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Pride of poland



The Polish Purebred Arabian horses are placed in the world"s most forefront for years, while Pure Polish brand is the byword of the highest quality among the breeders all over the world. In 1864 sultan Abdul Aziz, establishing his own bloodstock, imported 90 mares and two stallions from Branicki"s studs. In 1908 stallion Van Dyck was sold to Spain and along with stallion Ursus, imported later on, has been placed in the pedigrees of the majority of Arabians bred over there. In 1913 famous Polish stallion Skowronek was imported into the Great Britain and in 1920 entered Lady Wentworth"s stud in Crabbet Park establishing the foundation of that breeding. 

The first sale to the USA took a place in 1937, when general Dickinson purchased 6 mares, including 4 from Janów Podlaski. Next year apart from general, who purchased another 5 horses himself, also new American breeder Mr Henry Babson came to Janów Podlaski and bought 5 horses as well.

The Second World War turned this promising beginning of the export sales to the USA in vain. In order to resume the sales abroad Poland has been waiting until 1958 when Mrs. Patricia Lindsay came over to Janów Podlaski. Out of 5 mares purchased by her Celina and Karramba, within a short time, have been awarded champion titles during shows in England. Ms Lindsay, fascinated with the Polish breeding, learned Polish and became a frequent visitor in Poland. Both her visits and the fame of the horses she bought resulted in 

1960 in a trip of a group of the clients from the USA who bought 8 horses.

The dynamic sale development has been seen when only next year 16 horses were sold to the USA, while 43 in 1963. Increased interest in the Polish breeding all over the world, proven by the great number of visitors present during the celebration of the 150-year anniversary of Janów Podlaski Stud, as well as the sale of imported formerly from Poland stallion Nabor, during the auction in the USA for 150.000 dollars, a record price at that time, caused the decision of selling the horses from the Polish state studs, starting from 1970 exclusively during the auction in Janów Podlaski. This policy resulted in increasing the number of horses being sold and in rising the prices. In 1970 Mr. Denis Sculli from the USA paid 30.000 dollars for stallion Bajdak, while in 1976 mare Saletra was sold to Mrs. Eleanor Romney from the USA for 61.000 dollars.

In 1977 the auction was conducted along with the celebration of the 160-year anniversary of Janów Podlaski Stud, and the income from the sale passed the level of a 1million dollars for the first time. Grey mare Carawella, which Mr. Leonard Skeggs from the USA paid 153.000 dollars for, became the star of the auction. Stallion Engano obtained 75.000 dollars, while chestnut stallion Eros, sold for 31.000 dollars, was awarded the Vice-Champion of the USA title a year later. 

In 1978 Mr. Starting from 1979 due to the decision of the organizers of the auction and the breeders, the event is being preceded by the Polish National Arabian Horse Show. The same year the new design has been established by introducing a great tent, which could secure enough space not only for all the foreign guests but also for the Polish audience.Alec Courtelis from the USA, who made his first visit to Janów Podlaski, purchased the daughter of stallion El Paso, a grey mare Dacja for 90.000 dollars. The highest price among the stallions obtained Czeremosz i.e. 50.000 dollars paid be Mr. Norman Sauey from the USA, and in 1981 was awarded the Vice-Champion of the USA title.

In 1980 auction in Janów Podlaski gained its international brand Polish Prestige in order to stress on the importance and the scale of the biggest Purebred Arabian horses auction in Europe and one of the biggest ones all over the world.

Starting the same year the division into the open auction and the silent sale i.e. the written form offers tender for each horse on the list, has been introduced. This new system allowed the horses being in training at the Warsaw racetrack to be included in the sale without interrupting its training program and moving all those horses to Janów Podlaski. That year during an open auction Mr. David Murdock from the USA bought mare Persja from Michałów for 185.000 dollars, while Mr. Frank Smothers from the USA purchased mare Elita from Janów Podlaski for 167.000 dollars. The third price in row obtained mare Wena from Michałów being sold for 101.000 dollars.

In 1981 the Sale catalogue received its beautiful, modern layout by courtesy of US Arabian Horse Journal, illustrated by the pictures of two outstanding Polish photographers: Mr Marian Gadzalski and Mrs Zofia Raczkowska.

The beginning of the Sale thrilled the audience with extraordinary information. The auctioneer announced the sale of bay stallion El Paso for the record and not matched ever after price of one million dollars paid by famous American businessman, Armand Hammer. El Paso won US Championships during his stay in America on the leasing contract in 1976-1978. The Lasma Arabians Stud owned by Dr Eugene LaCroix paid 138 thousand dollars on the score of this contract.

In the next year the sale began with the presentation of outstanding son of Negatiw out of legendary Bandola, who was Bandos. David Murdock purchased him for 806 thousand dollars for Ventura Farms. Very interesting situation occurred in 1983. Stallion Deficyt from Michałów Stud offered at Silent Sale after fierce auction received price of 609 thousand dollars paid together by two bidders from USA: Richard Patterson and Leonard Skeggs.It was the top price of Silent Sale up to date and one of the highest prices paid for Polish horse at Janów Podlaski Sale ever. 

In the last few years the record prices were paid for stallions exclusively.
The Champion of England and very well proved in Polish Studs sire Banat was the finest attraction of the sale in 1984. Dr Eugene LaCroix paid 525 thousand dollars for this horse. 

In February 1985 Polish Studs in co-operation with American company Lasma Arabians realized unparalleled project of Polish sale in Scottsdale, Arizona selling 18 mares brought to USA for total 11 million dollars. The average price paid at Polish Ovation Sale achieved the level of 565 thousand dollars, while the two top mares were sold for 2,7 million dollars: grey Penicylina from Janów Podlaski Stud to David Murdock for one and a half million and chestnut Diana from Michałów to John Palafito for 1,2 million.

Born in Saudi Arabia and based in United States, Abdul Wahed Al Saihati, purchased two bay stallions: Algierczyk for 310 thousand dollars in 1985 and Aloes for 395 thousand dollars in 1987. In both cases the purchase followed a very impulsively auction with Dick Patterson, who was the main adversary. In the meantime, in 1986 Mr. and Mrs. John and Peggy Yates from USA bought grey stallion Haracz for 385 thousand dollars. 

During the next 10 years prices at Janów Sale haven"t approached the past records. In 1990 it was the last time of the maximum excitement, when the European and World Champion Mare Pilarka appeared in the Sale ring. The owner of Milfield Stables, Mr Paolo Gucci, purchased Lot 1 Pilarka for 215 thousand dollars.

In 1991-96 only once the star of Janów Sale achieved the purchase price of 100 thousand dollars. It happened in 1994, when Mrs. Shirley Watts was ready to pay this price for Janów bred Palba. Since 1996 private company Polish Prestige, originning from the past Animex team, has held the responsibility for organisation and promotion of the Sale. The turnover increase to up the level not recorded for 10 years was the fruit of five years co-operation between the State Studs and Polish Prestige Ltd. The most spectacular successes were selling of two stars of Warsaw Racecourse to Turkish Jockey Club: grey Batyskaf for 450 thousand dollars in 1997 and chestnut Druid for 500 thousand dollars in 1999. 

Mrs Shirley Watts from England was the most loyal and the most generously purchaser of those times paying for mares Emilda in 1998 and Euza and Alejka in 2000 prices of 200, 110 and 100 hundred thousand dollars respectively.

The Millennium Sale in 2000 was the last one of the Polish Prestige mark. In 2001 both the event name was changed and the organization turned over to the new people. Polish Arabian Horse Days covering the Janów Sale and Polish National Arabian Horse Show are organized by two private companies: Polturf and Dreadlines Ltd. For the new Millennium the world"s longest tradition Sale was named proudly Pride of Poland. The new mark brought luck to the State Studs and to the new organizers in their first year of activity. The highest price mare Lot 1 Egna was sold to Mrs Shirley Watts for 120 thousand dollars, while the average price paid for the mares achieved the record level of 38 thousand dollars





Pride of Poland 2013 Preview: The Source of Worldwide Excellence

By jamin Scott Ben   Thu, May 23, 2013

As the annual Polish auction nears its half-century anniversary celebration, the influence of the Polish Arabian on the worldwide stage is at an all-time high.
Pride of Poland 2013 Preview: The Source of Worldwide Excellence

Janów Podlaski 18-19 August

Photography by Stuart Vesty  (Lead Photo:Cerinola).

With remarkable consistency and a steadfast commitment to superlative quality, the State Studs of Poland have unquestionably been setting the standard of worldwide excellence for the Arabian breed globally for most of the 20th, and undeniably all of the 21st, centuries. As the annual Polish auction nears its half-century anniversary celebration, the influence of the Polish Arabian on the worldwide stage is at an all-time high, with Polish-bred horses, both from the renowned State Studs and the aspiring private breeders of Poland, achieving success in elite show-rings across all continents and impacting major breeding programmes in all corners of the globe.

With high profile icons such as Pogrom, Pinga, Emandoria, Wieża Mocy, Equator, and El Dorada dazzling and inspiring judges, breeders and enthusiasts at major industry events in Europe, the Middle East and North America, it comes as no surprise that the international community is once again resoundingly reminded that Poland is the source of worldwide excellence in terms of Arabian horse breeding. No country or programme can rightfully boast decades of enduring success at every level from breeding horses to high-level performers in-hand and in performance. Just as the earliest Polish exports defined Arabian excellence in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia and the United States in the 20th century, the modern-day Polish Arabian continues to raise the international standard of the Arabian ideal in nearly every major breeding programme and equine competition globally in the new millennium.


As Poland is indisputably recognised as the source of worldwide Arabian excellence, Polish Arabian Horse Days remains the single outlet annually in which the international community comes together to celebrate and honour the centuries-old tradition of Arabian horse breeding in Poland. It is a time of exhilaration, inspiration and introspection, a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of the Polish Arabian breeding programme amid the grand spectacle of the Polish National Championships, the intimate insight of the State Stud Breeding Parades, and most importantly, the dramatic anticipation of Pride of Poland. Most impressively, the annual summer auction, celebrated as the Pride of Poland since 2001, remains the single source from which the international community has the opportunity to purchase a piece of ‘Polish perfection’ for their very own. This resolute commitment to public auction as a means of determining fair market value for the Arabian horses of Poland has created a level playing field for breeders, owners and promoters of all means and from all backgrounds. Nowhere else in the world does everyone have the unprecedented opportunity to participate in the potential purchase of an exceptional collection of world-class Arabian horses, and stand an equal and fair chance of obtaining their very own horse of a lifetime…


As the world has come to expect, the 2013 Pride of Poland collection is once again abounding in extraordinary quality and unprecedented opportunity. From emerging superstars ready to take the international stage by storm, to established broodmares in the prime of their lives, Pride of Poland 2013 is full of the very best Arabian horses that modern-day Poland has to offer.

Reflecting back across the last decade and a half, one cannot discuss international show-ring success without mentioning the name of Gazal Al Shaqab. His influence worldwide is unparalleled, and perhaps nowhere has that influence been more poignant than in Poland. His daughters have redefined the international standard for the Arabian mare: World Champions Pianissima, Emandoria and Pinga are testament the extraordinary siring ability of Gazal Al Shaqab. And several of his best daughters have headlined Pride of Poland in the past decade: high sellers Pieta and Fabryszka, emerging stars Estaka, Ebla and Pampa, and the main attractions of Pride of Poland 2012 – Ejrene and Etnologia. For 2013, the very best of Gazal Al Shaqab is once again offered, this time in the glorious form of Belgica.


Long before the ‘E’ and ‘P’ families of Poland had become household names and were trend setting around the world, the ‘B’ family of Bałałajka, dam of the incomparable Polish triumvirate of Arfa, Bandola and Bask, was establishing a worldwide dynasty of extraordinary excellence. While Bask elevated the breed to soaring new heights in North America, sisters Arfa and Bandola remained in Poland where their invaluable influence continues to modern day. The beguiling Belgica is a direct descendant of ‘the queen of Poland’ herself, Bandola, and is considered by many the finest member of that dam family in residence since the grand dame graced the paddocks of Janów Podlaski more than half a century ago. A classic deep bay with an undeniable aristocratic quality, elegance and refinement, Belgica epitomises the Janów Podlaski standard of the authentic Arabian mare. Captivatingly feminine with a gorgeous forehand, a beautifully dished face, a superbly shaped and placed, lean elegant neck, and absolutely alluringly luminous eyes, Janów Podlaski Autumn Show Champion Mare Belgica is the model of maternal perfection in terms of superlative structure, harmonious balance, broody substance, capable athleticism and exquisite dryness. Only because this beloved broodmatron has blessed Janów Podlaski with three exceptional daughters has she been made available to the international community in the prime of her life. When seeking the ultimate in the daughters of Gazal Al Shaqab from Poland, look no further than Belgica, the immaculate incarnation of the Polish Arabian mare.

Two other daughters of World Champion Gazal Al Shaqab from the ‘D’ family of Michałów also promise greatness in both their genotype and phenotype. Both granddaughters of the legendary beauty Dalida, broodmare supreme and winner of the Polish Derby on the racetrack, Daga (out of Druid’s full sister Dajana) and Dama Kier (out of the dynamic Monogramm daughter Demona) are mares of extreme size, scope and distinctive beauty. The descendants of Dalida are well known worldwide for their outstanding athletic ability, generous size and commanding show-ring attitude: international champion Drabant, full brother to Dama Kier, is the most recent example of this family’s success on the world stage.


The other daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab of great interest in Pride of Poland 2013 is Ekspulsja, a proud member of Michałów’s world-renowned ‘E’ family of champions. Charming and feminine with an exquisite face, long elegant neck and superbly balanced build, Ekspulsja is a great-granddaughter of the legendary Emigracja, ‘the pearl of Michałów’, through her beloved dam Elandra: Scottsdale Champion and United States Reserve National Champion Mare and one of the most admired daughters of international supersire Monogramm. While Ekspulsja shares a common heritage with many of the most accomplished members of the incomparable ‘E’ family, she is most closely related to World, Dubai International, Abu Dhabi, All Nations Cup, European, World Cup and US National Champion Mare Emandoria as well as Pride of Poland 2012 high-seller Ejrene.

Michałów’s ‘E’ family of Arabian horses has proven to be the most accomplished and celebrated family of champions on the international stage over the past 40 years. From the early days of Elkana, Estebna, Espada, Eter and Eskapada, to the recent successes of Emandoria, El Dorada, Emmona, Equator, Emira, Embra, Empire, Esparto, Emandilla and Emanda, the famed ‘E’ horses of Poland remain a universally respected and indomitable force. Along with Ekspulsja, two other star members of the Emigracja family in particular are offered for the discriminating buyer in 2013: Espinilla and El Saghira. Like Ekspulsja, Espinilla is also out a beautiful and beloved daughter of Monogramm, this time in the form of the exquisite Polish National Reserve Champion Espadrilla. A strikingly feminine and showy chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, Espinilla is sired by straight Egyptian international champion Al Maraam, making her a very close relative to twice Polish National Champion, multiple-international champion and champion producer Emira.  


Holding her own as a main attraction of Pride of Poland 2013 is El Saghira, the most accomplished and widely admired daughter of the aforementioned Emira and World Champion Galba. A sensation all across Europe as a junior and senior mare, El Saghira is just now coming into her own as a serious contender at the most elite level as witnessed by her Polish National Silver Champion Mare and World Top Ten Mare titles in 2012. El Saghira has all that it takes to succeed amongst the best: abundant authentic Arabian type, an exquisite feminine face, exceptional balance and structure, reliably enthusiastic tail carriage, commanding show-ring presence and one of the most animated and effortlessly athletic trots in the modern show-ring. From an unparalleled heritage of champions with the attitude and desire to succeed in the show ring, El Saghira presents a remarkable opportunity to purchase one of the most complete packages in Pride of Poland 2013.

Undeniably equal to the ‘E’ family in acclaim and influence is Poland’s prolific ‘P’ family tracing to foundation mare Piewica. Household names such as Pilarka, Penicylina, Pepton, Pipi, Prowizja and Pentoda all hail from this illustrious dam family, as do recent reigning superstars Pianissima and Pinga. One of Pride of Poland’s most enticing offerings in 2013 is an esteemed member of the ‘P’ family, out of yet another of the recent ‘P’ family celebrities: European Champion and twice Polish National Champion/ Best in Show Palmeta. This is none other than the magnificent Palatina, one of the very best daughters of reigning World Champion QR Marc. Already a Gold Champion in Poland at the Spring Show as well as at the Prague Intercup, Palatina is just coming into her own as a show mare of great significance. Possessing the quality, femininity, structure and exuberance of her dam, the rich dark chestnut Palatina is equally blessed with the refinement, presence, smoothness and elegance of her universally admired sire. Representing an exceptional opportunity to buy a show and breeding mare of superior heritage and unlimited potential, Palatina is irrefutably one of Pride of Poland’s most appealing and auspicious offerings.    


Two other outstanding members of Poland’s ‘P’ family are amongst the premier lots comprising Pride of Poland 2013. From Janów Podlaski comes Pietra, a beautiful bay daughter of multiple-US National Champion Eden C. Hailing from the same branch as reigning Scottsdale Supreme Champion and World Cup Supreme Gold Champion Pogrom, Pietra is a close relative to Polish National Junior Champion and All Nations Cup Silver Champion Junior Mare Primera. Proving the success of Polish bloodlines with World Champion Al Lahab is Perlahaba, a successful show mare internationally who traces tail female to Polish National Reserve Champion and broodmatron supreme Pentoda. Bred by the Goździalski family of Falborek Arabians, Perlahaba combines the best qualities of her ‘P’ family heritage, the ‘E’ influence through her maternal grandsire Ekstern, and the extraordinary type and refinement of her celebrated straight Egyptian sire.

While Palatina most magnificently represents the success of QR Marc in the Polish breeding programme, her inherent excellence is supported and strengthened by a superior collection of Polish-bred siblings, including reigning European and World Champions Wieża Mocy and Equator. Pride of Poland is proud to feature two other enticing daughters in addition to Palatina sired by emerging super-sire QR Marc in 2013. The Janów Podlaski-bred Eferada has already proven her worth in the show-ring as a multiple Top Five winner. Pretty, refined, well built and abundantly athletic, Eferada boasts an exceptional pedigree of Poland’s most respected sires and dams. The Michałów-bred Kraśnica is a granddaughter of twice World Champion, US National Champion, Dubai Gold Champion and Pride of Poland high seller Kwestura, an industry icon beloved and admired the world over.  

Another of the promising young mares of impeccable heritage and appealing allure is Wagira, an enchanting daughter of multi-US National Champion Enzo. Already a Top Five Junior Champion Mare at the Polish National Show, Wagira is poised to garner more show-ring acclaim for her new owner on the same scale as her Scottsdale-winning dam Wkra. Combining both the world-class of excellence of Gazal Al Shaqab and Monogramm via the maternal branch of her pedigree, Wagira can also claim direct influence from the legendary Wilejka and Warmia, two of Michałów’s most beloved and influential mares representing Poland’s oldest dam line of Szweykowska.

Pride of Poland has often hosted several of the very best daughters of undefeated World, European, All Nations Cup and Polish National Champion Ekstern, most of whom have not only fetched impressive prices at public auction, but have gone on to garner show-ring acclaim and significantly impact the breeding programmes of their new owners. Another of Ekstern’s best is offered in 2013: international champion Figurantka. Privately bred and owned, Figurantka perfectly blends the best bloodlines of the Michałów Stud, tracing tail female to the athletically inclined family of Forta.


Several of Poland’s best producing mares further strengthen the Pride of Poland 2013 collection. Among these is Janów Podlaski’s beautiful Ecaho daughter Cerinola, as well as Michałów’s Emigrant daughters Perga, Wieża Snów and Fellena as well as the incomparable Zagrobla’s eldest daughter Złota Orda. Several of Poland’s very best mares and former high-selling celebrities are further represented by outstanding young daughters, including Olita’s Ekstern daughter Ostoja, Hekla’s HS Etiquette daughter Horda and show-ring winner Eudora, out of Euzetia and sired by Polish National Champion Piaff. 

While pursuing Arabian excellence in all endeavours, look no further than Pride of Poland 2013 for the next major step in your breeding and/or show programme. Chart your path to success with the celebrated tradition of excellence and proven genetic strength of the Polish Arabian horse. Join the innovative leaders from all over the globe who continue to reap the infinite benefits that define the Arabian horse of Poland.

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