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TOM ARABIANS Arabians Horses Polish

                                     Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka

                                                Interwiew by  Peter Dzięciołowski to

                            Na koń.PL 


 VIDEO by HORSEFLY FILM on IZABELLA: Clic here or on the picture  





IZABELLA With the mare Etruria 1975 (Palas x Etna), Polish Champion, Janow Podlaski 1988.

Etruria -deserved mare herd, the favorite mare Director Andrew Krzysztalowicz at his funeral he was walking behind the coffin.

 - I have no doubt: some just born with it, because how else can you explain that hardly shall they see the first horse in my life, and already know that this is it! - Says Izabella Zawadzka. - So it was with me. It was enough that I saw the horses on my street, and I felt that they will accompany me forever. Or rather, that I will do everything to make it happen. I lived with my parents in the Praga district, with Grochowski, vis-a-vis Veterinary Clinic. Where today is the Garden Jordan, held a horse market. He worked on me like a magnet. When the housekeeper parents took me for a walk, so hard I went on her hand, that sooner or later lądowałyśmy the market. It was a veritable paradise, the kingdom!
Horses for small tears have become so important that enough was coming from the street to the sound of hooves, and already became in the window and choking the image of the passing teams, they vented cargo gaze into the unknown. On the childlike fascination, not without influence remained memories of his father, Joseph - a cavalry officer in the tsarist army, which at night, instead of fairy tales, told her daughter extremely interesting stories painted horses. Sometimes the girl had the impression that my dad some things up, because the story took on such a color that it was hard to give faith unusual feature films. On the other hand, if someone drove back of Siberia, Manchuria, France and stories ... it had a right to be amazing.
- A mare, on which rode was called Jagoda - rounds out Izabella Zawadzka.
After the "horses'" doses extraordinary stories of his father, it's no surprise that her daughter wanted to not only get closer to the world of horses, but begin their ride. On the first ride but he waited a very long time, until zootechnical studies at Warsaw Agricultural University. Previously there was no way. Firstly, in and around Warsaw, as indeed throughout the country, they lacked equestrian centers, on the other hand has cost a lot of pleasure. Our heroine could not afford it - from 10 years of age was dependent on a single mom, dad died prematurely in 1947.
- The first time I got on a horse in 1954, during practice Stud in New Village. Kwaterowałyśmy in the nearby Czachówku (a division of the New Village), where grown cold-blooded Swedish Gudbrandsdal. The local zootechnik had a graduation cap with a military cavalry saddle. He decided to teach riding me and one of my colleagues. Exercise, even the most difficult, was nothing compared to the conditions in which bytowałyśmy: moldy mattresses stuffed with straw and to eat only salted herring. But what is there; Most importantly, it around was full of horses. One day we took a few "fat people" and said the chestnut tree and a few girls we set out for a ride to two kilometers away Kwidzyn. There would be nothing unusual, if not for the fact that we had after all only one saddle. Wrzuciłyśmy horses remaining on the back of military blankets and to not slipped, owinęłyśmy them with string. But it looked! In any case, as we saw in Kwidzyn, Pękala with laughter, and I laugh when I hear this today.
In the local Herd Stallion student spent three consecutive holidays by training, among others, under the supervision of Major Leon Kona, instructor Grudziadz Cavalry Training Centre. It was a tough school, but very fruitful. She had a day touring four stallions! So it has prepared a major that when you try to mount a stack of bravery going and show everyone that even four-hoofed male not terrible. She did not show. A few days before this attempt - sitting in the saddle anyway - was reading a telegram from Professor dr. George Chachuły, head of the Department of Horse Breeding Agricultural University, recommended her immediately appear for semi-professional practices in Walewice. She wished that the professor did not agree to delayed his arrival, on the other hand, the semi-annual practice with the prospect of permanent employment was for her extremely important: always dreamed of working at the stables, about being with horses for good and bad, from dawn to dusk ; from dusk to dawn. More and more seriously thought about making a sports horsemanship, she wanted to train eventing or dressage; work in the stud undoubtedly conducive to this. Unfortunately, professional and riding plans proved to be impossible to fulfill.


Izabella with Peper 1994 (Zlotoglow x Perforacja by Ernal) in 1997 

leased by Izabella Zawadzka from Bialka for two seasons racing.

In 1998 the stallion was exported to the United Arab Emirates.

 - She got sick my mom. She needed constant care. I had to return to Warsaw. I started working for the Foreign Trade "Animex". They were looking for someone there to department dealing with horses, and that I knew not only on horseback, but also spoke fluent English and French, proved to be a "morsel" extremely attractive. It is true that in the first foreign business trip I was sent to France as an escort wagon living hares, but fortunately fairly quickly, within the scope of my duties were to everything connected with sport horses and breeding. Labour had power, troubled me no time to frequenting the stables. So repeatedly I turned for help to the managing director of Animex to once a week, let me leave the office an hour earlier. He did not agree! I am not envious or vengeful, but I do not forgive him.
She went so rare, but the paucity of meetings with the horses could not complain! She visited by all domestic business studs and herds, by the way also got to know the great horsemen, which - highlights - today, gone. This unique and very intense working time, an object lesson in Polish horse breeding were discontinued after moving to the United States, where she went with her husband, Jerzy Zawadzki, also an employee of Animex ,. Delegated it to Atalanta Products Corp. Leon Rubin.
- The first two years we spent in Chicago, where I was employed as a secretary with a delegation of the Commercial Consul sales representative for the cultivation and export of horses in the area of ​​the United States. I visited rustic stables and studs, as it did in Poland. I mean, I often among others Arabian horses at the stud Sir William Farm belonging to the said Leo Rubin.
Still, most attracted her angloaraby. Arabic bacillus called up for good after return to the country in 1973, when she began working at the Department of Horse Breeding Union of Animal Breeding Zarodowych and dealt with just Arabs. In her life, she entered into a phase of permanent visits in Janow Podlaski, the opportunity and without any occasion. He became friends with unforgettable stud director Andrzej Krzyształowicz and many other oriental breed enthusiasts, including outstanding painter Louis Maciąg


 In Janow he was sometimes also in competition; He competed with Wanda Wasowska. Much time is spent not only on rides under the section led by Dr. Richard Tyszkowski, but also on lonely walks in the saddle after a beautiful Bug River area. Janowski ridden all the leading stallions. One summer, during the flood, very nearly, and drown out the PERSET 1969 ( El Azrak x Persefona by Negatiw ) (stallion, which later drove prof. Maciąg). First, with difficulty she persuaded him to graciously wanted to get wet - did not expect that ditch is several meters deep - and when he did, came up with an Arab under water. Fortunately mount was able to get out on the shore and offer their help the rider hoof.
Fascination Arabs caused that as many as eight mares and stallions leased from Bialka: CIRKA 1994 ( Borek x Cuma by eukaliptus)  ,
Peper 1994 (Zlotoglow x Perforacja by Ernal) , Willa 1974 ( Celebes x Wilma by Pietuszok) , Eris 1994 (Dwiewierz x Emza by Partner) , Orynia 1998 ( Oset x Oriana by Europejczyk ) , Armenia 1988 ( Tallin x Arteria by Probat), Emon 1996 ( Pers x Ermoza by Ernal) and one of Janow - Orkusz 1998 ( Pamir x Orda by Pepton). They ran Racecourse, some were successful, including Eris won the award Baska, with Will also took place in the Arab payable Prize Oaks. Circa, in turn, proved to be the superior mother stud. One of the horses, Emon (1996 by Pers from Emoza after Ernal) became the property of Mrs. Isabella. Versatile: raced on the track, she competed in dressage competitions Bialka under Ireneusz Kozlowski, participated in the demonstrations 


2007 Tenerife, Emon 1996 ( Pers x Emoza by Ernal) wins the title of Reserve Champion of the Balear Islands.

 -EMON  Over time, I wanted to sell it during the Janów auction, but in the absence of attractive bidder backed out. They were interested in him but racers; However they scared when during the detailed examination the doctor said in his heart murmur: I was surprised at the results: walked under saddle, never tired, had nothing wrong. As a result, it leased the famous Belgian breeder, Mrs. Christine Jamar-Demeersseman. He competed with her in dressage and won! Currently he is 16 years old and he lives in Tenerife; He won the championship of the Balearic Islands. He lives in ... volcanic cave. He's got a beautiful, painted ornaments Spanish boxing, and thanks to the location, excellent conditions: cold and adequate moisture.
Probably he would willingly climbed on him again, and not only on him. She dreams her to ride even once any horse - there must be Arab. Unfortunately, health problems rather exclude such pleasure, which is a pity, because Mrs. Izabella Pawelec- many a Zawadzka probably show up as a saddle to keep it belongs. She had great teachers: not only said Major Kona, which incidentally was Nadworna powożącą whether Captain Victor Olędzki, Andrew Orłoś, but above all cavalry colonel, Henry Leliwa-Roycewicza, commander of Battalion "Kiliński," Olympic medalist, founder of the Warsaw Club Riding on Służewiec.
- I rode with him, among others, Wanda Wasowska, Moravian Rose, Anna and Wojciech Komorowskimi. Nobody taught me as much as the Major. Roycewicz. When I applied to him for learning, it seemed to me that I can have something, especially since I was behind lessons with Major Kon. The colonel thought otherwise. He treated me as did the other riders, like the novice: even taught us to clean the horses and saddle. Before we left for riding school, he had to spend long hours in the barn for boarding and dismounting, boarding and dismounting, embarking .. and then still go through a set of exercises woltyżerskich. A lot of water has flowed, we dostąpiliśmy honor him jumping over obstacles. We trained on angloarabach of Walewice, which just a few put into a stable club. I fell mare Wewenda, later a prominent Polish representative in eventing. From the beginning she rode her -Once wykonałyśmy her first jump in life. Extremely brave, unfortunately he ended tragically killed in England on competition

IZABELLA and Pianissima- in 2008 - Photo Stuart Vesty 

 Excellent training has allowed our interlocutor to play the Teutonic Knights on horseback. In the crowd of riders, admittedly difficult to identify, but many galloping and recognition of repeated endlessly, he recalls with a tear in his eye. Moreover, it has thousands of memories and then how diverse. Just mention the name of the horse, especially Arab and ready to write a book; just throw a password demonstrations, judging, and tell how she made her debut in the role of a judge in 1973 at the IAA Horse in Paris. Just enter the name of the horse, and ready to ponder and comment:
- About the already liquidated, those too, and those, those long ago it was! What a paradox that the years of greatest splendor of our culture coincided with the times of communism. Today, more and more sad for the horse map. Well, that is at least Janow and several other important breeding centers, especially those of my beloved Arabs, because if there live without them. The Arabs magic, personality, warmth and unusual gentleness. It establishes a unique contact with them, as with any other horse. No, there is no such a view. The very thought makes me hot.
Peter Dzięciołowski 

 Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance Ambassador Award in 2013 - Photo Anette Mattsson

 3 pictures that follow are for TOM ARABIANS, the most representative, the love could have IZABELLA for these 3 stallions, MONOGRAMM - ECAHO - EMIGRANT. while a page of history of poland on American soil ..  


Izabella ECAHO 1990 ( Pepton x Etruria by Palas) and Anette Mattson


Izabella and EMIGRANT 1991 ( Ararat x Emigrantka by Eukaliptus) at Valley Oak Arabians (USA)


Helene Zaleski , Izabella , Anette and MONOGRAMM 1985 ( Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel)


Anette Mattson and  the joy of IZABELLA reads on his face to see MONOGRAMM who contributed so much to Poland ..


"MONO and IZA "

for me is the most beautiful picture made in recent years. The picture speaks like a farewell kiss. Touching .. thank you for this wonderful picture Anette


Sheila Varian and Izabella - photo Anette Mattson



IZABELLA -and familly-Tromp- with Pesal 1991 ( Partner x Perforacja by Ernal) 



Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka



Mrs Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka (WAHO Executive Committee), Mrs Urszula Bialobok (Breeding Manager, Michalow Stud), EMIGRACJA, Mr. Krzysztof Skrzypek (Michalow Stud groom), Mr. Jerzy Bialobok (Manager, Michalow Stud), Mr. Jerzy Budny (President, Polish Jockey Club) PHOTO : Lydia Pawlowska.


Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, WAHO Executive Committee Member; Mrs. Krystyna Karaszewska, Registrar PASB; Mrs. Urszula Bialobok, Breeding Manager Michalow State Stud; Mr. Jerzy Bialobok, Director of Michalow State Stud; EKSTERN; Mr. Stuart Colvin, handler.
Photo: Lydia Pawlowska.


 Mr. Jerzy Budny, President of Polish Jockey Club; Mrs. Krystyna Karaszewska, Registrar of PASB; Dr. Marek Trela, Director of Janów Podlaski State Stud; Ms. Anna Stefaniuk, Breeding Manager at Janów Podlaski State Stud; ETRURIA; Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, WAHO Executive Committee Member. 

Born in 1937, Izabella inherited her lifelong passion for horses from her father, a former cavalry officer. She graduated with an MSc in Animal Science from Warsaw Agricultural University in the 1950’s and was taught to ride by some of the top Polish horsemen of the time, although her early ambitions to compete were put on hold when she was offered a job at Animex. After 4 years living in America with her husband and young son, she returned to Warsaw in 1972 to work in the Horse Breeding Department of Animex, and so her long association with the Arabian horses and State Studs of Poland began. Before long, Izabella was a highly respected and sought after international judge, something she thoroughly enjoyed for 35 years as she travelled all over the world, looking for the positive aspects in every horse she judged. After 25 years in the post of Breeding Inspector at the Polish State Administrative Boards of Horse Breeding, Izabella formally retired in 1998 but continued to work at the Polish Arabian Stud Book Registry Office as a Breeding Specialist and Consultant, seeing many changes over the years as the numbers of private breeders grew and flourished in the modern Poland. She was also co-organizer of the Polish National Show since 1979, and a well known figurehead at the famous annual Polish auctions. She was also President of the Polish Arabian Horse Owners and Breeders Association from its inception in 1997 until 2011, after which she was unanimously elected as the Honorary President. The tireless Izabella also founded the excellent Araby Magazine in Poland, continuing to work as the editor until the most recent issue, and in 2013, travelled to Las Vegas to be honoured with the Ambassadors Award from the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance, a richly deserved tribute for her lifetime’s work.
A highly respected world authority on Arabian horse breeding, Izabella rose to senior positions in both ECAHO and WAHO, being involved with both from their foundation. In fact, since 1973 Izabella had accompanied Director Andrzej Krysztalowicz to the earliest WAHO meetings as his translator, and she attended nearly every WAHO Conference and WAHO Executive Committee ever since. Izabella became a WAHO Executive Committee Member in her own right in 1984, a post she was to hold with pride, honour and integrity for the rest of her life. Diplomatic, intelligent, brave and kind, Izabella’s energy, enthusiasm and work ethic were without equal, despite ongoing health problems over the years. Her gifts of warmth, humanity and a positive attitude to life, meant that for all those of us lucky to know her and call her friend, her loss is all the more deeply felt. She is, quite simply, totally irreplaceable. For all you have done for the Arabian horse and for WAHO, dear Izabella, we salute you and we thank you. May you rest in peace.


 Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka and  Krzysztofem Goździalski, fot. Mateusz Jaworski


 Izabella ,  PANICZ and Monika Luft  fot. Mateusz Jaworski


 Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka - Top Class


Izabella and Monogramm


Mrs " IZA " Happy




During the weekend the World Was saddened to hear about the passing away of Izabella Zawadzka-Pawelec After a long battle with illness, she lost a battle qui on March 28th, 2015. A great personality, an authority and an ambassador of world breeding, as well as the First Lady of Polish Arabian horse breeding - for Many years she had a great impact on every aspect of ict. Today it will be hard to find a person Equally esteemed and adored by simply Those That Care about the Arabian horse. You will be missed, Madam Izabella ... - Photo Stuart Vesty


On the night of 27 to 28 III passed away at the age of 77 Izabella Zawadzka.

a great lover and connoisseur of Arabian horses, perennial president PZHKA, a member of WAHO authorities and ECAHO, founder of the quarterly "Araby" ("Araby Magazine"). Mrs. Iza funeral will be held on Wednesday, April 8 Bródno Cemetery.



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