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                              ECAHO (PEPTON x ETRURIA by PALAS) 

PEPTON (PL)  grey stallion, foaled 1977
(Bandos xPemba by Czort)
breeder: Janów Podlaski Stud, PL 
sire line: Ibrahim d.b. 1899, b. Obdurahm Abdullah, imp. 1907 Antoniny (PL)
dam line: Szamrajówka ~1810, b. Biała Cerkiew (PL)

Race records:
 2/16(11-4-0-1)AP+C+7 Winner of 13 Major
Show Record 
1983 & 1984 Polish Nat Res Champ Stallion
1989 Polish Nat Champ Stallion

Breeding record:
1982-83 Michalów State Stud;
1984-85 Kurozweki State Stud;
1986-87 Lease to the US;
1988-91 Janów Podlaski
Sire of 218 foals
Sire of National Champions Ecaho and Sarmata
deceased in 2005
ETRURIA (PL)  grey mare, 
foaled 1975 deceased June 11, 2006
(Palas x Etna by Faher)
breeder: Janów Podlaski Stud, PL 
sire line: Saklawi I 1886, b. Anazeh Ruala (B)
dam line: Wołoszka 1810, b. Sławuta (PL)

Show Record ;
World Champ Sr Mare
World Champ Jr Mare
European Champ Sr Mare
European Champ Jr Mare
European Res Champ Mare
Polish Nat Champ Mare



Ecaho (PL)  grey stallion, 
foaled 1990-deceased August 21, 2019
(Pepton x Etruria by Faher)
breeder: Janów Podlaski Stud, PL 
sire line: Ibrahim d.b. 1899, b. Obdurahm Abdullah, imp. 1907 Antoniny (PL)
dam line: Wołoszka 1810, b. Sławuta (PL)
Bred by Janow Podlaski Stud, Poland

Imported to the US from Poland in 2003
Sire of 35 winners

Show Record 
1995 Polish Nat Champ Stallion
1995 All Nations Cup Class Winner
2002 Senior Champ Stallion, Poznan (PL)
2005 Reg 2 Champ Stallion
San Fernando Valley Sr Champ Stallion, Santa Barbara, CA US)
Region II Champ Stallion, Burbank, CA (US)
2005 US Nat Champ Top 10 Senior Stallion
Sire, Grandsire, and Great Grandsire of World, National and International Champions
maternal grandfather of EMANDORIA Multi-champ in the world

Race Record
2/20 (2xI ,4xII , 7xIII , 2xIV) 


clic on the livre d'*ecaho



                     *Ecaho is the living legend of the perfect Polish Arabian stallion


ECAHO ( Pepton x Etruria)


*ECAHO " The Best Horse Of The World"



*ECAHO ( Pepton x Etruria ) au haras de Cardenas




ECAHO /  Javan


ECAHO / Javan


ECAHO / Javan


ECAHO / Stuart Vesty



ECAHO / Javan


ECAHO / Javan


ECAHO / Stivel


Ecaho (PL)  Etalon Gris né en 1990


Polish Champ Nat  - Best in Show  - World Cup Champ

Eleveur :Haras de Janów Podlaski, PL 
Ligne Paternelle:Ibrahim 1899, hod. Obdurahm Abdullah, imp. 1907 Antoniny (PL)
Ligne Maternelle:Wołoszka 1810, hod. Sławuta (PL)

Pepton (PL)

Polish Champ Nat

Bandos (PL)Negatiw (SU)Naseem (GB)
Taraszcza (PL)
Bandola (PL)Witraż (PL)
Bałałajka (PL)
Pemba (PL)Czort (PL)Wielki Szlem (PL)
Forta (PL)
Penza (PL)Faher (PL)
Piewica (SU)

Etruria (PL)

Polish Champ Nat Filly

Nat Cup Res Champ Filly


Palas (SU)Aswan (EG)Nazeer (EG)
Yosreia (EG)
Panel (SU)Nil (EG)
Platina (SU)
Etna (PL)Faher (PL)Trypolis (PL)
Ferha (PL)
Elżunia (PL)Witraż (PL)
Elza (PL)



-Polish National Senior Champion Stallion, Janów Podlaski (PL)


-Polish National Senior Reserve Champion Stallion, Janów Podlaski (PL)


-Polish National Senior Reserve Champion Stallion, Janów Podlaski (PL)



-European Senior Reserve Champion Mare, Frauenfeld (DE)

 -Polish National Senior Champion Mare, Janów Podlaski (PL)


-World Senior Champion Mare, Paris (FR)


-World Junior Champion Mare, Paris (FR)


 ECAHO.Polish National Champion & US National Top Ten ECAHO was considered a stallion with such an exemplary conformation that he was right-out named after the organization which handles all things Arabian in Europe. His genotype is just as extraordinary, as he is the son of two Polish National Champions stemming from Janów Podlaski’s most precious damlines. ECAHO’s sire PEPTON, a multiple stakes winner in addition to his show title, represents the family of PIEWICA, whose only recent stars include PIANISSIMA & PINGA. Whereas ECAHO’s distaff side is the family of Director Krzyształowicz’s beloved ETNA via her best-producing daughter ETRURIA. The first Polish horse chosen to compete at the Salon de Cheval, ETRURIA claimed the titles of World Champion both as a Junior and Senior. At the end of her life she was awarded with the prestigious WAHO Trophy for outstanding achievement as an Arabian individual.
ECAHO is known for having sired some of the most feminine mares in Polish breeding history, vide World Champion EMANDA, Scottsdale Reserve Champion & World Top Ten OLITA and double Polish National Champion/Best in Show (both Junior & Senior) PALMETA. His daughters have also written themselves down as superb broodmares, giving birth to the likes of PALATINO, PALABRA & PALATINA (out of PALMETA) and one of the brightest stars of the last decade, EMANDORIA (out of EMANDA).

 ECAHO has entered into legend. He was born in Janow Podlaski to the Polish National Champion Mare ETRURIA, sired by racing legend, the great Polish stallion PEPTON, and will be named in honor of the European Conference of the Arabian Horse Organization, his destiny as king. was sealed by his prestigious heritage from time before his birth. He is, without a doubt, the worthy heir to the IBRAHIN line, an illustrious father in Poland.

He will be the leader of the Haras de Janow Podlaski - Michalow and Bialka

ECAHO took the world by storm, earning accolades he was declared the Polish National Champion Stallion in 1995, US Top Ten, and he electrified Arabian breeders everywhere when he won the Nations Cup with All Perfect Marks "20 20 20".

ECAHO participated in many championships for Polish stud farms, his offspring won Championships ahead of the most beautiful and famous Arabian horses that ever existed. His lineage includes many national and world champions, including the incomparable Emanda, Palmetta, Olita, Emandoria (granddaughter) and Alhambra, to name a few.

The production of ECAHO is in its image, it is Exotic Typical and refined, elegant and majestic, perfectly consistent and exuberant, very athletic, ECAHO is out of the ordinary. An icon.

PELAJA was no exception to the rule, she is in perfect compliance, like her father, the photos speak for themselves 


                                                                                                  ARABIANS HORSE WORLD February 2011



                                                                                                    Results in the ECAHO Production Championship




Daughters  ECAHO

PALMETA 2001 ( ECAHO x Pilica By Fawor ) : Champ Junior Spring Show Filly 2003

EMANDA 1996 ( ECAHO x Emanacja by Eukaliptus ) : Champ Res Junior Spring Show Filly 2003



EMANDORIA 2004 ( Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanda by ECAHO) :


2006 Champ Junior Spring Show Filly et "BEST IN SHOW 2006"
2005 Champ Res , Champ Junior Spring Show Filly 



PALABRA 2006 ( Enzo x Palmeta by ECAHO) :

Champ Junior Spring Show Filly 2008 et "BEST IN SHOW 2008"


PSYCHE KREUZA 2008 ( Ekstern x Pallas-Athen by ECAHO) :

Champ Junior Spring Show Filly 2009 et "BEST IN SHOW 2009"



Championnat "Polish National"



PALMETA 2001( ECAHO x Pilica by Fawor ) : Champ Nat Polish Junior Filly 2003 & "BEST IN SHOW 2003"

EMANDA 1998 ( ECAHO x Emanacja by Eukaliptus) :  Champ Nat Res Polish Junior Filly 1996

                                                                                                Champ Nat Res Polish Mare 2003 & 2006

                                                                                                Champ Nat Class" TOP FIVE" Mare 2010

OLITA 1996 ( ECAHO x Orawa by Argo)        :                 Champ Nat Class "TOP FIVE" Mare 2010



SALAR 2000 ( ECAHO x Sala by Etat )          :                 Champ Nat Polish Stallion Bronze 2010




EMANDORIA 2004( Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanda by ECAHO) : Champ Nat Res Polish Junior Filly 2005 & 2006

                                                                                                             Champ Nat Polish Mare 2009 & "BEST IN SHOW 2009"  

PALABRA 2007 ( Enzo x Palmeta by ECAHO) : Champ Nat Polish Junior Filly 2008

PSYCHE KREUZA 2008( Ekstern x Pallas-Athen by ECAHO) :  Champ Nat Res Polish Junior Filly 2005





EMANDA 1998 ( ECAHO x Emanacja by Eukaliptus) : World Champ Mare  Paris ( FR) 2001

PALMETA 2001( ECAHO x Pilica by Fawor ) : Top Ten World Champ Mare Paris ( FR ) 2009


PIASTA 2000 ( ECAHO x Pilotka by Pamir )  : Champ Nat Res Spanish Mare Segovia ( SP) 2009

OLITA 1996 ( ECAHO x Orawa by Argo)        : Champ Mare Scandinavie 2002      

SALAR 2000 ( ECAHO x Sala by Etat )          : Top Ten World Champ Stallion Paris ( FR) 2009                                                                               



EMANDORIA 2004( Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanda by ECAHO) :2005 World Champion Filly

                                                                                                            2006 European Champion Filly 

                                                                                                            2009 Champ Res Mare ACHEN ( DE) 

                                                                                                            2009 Champ D'europe Mare Bronze Verona ( IT )  

                                                                                                            2010 Champ du Monde Mare Bronze  Paris ( FR) 

                                                                                                            2010 Champ Mare Wels ( AUT )

                                                                                                       2009 Champ Supreme Mare Arabians Breeders World Cup Las Vegas NV (USA)

                                                                                                           2010 Silver World Champion Mare, Salon du Cheval 
                                                                                                           2010 Gold European Champion Mare
                                                                                                           2013 Gold European Champion Mare
                                                                                                           2013 Gold Champion Mare All Nations Cup

                                                                                                           2013 Gold World Champion Mare, Salon du Cheval

                                                                                                           2018 Platinum World Champion Mare 


EMBRA 2004 ( Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanda by ECAHO)          : Champ Res Mare Arabians Breeders World Cup Las Vegas NV (USA) 2009

PSYCHE KREUZA 2008( Ekstern x Pallas-Athen by ECAHO) : Top Ten World Champ Filly Paris ( FR ) 2009

                                                                                                             Champ Filly Bronze Wels ( AUT ) 2010

                                                                                                             Champ Res Filly Middelfart (DK) 2010  


Ecaho (PL) grey foaled 1990 
 1996Dobrów (PL)geldingDąbrowa (PL) 
 1996Eberia (PL)mareEbola (PL) 
 1996Edafon (PL)geldingEmpressa (PL) 
 1996Edmonton (PL)stallionElcantara (PL) 
 1996Edyp (PL)stallionEmancypacja (PL) 
 1996Elwia (PL)mareEtopka (PL) 
 1996Emanda (PL)mareEmanacja (PL) 
 1996Emisariusz (PL)geldingEmigrantka (PL) 
 1996Erriqua (GB)mareErminia (PL) 
 1996Esturia (PL)mareEsklawa (PL) 
 1996Euforta (PL)mareEunona (PL) 
 1996Masumi (PL)mareMatura (PL) 
 1996Olita (PL)mareOrawa (PL) 
 1996Pelaja II (DE)marePasieka (PL) 
 1996Pralina (PL)marePremiera (PL) 
 1996Prymicja (PL)marePergola (PL) 
 1996Sąg (PL)stallionSalamandra (PL) 
 1996Witebsk (PL)geldingWilnianka (PL) 
 1996Zenek (PL)geldingZenobia (PL) 
 1996Zygota (PL)mareZula (PL) 
 1996Zysk (PL)geldingZaleta (PL) 
 1997Dyngus (PL)geldingDąbrowa (PL) 
 1997Edwin (PL)geldingElcantara (PL) 
 1997Efaktowny (GB)stallionEspinoza (PL) 
 1997Efezeusz (PL)geldingEfezja (PL) 
 1997Eliksir By Ecaho (IT)stallionElgiria (PL) 
 1997Emitent (PL)geldingEmiliana (PL) 
 1997Enter (PL)geldingEbola (PL) 
 1997Enzo (PL)stallionErendara (PL) 
 1997Erb (PL)geldingEscoveda (PL) 
 1997Eslingen (PL)geldingEscalanta (PL) 
 1997Euroland (PL)geldingEunona (PL) 
 1997Grosz (PL)stallionGruda (PL) 
 1997HS Awalon (GB)stallionAwangarda (PL) 
 1997Plico (PL)stallionPliszka (PL) 
 1997Wika (PL)mareWaleria (PL) 
 1997Wytok (PL)stallionWarszula (PL) 
 1997Ziemowit (PL)stallionZaleta (PL) 
 1997Zygzak (PL)geldingZula (PL) 
 1998Aisza (PL)mareAlbertina (PL) 
 1998Cyriak (PL)geldingCykata (PL) 
 1998Edos (PL)stallionEmoza (PL) 
 1998Eklera (PL)mareEmza (PL) 
 1998Faina (PL)mareFanta (PL) 
 1998Fawaz (JO)stallionCudna (PL) 
 1998Numid (PL)stallionNumidia (PL) 
 1998Poranek (PL)geldingPasterka (PL) 
 1998Potok (PL)stallionPerforacja (PL) 
 1998Semiramida (PL)mareSatyna (PL) 
 1999Dżamia (PL)mareDerza (PL) 
 1999Pigmalion (PL)geldingPetycja (PL) 
 1999Salsabil (PL)stallionSatyna (PL) 
 2000Algrafia (PL)mareAlgaria (PL) 
 2000Asłan (PL)stallionAmina (PL) 
 2000Cirea (PL)mareCirce (PL) 
 2000El Sahra Ecco Ecaho (DE)stallionEfedra (PL) 
 2000Erana (PL)mareEria (PL) 
 2000Perun (PL)stallionPelisa (PL) 
 2000Piasta (PL)marePilotka (PL) 
 2000Sad (PL)geldingSiewka (PL) 
 2000Salar (PL)stallionSaba (PL) 
 2000Sardana (PL)mareSari (PL) 
 2000Seredelle (PL)mareSirena (RU) 
 2001Alkmena (PL)mareAlgaria (PL) 
 2001Cerinola (PL)mareCelna (PL) 
 2001Edmondo (PL)stallionEklipsa (PL) 
 2001Efendi Wspaniały (PL)stallionEmanuela (PL) 
 2001Entamima (PL)mareEnpara (PL) 
 2001Etosha (PL)mareEtylda (PL) 
 2001Magia (PL)mareMeksykanka (PL) 
 2001Nefer (PL)mareNitra (PL) 
 2001Pad (PL)geldingParafa (PL) 
 2001Pallas-Atena (PL)marePelisa (PL) 
 2001Palmeta (PL)marePilica (PL) 
 2001Piston (PL)geldingPilotka (PL) 
 2001Ponita (PL)marePalinka (PL) 
 2001Sardes (PL)geldingSaba (PL) 
 2001Shahera (PL)mareSima (PL) 
 2002Al Capone (PL)stallionAlgaria (PL) 
 2002Alhambra (PL)mareAlbigowa (PL) 
 2002Anatewka (PL)mareAnegdota (PL) 
 2002Cedar (PL)geldingCelna (PL) 
 2002Celesta (PL)mareCelta (PL) 
 2002Ciska (PL)mareCisna (PL) 
 2002Czarowinka (PL)mareCzagabara (PL) 
 2002Egal (PL)stallionErba (PL) 
 2002Egela (PL)mareEgisa (PL) 
 2002El Halabi (PL)geldingElfina (PL) 
 2002Elope (PL)mareEl Alia (PL) 
 2002Enchajran (PL)stallionEnpara (PL) 
 2002Enkora (PL)mareEdreada (PL) 
 2002Estrelka Pierwsza (PL)mareEmanuela (PL) 
 2002Farad (PL)stallionFaza (PL) 
 2002Farmacja (PL)mareFargola (PL) 
 2002Genesis (PL)mareGłowica (PL) 
 2002Markiza (PL)mareMurat-Nazira (PL) 
 2002Medoc (PL)stallionMeksykanka (PL) 
 2002Namrat (PL)stallionNambi (PL) 
 2002Orzech (PL)geldingOrawa (PL) 
 2002Parias (PL)stallionParada (PL) 
 2002Polenta (PL)marePilica (PL) 
 2003Ambaras (PL)geldingAruba (PL) 
 2003Cufijja (PL)mareCastylia (PL) 
 2003El Habiba (PL)mareEnsena (PL) 
 2003Emanza (PL)mareEmanuela (PL) 
 2003Hewita (PL)mareHanuta (PL) 
 2003Mali (PL)mareMu-Sura (PL) 
 2003Milton (PL)stallionMina (PL) 
 2003Pasima (PL)mareParafraza (PL) 
 2003Purpura (PL)marePilica (PL) 
 2004Albanes (PL)geldingAlbigowa (PL) 
 2004Baden (PL)geldingBaida (PL) 
 2004Bazus (PL)stallionBaza (PL) 
 2004Bint Moleta (PL)mareKP Bint Malikah el Nil (DE) 
 2004Brabant (PL)geldingBrandy (PL) 
 2004Decaho (PL)stallionDemara Bis (PL) 
 2004Ebsilio (PL)stallionEbola (PL) 
 2004Echo Kirke (PL)mareEndera (PL) 
 2004Emonetta (PL)mareEmona (PL) 
 2004Fer Abu Kir (PL)stallionFerra (PL) 
 2004Guliwer (PL)stallionGalena (PL) 
 2004Hamdami (PL)stallionHosanna (PL) 
 2004Orkisz (PL)geldingOrawa (PL) 
 2004Panera (PL)marePianella (PL) 
 2004Papion (PL)stallionProkanitsa (NL) 
 2004Partida (PL)mareParafa (PL) 
 2004Pele (PL)marePelisa (PL) 
 2004Penalba (PL)marePilica (PL) 
 2004Pustynny Deszcz (PL)stallionPustynna Akcja (PL) 
 2004Wissea (PL)mareWistaria (PL) 
 2005Antonella FF (US)marePadrona Bey (US) 
 2005Ecahos Fleet Oryx (US)stallionOSO Asia (US) 
 2005Ecahos Jewel WC (US)mareNadzha (US) 
 2005Elation FEA (US)stallionEleuza (PL) 
 2005Elita HRN (US)mareSS Heiress (CA) 
 2005Eloquent FEA (US)mareEgzotyka (PL) 
 2005Emagine-RR (US)stallionMCA Foxies Image (US) 
 2005Eticket JCA (US)mareElia (PL) 
 2005Gypsey King FEA (US)stallionTF Gypsy (US) 
 2005HDC Bellisima (US)mareTruly Kool (US) 
 2005Jaden JCA (US)mareJacline Jamal JCA (US) 
 2005JJ Polonia (AR)mareJJ Catarina (AR) 
 2005OSO Antika (US)mareOSO Axotica (US) 
 2005OSO Hotcha (US)stallionOSO Padova (US) 
 2005Percaho (US)stallionPerkusja (PL) 
 2005Polonia JCA (US)mareEgzonera (PL) 
 2005RD Mystiah (CA)mareAlanna (CA) 
 2005Star of Ecaho (US)stallionEleuza (PL) 
 2005WA Emfatyk (US)stallionEstansia (US) 
 2005WDB Zasha (US)mareZava (US) 
 2006Alias IA (US)geldingAlia Psyche IA (US) 
 2006AW Piero (US)stallionBask El Roga (US) 
 2006Caymus (US)stallionProbracja (US) 
 2006Constantene (US)stallionAmellia (US) 
 2006Desert Melody IA (US)mareLC Psupremacy (US) 
 2006Eava HRN (US)mareSS Heiress (CA) 
 2006Eeesprada (US)mareEurespeciale (US) 
 2006El Euphoria VO (US)mareEl Dorada (PL) 
 2006Equus FEA (US)stallionEgzotyka (PL) 
 2006Estanzia J (US)mareTA Europecjka (GB) 
 2006Fionnaa (US)mareFalindaa (US) 
 2006HDC El Cacique (US)mareOm El Tahari (US) 
 2006HDC El Duque (US)stallionMHR Memories (US) 
 2006HDC Emarita (US)mareEleuza (PL) 
 2006HDC Kalifah (US)stallionMHR Halee (US) 
 2006HDC La Duquesa (US)mareTruly Kool (US) 
 2006HZ Narew (AR)stallionAruba (PL) 
 2006LC Kitri (AR)stallionEkspozycja (PL) 
 2006LC Polish Dancer (US)mareGAA Millenia (US) 
 2006Magnico (US)stallionMagna Psyche (US) 
 2006PA Ecolina (US)mareArielna (US) 
 2006Serenata VO (US)mareSW Cipher (US) 
 2006Shakkira VO (US)mareOksanadik (US) 
 2006Skoroneek IA (US)stallionBA Famous Lace (US) 
 2006TT Elijah (US)stallionErotomanka (PL) 
 2006Verona FEA (US)mareWenessa (PL) 
 2006WG Zaphnate-Paaneah (US)stallionBalakardika V (US) 
 2006Wyktoria (US)mareWentanaa (US) 
 2007Bergen (PL)geldingBellanda (PL) 
 2007Ecahterina IA (US)mareKlassic Maiden IA (US) 
 2007Eicon BVA (US)stallion/geldingBey Teyna (US) 
 2007Eilat (BE)stallionEllada (PL) 
 2007Elation SRA (US)stallionCB Elektrika (US) 
 2007Etruria FEA (US)mareEgzotyka (PL) 
 2007Jecaho SRA (US)stallionWierzba (PL) 
 2007Palma El Ameira (AU)marePilica (PL) 
 2007Peplin (PL)stallionPepina (PL) 
 2007Piraneza (PL)marePilar (PL) 
 2007Preton (PL)stallionPercepcja (PL) 
 2007Rohara Pamela (US)mareLC Psupremacy (US) 
 2008Aratos (PL)stallionAriadne (PL) 
 2008Diomedez (US)stallionOKW Diva (US) 
 2008Ecahos Elegance (US)mareEmmalia MBN (US) 
 2008Elliza (BE)mareEllada (PL) 
 2008Escahda (US)mareEsconcja (US) 
 2008Orion SRA (US)stallionWierzba (PL) 
 2008Penta (PL)marePepina (PL) 
 2008Perfekcja (BE)marePersenkówka (PL) 
 2008Sagetta SRA (US)mareMagenta PA (US) 
 2009Admiratio AV (US)stallionElegance Quest (US) 
 2009Anastasia SRA (US)mareWierzba (PL) 
 2009BA Tarazka (US)mareOm El Tahari (US) 
 2009Emahlee IA (US)mareEnzos Passion IA (US) 
 2009Emmanuel ASA (US)stallionEmmocja (US) 
 2009Enchanted RR (US)geldingMagics Charisma (US) 
 2009HDC Bonita (US)mareExpresja (US) 
 2009HDC Camelia (US)mareBA Candela (US) 
 2009HDC Tiara (US)mareBow Tiara (US) 
 2009Korvette (CA)mareKawa (US) 
 2009Miss Cee Cee (US)mareMiss Chantela (US) 
 2009Nadir Al Farid (CA)stallionHonest And True (CA) 
 2009Rubio CF (US)stallionPsavannah (US) 
 2010Aldon (PL)geldingAlena (PL) 
 2010Calma (SE)mareCalisia (PL) 
 2010HDC Cellina (US)mareCeltyka (PL) 
 2010Ishan Al Zareef (FR)stallionReplica (BE) 
 2010Mandalay (FR)mareMandolinn (GB) 
 2010Paprecah (US)marePapreka PASB (US) 
 2011BA Salina (US)mareShes So Khool (US) 
 2011HDC Trobador (US)stallionHDC Tahira (US) 
 2011HDC Yanna (US)mareHDC Pustyanna Roza (US) 
 2011Monastiri Nassima (US)mareTR Nastassia (US) 
 2012Emmaus ASA (US)stallionEmmocja (US) 
 2013Eira HRN (US)mareSS Heiress (CA) 
 2013Emmanuel Vildal (DK)stallionEstampa (PL) 
 2014Estelle Vildal (DK)mareEstampa (PL) 
 2014HDC Edeline (US)mareHDC Pustyanna Roza (US) 
 2014HDC Evelyn (US)mareHDC Layna (US) 
 2015Amal Hayatee RA (US)mareShakyyra AD (IL) 
 2015Ecahos Blazing Star (US)stallionHDC Estokada (US) 
 2016BA Pilarka (US)mareHDC Morena (US) 
 2017Bella Kella (US)mareStarlet MO (US) 
 2017Eolo (US)stallionMagnalina (US) 
 2017Wiepic SD (US)stallionCara Mia MBN (US) 
 2018Ahramis (US)stallionAfrodyta (US) 
 2019Elika (PL)mareElfira (PL) 
 2019NN Etoile (US)mareTA Emily (US)


ELWIA / Scott Trees



                                                                                                                                                                 PRIDE OF POLAND 2003 






Ecaho - Etopka by Eukaliptus


140 000 E

U.A.E ( Al Aryam Arabian)


Eberia /
Scott Tress


                                                                                                            PRIDE OF POLAND 2005






Ecaho - Ebola by Eldon                     


54 000 Euros

Belgique Jaden     Arabians            




Esturia / Stuart Vesty


Celesta / Stuart Vesty


                                                                                                                     PRIDE OF POLAND 2006 






Ecaho - Esklawa by Eukaliptus


30 000 Euro






Ecaho - Celta by Pasat

J. Podlaski

12 000 Euros





Enkora / Risco de las Vegas


Pralina / Stuart Vesty


Polenta/ Stuart Vesty


                                                                                       PRIDE OF POLAND 2007 






Ecaho - Edreada by Ararat


25 000 Euros






Ecaho - Premiera by Piechur


85 000 Euros






Ecaho - Pilica by Fawor

J. Podlaski

75 000 Euros




Nefer / Stuart Vesty


                                                                                                                PRIDE OF POLAND 2011






Ecaho - Nitra by Wermut                

J. Podlaski

????? E

Shouken Training ( BE)    


                                                                                      PRIX MOYEN D'ACHAT pour une fille D'ECAHO : 60.143 Euros 

                                                                          2 petites filles  d'ECAHO ont été proposées à la vente " PRIDE OF POLAND" 




Ekina / Stuart Vesty


                                                                                                                              PRIDE OF POLAND 2008  





Ekstern - Eklera by ECAHO


100 000 E



Ebla / Stuart Vesty

                                                                                                                                  PRIDE OF POLAND 2010





Gazal Al Shaqab - Eberia by ECAHO


35 000 E



                                                                     HISTORY of a living legend *ECAHO purchased by Dr. Jim FERLITA (USA)                                                                                                 




*ECAHO June 2005

                                                                                  Written by Nancy Ryan and published in Arabians Horses World in June 2005

By now the bottle was nearly empty. The interior of a private office. The sun was setting, and a business transaction of immense importance was preparing. The prize: a magnificent Arabian stallion. Sitting on one side of the table was a man who represented two hundred years of his country's horse-breeding dynasty – its craftsmanship, tradition, and integrity. For the most part served the Polish stud farms as the very backbone of the country. They provide defence, security and have a huge impact on politics and the economy.

In these times the horse is the center of the national industry and it is a huge big victory. Purebred horses in state stud farms have power in Poland in times of war and peace and have always been considered living treasures - often captured by enemies and still sought after all over the world.

As was tradition in these areas, the manager of the Polish stud poured another glass of vodka and passed it on to his guests. At this table only one of the two American men accepted the drink. The other gracefully passed his turn to drink. He was determined not to let vodka or anything else get in the way of his goal – to talk about price.

The two men from the negotiation on the evening of November were in the office of director Marek Trela ​​at Janow Podlaski, they were old friends who brought them closer to the end of their personal quest. Dr. James Ferlita and Raymond Mazzei, a breeder and agent in the service of the Polish and Russian lines, had made a promise to each other twenty years earlier that if either of them had ever been in position to buy the best world-class stallion available, he would. The time has come. Polish National Champion Stallion * ECAHO (PeptonxEtruria), and Dr. Ferlita of Huntington Beach California. Was able to proceed with the purchase.

“We were looking for a world-class older stallion,” says Jim “I looked everywhere, and went to look for Jordan just before Raymond and went back to Poland. a dozen European countries including Poland as well as South America and I saw the horses I liked but nothing came to me that would have an impact I wanted a horse that didn't have need to be proven. The stallion had to be a champion himself and also had to be the sire of World and International champions" Raymond continues: "There must be a horse that is what I call "proof balls". This means that his credentials are impeccable. So, I said we need to find a horse that has offspring served by nature and who are already stars.”

Both men agreed that it was also important for the horse to be photogenic and have "Sex Appeal" - "Like a movie star", according to Raymond. At this point Raymond still believed in their holy grail, horses were back in Poland.

* ECAHO may be on the right horse, but it appears to have never been available. It has been said for, he is next in line to the throne to Janow. He is groomed to represent the "Ibrahin Sire" line once his father PEPTON has been retired: over the years R. Mazzei's repeated attempts to put together a deal for the purchase of *ECAHO have always been "the deaf ear ".

“I thought they were never going to let him go,” Jim says. “There were a lot of people trying to buy that horse and it just wasn't the time to buy him. He was there at the right time when Raymond was at the Polish sale in 2003. * ECAHO's filly PALMETA (x Pilica by Fawor) was junior champion and best in show and her filly ELWIA (x Etoptka by Eukaliptus) was one of the highest batches of “Pride Of Poland 2003”. Raymond then talks to Marek Trela ​​and Marek tells him that the horse might be purchasable.

“Jim and I were in Amman, Jordan watching the horses,” Raymond says. “We always felt there was nothing out there like *ECAHO. Overall, across all categories, the harmony of this horse is hard to beat. buying this horse for the past 13 years, I said, 'we're just going to try again.' It was cold and now it was November. "They made an appointment to visit the stud Before the meeting with manager Marek Trela, the pair visited the stallion *ECAHO at the stable. The weather was rainy, rainy and cold. * ECAHO had a substantial winter "coat", and looked at us quite relaxed. But when her daughter OLITA (xOrawa by Argo) and PALMETA were brought out, *ECAHO flipped her tail over her back and started neighing. Jim had seen enough and simply said, “Let's go. You have to buy it

The meeting lasted for hours. Marek Trela ​​has been "flayed". He told both of us that selling a horse as “*ECAHO had to be cleared by his superiors in the ministry. “I believe he was trying to find a way out.” explains Raymond. “But I was determined not to leave without *ECAHO.

“We went there with no promises,” Jim recalls, “But after a few days and lots of vodka, we got the deal done. I must say that Marek Trela ​​is a true gentleman and I have the greatest respect for him. He knew that * ECAHO had found a good home here. He was worried about *ECAHO's future as a breeding horse, and wanted to be sure that it would be used on good mares and involved in a knowledgeable breeding program. He knew that coming to America would be a chance for *ECAHO To realize his greatness and reach his full potential.

"It was difficult to part with him", explains Marek Trela, "Because with a horse like *ECAHO it is difficult to actually send him anywhere and realize that he will no longer be in Poland. But I felt he could do a lot more in America than here. *ECAHO is a very pleasant horse when you are with him and I have always liked him very much.- He was one of my favorite horses. I decided to let go with Dr. FERLITA because he promised to always take good care of him and to continue his relationship with Janow Podlaski. So you see we have both. *ECAHO may continue to breed and represent “Janow Stud” in a breeding program in America.

MAREK TRELA says: “Having *ECAHO in our breeding program here in Poland meant a lot. He was a very influential stallion. He is strong and very masculine with a very long neck and he is very typed. National and he won his class in Aachen. I am very happy to have his daughters like OLITA, winner of an international SHOW. And PALMETA, "BEST IN SHOW" in Janow and Champ Nat Polish Junior Mare. His son SALAR (xSaba by State) is already replacing his sire in our breeding program. He is a very "SHOWY" horse who is big on type and beauty. This year he was put out for breeding. 'a lot of mares. I also have a lot of young offspring from * ECAHO "

How did the creation of * ECAHO go? It was not me - it was made by former director Andrej Krzysztalowicz admits Dr.Trela. “The process always starts with the mare.” *ECAHO's dam, ETRURIA, is Janow's queen and this was the start of her first, Manager Krzysztalowicz made the decision to mate ETRURIA with PEPTON. is *ECAHO born in 1990.

We continued crossing ETRURIA with PEPTON said Dr.Trela, "I agreed with Andrej Krzysztalowicz's decision to cross ETRURIA again with PEPTON, in fact we crossed them together again twice. ETRURIA is 30 years old this year and we had a "Birthday Party" for her. She is doing well. ETRURIA is a beautiful mare with a lot of character."

There is no doubting the beauty of *ECAHO. In fact, it is aptly named after the European Commission of Arabian Horse organizations. (E.C.A.H.O) its British member Joan Ratcliff when the commission met at Janow this spring * ECAHO was born. "He's an incredible horse of neck length, body and 'ARAB' type, but still a very masculine and correct horse," says Jim. "I have never seen a horse that has his ARAB type and the accuracy that this horse does... ...his legs are perfect
*ECAHO generates flows of all superlatives. A Handler, , presented *ECAHO in the best Show in competitions at the Polish National Championship in 1995 and presented his sire PEPTON as well while working at Janow. “What makes *ECAHO so great and exceptional,” observes his Handler, “is the fact that he has two exceptional parents. His father PEPTON is probably the most correct Arabian horse I have ever seen. He had absolutely perfect legs and was very athletic. PEPTON has been a successful racehorse in a very competitive year. He won 20 races out of 30 starts. * As for *ECAHO's dam - there are two Arabian mares I have had the pleasure of seeing in my life that absolutely took my breath away, ETRURIA was one of them. She has a presence around her that you can't even believe. "

“He's handsome, Jim said. “When you see how he is – his personality – then you realize he's so sensitive. In Scottsdale we showed it every day. There were crowds of over 40 people at each presentation. When he comes out he gives 100 percent, he still puts on a show, but still very controllable. One of my fondest memories of events in 2004 when we took him to Scottsdale. We introduced him and brought a mare for * ECAHO to look at. Raymond handed the horse over to me and I started walking through the crowd as Raymond spoke. There were two small children, maybe five or six years old. I stopped and told the kids they could come pet him. As soon as he saw them approaching, *ECAHO just dropped his head. All the way down, and it's left to caress.

* ECAHO is structured, says Jim, "It basically comes from PEPTON. He gets his big neckline from the paternal line, * ECAHO has a lot of curves, and that's something else that makes him different," Jim also points out * ECAHO has potential as a performance sire." Due to the way his neck sticks out of his shoulder, his ability to use his hocks and the strength of his back, he has the locomotion that is so necessary for a horse performance. *ECAHO has the desired high performance like his sire. His sire, PEPTON was Racehorse of the Year and won almost every race stake in Poland. But his mother ETRURIA is the reason why * ECAHO is a stallion with an incredible type.

Raymond agrees that. * ECAHO is a super, super athlete. There is a lot of racing blood in his pedigree, which is essential in Poland. He is a contemporary Arabs. He is athletic and pretty. I'm sure we'll grow and be there again in the performance cycle.

Proof of the value of * ECAHO” he emerged in the spring with the arrival of his first foal born on American soil.

They all have big limbs, good feet, are very straight and still have a lot of type. Jim is expecting two embryo transfer foals from *ELEUZA, a eukaliptus daughter, who was for sale lot1 a few years ago and was Region 1 Champion Mare here in the USA. *ELEUZA's sister ETOPKA is the dam of *ECAHO's daughter ELWIA, which was the highest lot at the 2003 sale and is now owned by 'Aryam Stud' in the United Arab Emirates. Jim also bred the beautiful mare *EGZOTYKA to *ECAHO. *EGZOTYKA, now 23 years old, is the mare of five international world champions. I also have an embryo for 2005 at *ECAHO, foal to her and she is also in foal to *ECAHO for 2006. You should see her – She is a very beautiful mare. She came last year in August. In the morning, all the mares from Poland came in large to a pasture. We put " EGZOTYKA out of the herd when the visitors ate at the farm, then they went to look and talk about the mares and then all of a sudden they noticed * EGZOTYKA and asked: "Who is this mare, whose is the mare?” She stands just outside the rest of the herd. She's absolutely gorgeous, says Jim.

Dozens of breeders nationwide have rushed to profit from improving their best mares with *ECAHO. Manny Lawrence owner of the "CREEK JADE ARABIANS" in Santa Ynez. In California. Was looking forward to seeing *ECAHO when he arrived in California. Manny says: "He was one of the few horses. I've never seen that and it really took my breath away seeing him. There's something we haven't seen in the last few years in terms of beauty , athleticism, and charisma,” (3 Manny mares will be brought to *ECAHO) This horse is amazing.” Manny keeps going, and I think he's going to accomplish some good things on the breed that we haven't. seen for years. It's nice to see something different and I will definitely use it again” 

"It was very exciting. I wanted to be one of the happy ones because this horse is going to be so famous in the United States. I heard from Raymond Mazzei that Dr. Jim bought *ECAHO says Bill Kipp and I was wondering, how could he have done it? "It was very lucky. I knew the horse, I had seen him before in the magazines. I knew if we had the opportunity to breed from him. That would be great Most importantly, we were the first to have the ability to purchase studs from *ECAHO.

As a result, we have some beautiful foals. "The Kipps are very happy with their new foals they purchased studs from *ECAHO, for a total of 18.

What are the best bloodlines to cross with *ECAHO? According to Marek Trela​​. He does very well with both Saklawi and Kuhailan Lines. The daughters of *PROBAT are very well with *ECAHO and we even have inbreeding on the lines of *BANDOS. We bred big Michalow mares to him and got results like EMANDA (x Emanacja by Eukaliptus ) and the mare like ELWIA (xEtoptka by Eukaliptus ) and many more. “Jim adds, “Last year * ECAHO bred very popular mares of different lines. This year's foals have proven my contention that the best offspring of *ECAHO are yet to come, due to the divergence of bloodlines. He's the perfect retemper stallion"

* ECAHO transcends other breeders in their breeding program as well as trainers "philosophies", remarks Jim "Trainers are always pushing the stallion into their barn. I can't tell you how trainers have spoken to their many clients. to have their mares bred at *ECAHO - I don't know. One of the reasons he has this unique beauty is his almost perfect conformation. It's hard to find fault with *ECAHO

World-class breeders who generally never breed their mares outside of their own program, have used *ECAHO as a back-up. Breeders like Lenita Perroy (owner of Ali Jamal) and Fabio Diniz from Brazil, and Laly Georgina Pelham and Fernando de Santibanez (owner of Magnum Psyche) from Argentina have all bred their best mares to *ECAHO.

His Handler agrees on the versatility of * ECAHO as a sire. “The big anticipation is that he has a lot to add to the North American market in terms of better genetic quality. He is so balanced and he is the wonderful example of the Arabian horse. There are plenty of show horses who could use his "look", as he is certainly pretty enough, to produce show horses that can compete with the best, plus they will be healthier and more correct. He also has enough athletic ability to produce well for the performance market.

Dr. Ferlita has already planned for the future in terms of: how to cover the “children” of *ECAHO. “This year Furiso imports the stallion who was like the leader *ECAHO in Poland, his name LAHEEB (Imperial Imdal x AK Latifa) who belongs to Arieal Arabians in Israel. Laheeb arrives on June 15, and will be here for three years. Laheeb had amazing foals that are winning all over Europe"

 The future will shine for the Arabs of Ferlita, Furiso farm, of course,

 *ECAHO Marek Trela ​​believes time will tell with the complete *ECAHO History. “We don't know his true value until twenty years from now. His value will be shown by his offspring. For sure, he was one of the best stallions in Poland in recent years.”

*Ecaho, Père de Champion


1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Emanacja by Eukaliptus

Bred  by Michalow Stud World Champion

Mare All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Mare
European Reserve Champion Mare
Polish National Reserve Champion Mare
All Nations Cup Junior Champion Mare
Babolna International Junior Champion Mare
Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Mare
Polish Spring Show Reserve
Junior Champion Mare
ECAHO Lifetime Performance Three Star Mare



2001 Grey Mare -photo D.Reed 
*ECAHO x Pilica by Fawor

Bred  by Janow Podlaski Stud

Polish National Junior Champion Mare
Polish National Best in Show
Polish Spring Show Junior Champion Mare
Warsaw Summer Show Junior Champion Mare
Warsaw Summer Show Best in Show
World Top Ten Junior Mare
Falborek International Reserve Senior Mare
European Senior Champion Mare



1996 Grey Mare -Photo Stuart Vesty 
*ECAHO x Orawa/Argo

Bred  by Janow Podlaski Stud

All Scandinavian Champion Mare
All Scandinavian Best in Show
World Top Ten Mare
Polish National Top Five Mare



1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Etopka By Eukaliptus

Bred by Michalow Stud
Owned by Al Aryam Stud - UAE
High Seller - Pride of Poland 2003 : 140.000 Euro

UAE national Top Five Mare
Qatar International Top Five Mare
Ajman International Top Five Mare

Sale "PRIDE OF POLAND 2003" for 140.000E in UAE 




1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Premiera by Piechur

Bred by Michalow Stud
Pride of Poland 2007
Sold to New Zealand - 85,000 Euro



2002 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Pilica by Fawor

Janow Podlaski Stud
Pride of Poland 2007 :   Sold to Belgium - 75,000 Euro



2004 Grey Mare
Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanda by*Ecaho

Bred by Michalow Stud

2018 Platinum World Champion Mare

2013 Gold World Champion Mare, Salon du Cheval Paris (FR)
2013 Gold European Champion Mare
2013 Gold Champion Mare All Nations Cup
2010 Silver World Champion Mare, Salon du Cheval Paris (FR)
2010 Gold European Champion Mare
2009 Supreme Champion Mare, Las Vegas Breeders World Cup
2009 Polish National Champion Mare, Best in Snow, Janow Podlaski
2007 US Nat Ch Junior Mare
2006 European Champion Filly
2006 Champ Junior Spring Show Filly et BEST IN SHOW 2006
2005 World Champion Filly
2005 Polish Nat Res Ch Jun Filly





2000 Grey Stallion -Photo D.Reed 
*ECAHO x Saba by Etat

Bred & Owned by Janow Podlaski Stud

Falborek Reserve Champion Stallion
Warsaw Summer Show Reserve Champion Stallion
Polish Nationals Class Winner - Yearling Colts
National Exposition Gold Medal Winner
Polish Chief Sire



2003 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Mina/Monogramm

Bred & Owned by Jan & Malgorzata Pietrzak

Polish Spring Show Junior Champion Stallion
Polish Nationals Class Winner - 2 Yr Old Colts




1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Ebola by Eldon

Bred by Michalow State Stud
Owned by Christine Jamar ~ Jadem Arabians, Belgium

Pride of Poland 2005  Sold for 54.000 Euro



2001 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Pelisa by Europejczyk
Bred & Owned by Alicja Poszepczynska

Polish Private Breeders Reserve
Junior Champion Filly
Polish Spring Show Top Five Champion
Junior Filly
Central Poland Reserve Supreme Champion



1997 Grey Gelding
*ECAHO x Eunona by Eukaliptus
Bred by Michalow Stud - Owned by Karolina Skrok

Nowecin Champion Endurance (160km)-Poland
Jasiorowka Champion Endurance (60km)-Poland
Geniusze Champion Endurance (90km)-Poland
Koczek Reserve Champion Endurance (80km)-Poland
Swidno Reserve Champion Endurance (60km)-Poland


1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Eunona by Eukaliptus
Bred by Michalow Stud
Owned by Hayley Morris - UK

Supreme In-Hand Champion
SE Region Spring Show - UK
Senior Champion Mare
SE Region Spring Show - UK


1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Erminia by Gadir
Bred by Michalow Stud
Owned by Silverdale Stud - UK

Reserve Supreme Champion
South of England Show - UK
Senior Champion Mare
Wales & West - UK




2002 Grey Mare -Photo Stuart Little
*ECAHO x Albigowa by Fawor
Bred & Owned by Janow Podlaski Stud

Polish National Top Five Junior Filly
Polish Spring Show Top Five Junior Filly

Sold to Halsdon Arabians / Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Watts, UK for 140,000 EUR 
at the 2014 Pride of Poland auction




1996 Grey Mare-Photo Stuart Vesty
*ECAHO x Esklawa by Eukaliptus
Bred by Michalow Stud

Polish National Top Five Junior Filly
Polish Spring Show Top Five Junior Filly



2004 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Wistaria by Borek
Bred & Owned by Michal Bogajewicz

Polish Private Breeders
Reserve Junior Champion Filly



2003 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Parafraza by Arbil
Bred  by Grzegorz Seczek

Krynice Reserve Jr Champion Filly



1996 Grey Mare
*ECAHO x Matura by Arbil
Bred by Michal Bogajewicz

Polish Private Breeders
Reserve Junior Champion Filly


1996 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Emancypacja by Falsyfikat
Bred by Michalow Stud

Race Record 

2/15(3xI , 2xII , 1xIII ,4xV)
Druid Stakes - 2nd
Bask Stakes - 2nd


1998 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Pasterka by Boryslaw
Bred  by Bialka State Stud

Polish National Top Five Colt


2004 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Ebola/Eldon
Bred  by Nordental Arabians

Druid Stakes - 2nd
Bask Stakes - 2nd
Krynice Junior Champion Colt


1997 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Zula by Probat
Bred & Owned by Michalow Stud

Polish National Top Five Colt


1997 Grey Stallion
*ECAHO x Zaleta by Piechur
Bred by Michalow Stud

Polish National Top Five Colt

Race Record 

3/28 ( 7xI ,4xII, 7xIII ,5xIV)



2004 Chestnut Mare-Photo Stuart Vesty
Ekstern x Eklera/*ECAHO 
Bred by Bialka Stud

Polish Spring Show Top Five Filly
Polish National Top Five Filly

SALE at "PRIDE OF POLAND 2008" 100.000Euros 


2004 Grey Mare
Gazal Al Shaqab x Elwia/*Ecaho
Bred by Michalow Stud
Owned by Al Aryam Stud, UAE

Sharjah Top Five Junior Filly


2001 Grey Stallion and now Gelding 
Eldon x Emanda/*Ecaho
Bred  by Michalow Stud

Polish National Class Winner
Poznan International Reserve Junior Champion Colt

Race Record 
2/17 ( 5xI , 2xII, 5xIII, 1xI)
Comet Stakes Winner
Batyskaf Prize Winner




PELAJA II (DE)  grey mare, foaled 1996
(ECAHO x Pasieka by Ararat) 
breeder: Michaela & Klaus Weidner, (DE) 
Owner : Tom Arabians (FR)
sire line: Ibrahim d.b. 1899, b. Obdurahm Abdullah, imp. 1907 Antoniny (PL)
dam line: Gazella d.b. ~1840, b. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)



(Ecaho x HDC Lelyta by Laheeb) - Filly


(Ecaho x HDC Lelyta by Laheeb)





HDC SHARIFA (Ecaho x Starlet MO) 2015 - Filly - Photo -Tiffany


HDC SHARIFA (Ecaho x Silencia by Ganges) 2015 - Filly - Photo A.Mattson




(Ecaho x Pustynna Roza by Laheeb ) Filly - photo Tiffany


(Ecaho x Pustynna Roza by Laheeb) Filly - Photo Tiffany



(Ecaho x Tempess Fea ) Filly - photo Tiffany


Ecaho x Tempess Fea ) Filly - photo Tiffany



(Ecaho x Tempess Fea ) Filly - Photo Tiffany


(Ecaho x Tempess Fea ) Filly - Photo Tiffany



Alhambra 2002 ( Ecaho x Albigowa by Fawor ) - Photo A.Mattson

("Pride of poland 2012" 140.000euros - Halsdon Arabians (UK))

Emanda 1996 ( Ecaho x Emanacja by Eukaliptus ) - photo A.Mattson



HDC Taralla ( Ecaho x Om El Tahari ) filly 2011


HDC Taralla ( Ecaho x Om El Tahari ) Filly 2011


HDC SHARIFA ( Ecaho x Starlet MO) Filly 2001





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