emilia by Celebes) ,  Westalka (x Wenera  by Negatiw) ,  Głownia  (x Gwardia  by Branibor) ,  Wistula (x Warmia by Comet) ,  Wilejka (x Warmia by Comet)  and stallions Eros (x Eskapada by Nabor)  and Wilkołak (x Wadera by Doktryner ) The Netherlands went mares Cantata (x Cumparsita  by Gwarny)  & Flanka (x Falanga by Celebes)  to Sweden - Esterka (x Estera  by Elf)  and stallions Cadyk (x Cumparsita  by Gwarny)   Czaprak  (x Czatanoga by Anarchista)  & Fason (x Fladra by Celebes), to Germany - Gorset (x Gilza by Espartero ) to Brazil - Wiatr (x Wadera by Doktryner ) , to england  - Coriolan (x Cedzyna by Negatiw) to French- Miranda (x Mitra by Celebes)  However, the new studs transferred opened in 1976 - Catalina (x  Czeczuga  by Aquinor) (to Kurozwęki) and in 1981 - Emka (x Emilia by chazar) (to Białka).

Offspring El Paso won the glory Michalów many championships in the country and the world: Wizja - This Champion USA, Canada and Mexico (1977); Eros - A U.S. National Reserve Champion (1978) and stallion in the top ten (the Top Ten) USA National Championship in 1979 ; Dacja -mare Top Ten National Championship of Canada (1980); Cadyk - Champion of Sweden (1983); Celtyk (x Carawella by Negatiw)  - Polish National Reserve Champion (1981); Wilejka- Polish Reserve Champion Filly (1982).

In the Michalow Stud hid - without much success - the children El Paso: Wiatr  Wilkołak Etogram (x Etruria by Palas)  & Europejczyk (x Europa by Bandos) who left a mare - Martyna (x Mitra by Celebes) The stallion was used Bialka Fason (x Fladra by Celebes)

In addition to El Paso in the Michalow Stud were used also two other sons Czort (x Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub)  - Sabbat (x Sabellina by Abu Afas(Derby winner of 1968) and Banzaj  (x Bandola by Witraz) After Banzaj not included in either one of the mares, and two mares  - Mława (x Mantyla  by Grand)  & Preria (x Potega by Czardasz) , which played no role in the stud.




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