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                                               Arabians Horse Polish  " The most Expensive"  

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EL PASO 1967

 (Czort x Ellora by Witraz )       Vendu en 1981 

1 Millions $



( Negatiw x Bandola by Witraz ) vendu en 1982




( Palas x pentoda by Bandos ) vendue en 1985

1,5 Millions $



DIANA 1982

        ( Probat x Diwiza by Negatiw )  

vendue en 1985

1,2 Millions $



( Monogramm x Kwesta by Pesennik )

Vendue en 2008

1,125 Millions Euros


PERFINKA ( Esparto x Perfirka by Gazal Al Shaqab) 


1.250.000 Euros ( Saudi Arabia ) -Photo Erna Polak 


PEPITA  2005

(Ekstern x Pepesza by Eukaliptus)

the 2015 Pride of Poland Sale PEPITA achieved the sale’s highest price in history at 1.4 million Euro 


Pride of Poland & Polish Prestige since  1977 at 2010

                                                                                         Janów Podlaski 1977 (Price in  $)  

Carawella / Sparagowski
Auction 1977 coincided with the solemn celebration of the 160th anniversary of Stud in Janow, and proceeds from the sale for the first time exceeded the magic threshold of one million dollars. The star of the auction has become a grey Carawella for which Leonard Skeggs the USA paid $153.000 dollars. Engano stallion received $75.000. dollars, and sold for $31.000 chestnut stallion Eros  a year later won the title of Vice Champion of USA. 

*Elloracja (known as Eliminacja in Poland), is out of Ellora. She sold for $1.600 in the 1977 Polish Prestige Sale. She has produced two champions: halter champion Elloria and 1986 Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR Elloraza (both by Negatraz), *Elloracja´s daughter Ellitra (by Negatraz) sold for $72.000 in the 1985 Kit Hall Sale and her daughter Elloraza sold for $250.000 in the 1983 *Bask ++Classic Sale

Leading off the Yankee buyers was Dr Eugene Lacroix , who paid $41.000 for the Young CELEBES daughter ETIOPIA . Lacroix also bought GILOTYNA a negatiw daughter for $16.000 Totaling $57.000. - Dick & Kay Patterson parted with $83.000 for 3 Horses- ELIRA by Carycyn at $61.000 ELIMINACJA by Andrut for $11.600 and LEDA by Negatiw at $11.200. - The Egon Oppenheims of Houston paid $73.000 for 2 Mares , $13.000 for SEKCJA by Bandos & $60.000 for PIERZGA by Negatiw .-  Lee Romney paid $29.000 for ERRATA by Benzaj and - Susan Vreeland paid $33.000 for 3 Mares ASTEROIDA by Bandos at $10.000 , ENTENTA by Negatiw for $13.300 and WISLA by Bandos at $10.600 . - Norm Sauey bought a Carycyn daughter FATINA for $52.000 & -  Roland Vazquez paid $32.000 for PIECZARA by Carycyn . - The Nichols Delongpre combine spent $127.000 for 3 Mares BUZNICA by Faher for $31.000 BANDA by Pietuszok for $59.000 and MONETA by Celebes for $37.000 - Leon Rubin of Sir William Farm spent $27.000 for 3 Mares FETA by Dramat at $11.000 GROTESKA by Banzaj for $8.000 and CHANDRA by Benzaj for $8.300 . - H.Pappas bought the mare SEKTA by Banzaj for $8.000 and the Stallion TRYPTYK for $18.000 Totaling $26.000 . - California's Rancho Del Rio wound up with 2 Comet Daughters FELLUKA at $75.000 & MURCJA at $26.000 and the seven years old Stallion ENGANO by Eleuzis at $75.000 for a Total of $176.000 . - Garehime & Kayton a California partnership bought the Tryptyk son ELEGION for $21.000 and -  Bob Raske of Minnesota bought EROS by El Paso for $31.000 . BUT the top buyer was Locust Farms with Leonard and Jean Skeggs buying FASADA by Gwarny for $13.000 CESJA by *Ego for $19.000 and the sale-topping mare CARAWELLA a 6 Year old Negatiw daughter for $153.000 . Skeggs and Norm Sauey go Into a high-noon shootout over the beautiful grey mare , witj Skeggs the ultimate buyer . The crowd including every polish government official there swarmed around the Skeggs to congratulate them . The total for Locust Farm - $185.000

TOTAL : $1,080,000!


 NomAnnéeRobePedigréeStudPrix en$
1.Carawella1971grisNegatiw (SU) - Czatanoga / AnarchistaMichałów153 000Locust Farms (USA)
2.Engano1970grisEleuzis - Engracja / CometJ. Podlaski75 000Rancho Del Rio (USA)
3.Felluka1963grisComet - Forsycja / ComoMichałów75 000Rancho Del rio (USA)
4.Elira1972grisCarycyn - Eliza / Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski61 000Pattersons Ar (USA)
5.Pierzga1964grisNegatiw (SU) - Piewica (SU) / Priboj (SU)J. Podlaski60 000Alduro Arabians (USA)
6.Banda1962baie.BPietuszok (SU) - Bandola / WitrażJ. Podlaski59 000Nichols-Delongpre (USA)
7.Fatina1972baie.BCarycyn - Fantina / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski52 000Nodoroma Farms (USA)
8.Etiopia1970grisCelebes - Etna / FaherJ. Podlaski41 500Lasma Ar (USA)
9.Moneta1968baieCelebes - Massina / GrandMichałów37 000Nichols-Delongpre (USA)
10.Pieczara1972grisCarycyn - Pierśnica / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski32 000Roland.Vazquez  (USA)
11.Busznica1960alezanFaher - Bulgotka / WitrażAlbigowa31 000Nichols-Delongpré (USA)
12.Eros1973alezanEl Paso - Eskapada / Nabor (SU)Michałów31 000Bob Raske (USA)
13.Errata1972grisBanzaj - Estonia / CometMichałów29 000Somerset Farms (USA)
14.Murcja1959baieComet - Muszkatela / WitrażNowy Dwór26 000Rancho Del Rio (USA)
15.Elegion1973grisTryptyk - Ellenai / Wielki SzlemJ. Podlaski21 000Garehime & Keyton (USA)
16.Flaga1973baieEl Paso - Felluka / CometMichałów20 000Conrad Johnson (USA)
17.Cesja1971grisEgo - Cerrita / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski19 000Locust Farms (USA)
18.Gobi1967baieEl Azrak - Gomora / CometJ. Podlaski18 200Phyllis Walker (USA)
19.Tryptyk1965grisAquinor - Tryncza / TrypolisJ. Podlaski18 000H.Pappas (USA)
20.Gilotyna1972grisNegatiw (SU) - Galopada / RozmarynMichałów16 000Lasma Ar (USA)
21.Parada1972grisBanzaj - Podwika / CometMichałów14 700L'Jay Stalcup (Sweden)
22.Ententa1972grisNegatiw (SU) - Elstera / CometMichałów13 300Susan Vreeland (USA)
23.Fasada1971grisGwarny - Forteca / CzardaszMichałów13 000Locust Farms (USA)
24.Gomene1973grisBandos - Gomora / CometJ. Podlaski13 000E.Erlandsson (Sweden)
25.Sekcja1973grisBandos - Sekwoja / AquinorJ. Podlaski13 000Alduro Arabians (USA)
26.Leda1973grisNegatiw (SU) - Lauda / Badr BedurMichałów11 200Pattersons Arabians (USA)
27.Feta1970baie.BDramat - Ferenike / BraniborMichałów11 000Sir William Farm (USA)
28.Ruś1964grisNegatiw (SU) - Rusznica / TrypolisJ. Podlaski10 800Thorner (D)
29.Wisła1971grisBandos - Wilma / Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski10 600Susan Vreeland (USA)
30.Arogancja1973grisBandos - Arkoza / DoktrynerJ. Podlaski10 300Laura Jean Orchard (USA)
31.Asteroida1972grisBandos - Arkoza / DoktrynerJ. Podlaski10 000Susan Vreeland (USA)
32.Eryk1973grisDambor - Estebna / Nabor (SU)Michałów10 000E.Erlandsson (Sweden)
33.Pierrot1969grisCzort - Pierzga / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski10 000Hossman (D)
34.Chandra1972grisBanzaj - Cumparsita / GwarnyMichałów8 300Sir William Farm (USA)
35.Sorta1972alezanCzort - Salona / FerrumJ. Podlaski8 300Klee Arabians (USA)
36.Groteska1972grisBanzaj - Gwardia / BraniborMichałów8 000Sir William Farm (USA)
37.Sekta1973grisBanzaj - Sabrina / AquinorJ. Podlaski8 000H.Pappas (USA)
38.Figa1971alezanSabbat - Ferenike / BraniborMichałów7 600Thorner (D)
39.*Eliminacja1974Baie.BAndrut - Ellora / WitrażJ. Podlaski1 600Pattersons Ar (USA)
40.Lombard1972grisChazar - Laszka / MiecznikMichałów1 400Tollborg (Sweden)
41.Dubler1973grisNegatiw (SU) - Drużyna / CometMichałów1 200Tolberg (Sweden)


Janow Podlaski 1978 ( Price in $) 



The protagonist of the auction in 1978 became Alec Courtelis from the USA, who, on his first visit to Janow bought a daughter of El Paso, grey DACJA by $90.000. dollars. Sold the most expensive stallion, Czeremosz ($50.000) became the property of Norman Sauey from the US, and in 1981 was honored with the title of Vice Champion of USA 


 NameYearColorsPedigréeStudPrice in $
1.DACJA1973 BayEl Paso x Daszawa by NaborMichałów$90.000Alec Courtelis
2.CZEREMOSZ1970GreyElf x Czatanoga by AnarchistaJ. Podlaski$50.000Norman Sauey (USA)

                                                                                   Janow Podlaski 1979 ( Price in $) 



Starting from 1979, decision of the organizers of the auction and breeders, annual event precedes the National Horse Show Arabian. Then, too, the first time the auction has a new setting, holding up a huge tent henceforth that could accommodate all the guests not only foreign, but also to a large audience.


 NameYearColorsPedigréeStudPrice in $
2.----J. Podlaski-------------------------------------


                                                                          Janow Podlaski 1980 ( Price in $) 


PERSJA 1975 ( Namiet x Platyna by Czardaz owner David  Murdock (USA)  

In 1980 auction in Janow Podlaski has gained its international trade name of the Polish Prestige - to emphasize the importance and caliber of the largest in Europe and one of the world's largest auction of Arabian horses. Starting this year also introduced the auction open division and so. "quiet sale" (Silent Sale), or contest the written bids submitted for each horse from the list. This system allowed for the inclusion in the offer undergoing training horses racing on the track in Warsaw Służewiecka without transporting them to Janow and interrupting the training cycle at the time of the auction. As a result, in the context of an open auction in the USA David Murdock bought for $186.000. PERSIA at Michałów mare and Frank Smothers with the US paid for the mare ELITA of Janow $167.000 dollars. Third of the price of acquired Michałów WENA sold for $101.000.  For PERSJA RECORD Price For Auction in EUROPE 

BUSZNICA ( ANDRUT ) sold for $12.000 in THE 1980 "POLISH PRESTIGE SALE " and RESOLD for $125.000 in the 1986 MAIN ATTRACTION SALE


  NameYearColorsPedigréeStudPrice in $
1. PERSJA1975GreyNaniet x Platyna by Czradasz Michalow$186.000Lasma for Murdock (USA)
2.  ELITA 1971BayCelebes x Eliza by Pietuszok J.Podlaski$167.000Lasma For Murdock (USA)
3.. WENA1973BayDambor x Watra by BraniborMichalow$101.000Ginger Blue Farms (USA)
 4. ZADYMKA  1974Chesnut El Paso x Zamiec by Czardsz  Kurozweki  $91.000 Lasma (USA) 
5.  ESENCJA1968GreyAquinor x Estebna by Nabor Michalow$90.000As sale-reserve bid
6.  EROICA1972GreyNegatiw x Elegia by Comet Michalow $90.000Town & Country (USA)
.7.  ENKLAWA1974    Grey     Bandos x Engracja by CometJ.Podlaski  $85.000Lasma For Murdock (USA)
 8.  CAMPILLA  1974 Grey Bandos x Camerata by Aquinor J.Podlaki $80.000 Nichols Delongpré (USA)
 9.  CERRITA  1965 GreyNegatiw x Cerozja by Wielki Szlem J.Podlaski $56.000 Windy Meadow (USA)
10 DEBATA 1972Grey      Negatiw x Dysputa by CometMichalow$40.000           Lasma (USA)
 11 PENELOPA1978BayNamiet x Penza by FaherJ.Podlaski$40.000Patterson Arabians (USA)
 12 MATYLDA1974BayCarycyn x Manilla by DoktrynerMichalow$26.000      Klee Arabians (USA)
 13 MAKIETA1976GreyNamiet x Maskota by Comet Michalow$26.000Conrad Johnson (USA)
 14 ETERNA1975BayEl Paso x Elekcja by Comet Michalow$25.000Soderberg Arabians (USA)
 15.  CAMPALA 1974 Grey Elbrux x Cerisola by Carrador  J.Podlaski $20.000            Lasma (USA)
 16 GALERIA1975BayBanat x Gwardia by BraniborKurozweki$20.000Windy Meadow Farms USA
 17 ALKA1974BayCelebes x Algoa by Czort J.Podlaski$19.000  Town & Country (USA)
 18 CASATE1976Grey Celebes x Capella by AquinorJ.Podlaski$16.000  Town & Country (USA)
 19 ELINDA1978BayRelax x Elizja by CelebesJ.Podlaski$16.000Patterson Arabians (USA)
 20 WESTALKA1976BayEl Paso x Wenera by Negatiw Michalow$15.000Tonw & Country (USA)
 21 TAWERNA1975GreyBandos x Tiwiriada by AswanJ.Podlaski$15.000Nichols Delongpré (USA)
 22 FANGA1977GreyEngano x Fanza by Chazor J.Podlaski$14.000  Tonw & Country (USA)
 23 DYSKRECJA1977Grey    Palas x eEbata byNegatiwMichalow$12.000   Conrad Johnson (USA)
 24 BRUSZNICA1975GreyAndrut x Busznica by FaherKurozweki$12.000Resold $125.000 in 1986
 25 FAMA 1963GreyNabor x Fregata by RozmarynMichalow No Sale
 26 PARA1975GreyBandos x Parma by Aswan J.Podlaski No Sale
 27 LIGA1974GreyDambor x Liwia by DoktrynerKurozweki Scratched
 28 FATRA1975GreyMagnit x Fatma by AnarchistaMichalow No Sale
 29 WARYNKA1972BayBanjaz x Wataha by DuchMichalow No Sale
 30 ANGOLA1976Grey Palas x Andria by Bandos  J.Podlaski  No Sale 
 31  ROSZADA 1974 Bay Celebes x Rokada by Czort Kurozwzki  No Sale
 32  ORNETA 1976Bay Krezus x Orla by Pietuszok J.Podlaski  Scratched
 33  ELEGANCJA 1977 Grey Burkan x Elwira by Elf Michalow  Scratched
 34  ROKADA 1965 Bay Czort x Rokitka by Aswan J.Podlaski  Scratched
 35  KURARA 1974 Grey Palas x Kreolka by Nabor Michalow  No Sale
36   PENTOZA 1978 Bay Ellorus x Pentoda by Bandos J.Podlaski  Scratched
37 ELLORUS1972BayKrezus x Ellora by WitrazJ.Podlaski No Sale
38 ELEGO1975BayEgo x Elizja by CelebesJ.podlaski No Sale
39 RELAX1972BayEgo x Rokada by CzortJ.Podlaski  No Sale 
40 CZERKIES II1975GreyPalas x Ceramika by NegatiwJ.podlaski Scratched
41 ELEEF1969Chesnut Almifar x Eliza by PietuszokJ.Podlaski$12.000Mekkel Arabians (USA)



                                                                              Janów Podlaski 1981 (Price in $)  




In 1981, in cooperation with the editors of The Arabian Horse Journal, auction catalog was published for the first time in a beautiful, modern twist with pictures of two most outstanding Polish photographers Mariana Gadzalskiego, and Sophia Raczkowska. The beginning of the auction was electrifying. The auctioneer announced the sale of bay stallion El PASO for the record and not beaten the affirmative in Janow amount of $ 1 million, which was paid well-known American businessman Armand Hammer. El PASO while stationed in the US under the lease contract for the years 1976 to 1978 he won the US Championships, and only from the lease Lasma Arabians stud, owned by Dr. Eugene LaCroix, paid $138 .000 dollars.

 MILADA  owner David Murdock (USA) in the end she was sent back to the barn unsold 

 NomAnnéeRobePedigreeStudPrix en $
ARelax1972baiEgo - Rokada / CzortJ. PodlaskiNot Sale?
BAndrut1967Grey(Negatiw - Andorra / Pietuszok (SU)J.Podlaski15.000Robbie Den Hartog (NL)
1.Gwiazda1971baieElf - Gwardia / BraniborMichałów60.000Lasma Ar (USA)
2.MILADA1977grisBurkan (GB) - Mila / GwarnyMichałów20.000David Murdock (USA) 
3.Centrala1977grisPartner - Ceramika / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski110.000Tom Lazor (USA)
4.Gwintówka1974baieEl Paso - Gwardia / BraniborKurozwęki107.000David Murdock (USA)
5.Gondawa1979alezanPartner - Gonagra / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski71.000John Blincoe (USA)
6.Drużyna1965alezanComet - Druchna / RozmarynMichałów86.000Lasma Ar (USA)
7.Francja1976grisPalas (SU) - Farsa / BandosJ. Podlaski45.000Lasma Ar (USA)
8.Sasanka1968alezanAlmifar - Santa / CzortJ. Podlaski80.000Lasma Ar (USA)
9.Kurara1974grisPalas (SU) - Kreolka / Nabor (SU)Michałów??
10.Fantina1965grisNegatiw (SU) - Fanfarona / RozmarynJ. Podlaski32.000Pattersons (USA)
11.Wilczyca1974alezanEl Paso - Wadera / DoktrynerMichałów61.000Dr Hammer (USA)
12.Wersja1975baieEl Paso - Warmia / CometMichałów115 000David Murdock (USA)
13.Harsza1967baieEgo - Harfa / Omar IIJ. Podlaski76.000Dr Hammer (USA)
14.Fatra1975grisMagnit (SU) - Fatma / AnarchistaMichałów22.000Robbie Den Hartog (NL)
15.Orneta1976alezanKrezus - Orla / Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski35.000John Ihnotic (USA)
16.Fuga1974Alezan.BEl Azrak - Forteca / CzardaszMichałów??
17.Eurowizja1977baieCzeremosz - Eufonia / DoktrynerKurozwęki40.000Mike Weinstein (USA)
18.Gwiazdka1977grisBurkan (GB) - Gwiazda / ElfMichałów17.000Lasma Ar (USA)
19.Para1975grisBandos - Parma (SU) / Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski37.000Robbie Den Hartog (NL)
20.Egreta1975grisAndrut - Eufonia / DoktrynerKurozwęki8.000Equine Dresden Ar (Canada)
21.Eneida1977alezanGedymin - Emilia / CelebesMichałówScratched?
22.Cynadra1975baieTryptyk - Cerisola / CarradorJ. Podlaski15.000Lasma Ar (USA)
23.Nasturcja1977grisTryptyk - Newada / GrandKurozwęki25.000Kossack Stud (NL)
24.Camelia1976alezanPalas (SU) - Camerata / AquinorJ. Podlaski70.000Don Delongpré (USA)
25.Arka1976grisEl Paso - Artemida / ChazarMichałów13.000Angel's Blood Ar (USA)
26.El Banda1976 Bandos - Elita / CelebesJ. Podlaski??
27.Eskoda1977grisBurkan (GB) - Estonia / CometMichałów17.000Angel's Blood Ar (USA)
28.Finka1977alezanCzeremosz - Figa / SabbatKurozwęki27.000Robbie Den Hartog (NL)
29.Alergia1979baieEllorus - Algorada / CelebesJ. Podlaski??
30.Eforia1976baieMelon - El Krea / KrezusKurozwęki15.000Lasma Ar (USA)
31.Dolina1978grisBandos - Doliwa / CometMichałów10.000Klee Ar (USA)
32.Gonitwa1976alezanPalas (SU) - Gonagra / Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski80.000Lasma Ar (USA)
33.Pilawa1976grisBurkan (GB) - Platyna / CzardaszMichałówNot Saleher Reserve was $30.000
34.Kampania1977grisBandos - Kama / EleuzisJ. Podlaski31.000Dr Hammer
35.Cerata1974grisAndrut - Cerekiew / Wielki SzlemJ. Podlaski$40.000USA
36.Edda1976grisNamiet (SU) - Elana / ElfMichałów41.000Mc Neill Group (USA)
37.Alchemia1976baieGwarny - Algeria / CelebesJ. Podlaski76.000Nichols/Delongpré (USA)
38.Sarenka1974grisTryptyk - Sasanka / AlmifarJ. Podlaski??
39.Etiuda1977alezanGwarny - Eunice / CometJ. Podlaski??
40Czarnuszka1977GreyGwarny - Czapelka / *MagnatJ.Podlaski35.000John Blincoe (USA)



BANDOS 1964 ( Negatiw x Bandola by Witraz

 Janów Podlaski 1982 (Price in $) 

The following year 1982, the auction began with the presentation of a wonderful son and legendary Negatiw - Bandola, grey BandosDavid Murdock bought it for $806.000dollars for Ventura Farms.

Bandos Step I required meeting a reserve bid of $5000.000 and step II was the public auction at Janow on September 19th . 3 Bidders all from the US qualified in step I: Crown point Arabians , KA Tal Pa Arabians & Ventura Farms - Arabians Division . The winning bid of $806.000 was made by Ventura , a RECORD PRICE FOR AN ARABIAN STALLION at public Auction  

 CERATA ( andrut x Cerekiew ) sold for $40.000 at "THE 1982 POLISH PRESTIGE SALE" and was RESOLD for $85.000 in 1983 MAIN ATTRACTION SALE 


 NameYearColorsPedigréeStudPrice in $
1.BANDOS1964GreyNegatiw x Bandola by WitrazJ.Podlaski$ 806.000 Ventura Farms(USA)
2.BATALIA1967GreyMagnit x Beatrice by PietuszokJ. Podlaski$127.000Nichols Delongpré (USA)
 3 GAMETA1978  Bay Palas x Gwiazda by Elf Michalow $120.000 American Farms (USA)
 4 NEFRETETE 1980 Chesnut Gondolier x Newa by ARAX J.Podlaski $100.000 Gondolier Syndicate (USA)
 5 CEDZYNA 1966 Grey Negatiw x Czatanoga by Anarchista Michalow $100.000 American Farms (USA)



Janów Podlaski 1983 (Price in $)      


To a very interesting situation occurred in 1983 offered under the Silent Sale stallion DEFICIT of Michałow obtained after a fierce auction price $609.000dollars, which paid a horse together buyers Richard Patterson and Leonard Skeggs from the United States. And it was not beaten to affirmative record sales quiet, and at the same time one of the highest prices achieved for a horse at auction in Janow Podlaski.


 NOMannéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
PAYS / Acheteur
1.Wenera1970grisNegatiw (SU) - Wadera po DoktrynerMichałów216 000USA
2.Karabela1976baieCelebes - Kasta po Wielki SzlemJ. Podlaski151 000USA
3.Elta1977baieEngano - Elewacja po CelebesJ. Podlaski137 000USA
4.Fladra1969baieCelebes - Fregata po RozmarynMichałów125 000USA
5.Caryca1972grisNegatiw (SU) - Czatanoga po AnarchistaMichałów90 000USA
6.Dunkierka1978grisAloes - Dalmacja po DamborMichałów70 000USA
7.Wichura1976griseAndrut - Wilczura po ArielMichałów68 000USA
8.Demetra1978baie brunAloes - Drumla po DardirMichałów61 000USA
9.Zorka1978grisPalas (SU) - Zięba po Negatiw (SU)Michałów61 000USA
10.Rohatyna1975baie brunBanat - Rolada po EgoKurozwęki60 000Hollande
11.Garstka1979grisBanat - Garsella po BandosJ. Podlaski59 000USA
12.Fabuła1981grisePartner - Fabiola po Negatiw (SU)Michałów50 000USA
13.Wilma1963baiePietuszok (SU) - Worskla po LaurJ. Podlaski50 000USA
14.Arosa1981grisEl Paso - Arra po BandosJ. Podlaski41 000USA
15.Pilawa1976grisBurkan (GB) - Platyna po CzardaszMichałów40 000Suede
16.Orka1979grisPartner - Orgia po KrezusJ. Podlaski37 000USA
17.Basetla1979griseBanat - Baśń po CzortJ. Podlaski34 000Suede
18.Czukotka1978baieGwarny - Czapelka po Magnat (SU)J. Podlaski34 000USA
19.Maskarada1979grisBandos - Maskota po CometMichałów30 000USA
20.Wieczorynka1978baieMelon - Wieża po DoktrynerKurozwęki29 000USA
21.Fretka1978baieMelon - Ferenike po BraniborKurozwęki28 000USA
22.Mątewka1978grisCzeremosz - Mątwa po Negatiw (SU)Kurozwęki25 000Hollande
23.El Kora1978baieMelon - El Krea po KrezusKurozwęki24 000USA
24.Asturia1977baieTryptyk - Asteroida po BandosKurozwęki23 000Hollande
25.Elsteria1981baieEllorus - Elsinoe po CelebesJ. Podlaski23 000USA
26.Traszka1978grisAndrut - Trema po GwarnyKurozwęki23 000USA
27.Ekipa1977grisEufrat - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów22 000DE
28.Facecja1981grisEternit - Fama po Nabor (SU)Michałów22 000DE
29.Bogatka1979grisGwarny - Bokata po CometJ. Podlaski15 000Hollande
30.Gorgona1978baieRelax - Gonagra po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski15 000USA
31.Grusza1978grisAndrut - Gwardia po BraniborKurozwęki15 000Hollande
32.Humoreska1979baieAndos - Haronia po CelebesKurozwęki15 000DE
33.Lanca1978grisMelon - Libella po BanzajKurozwęki14 000USA
34.Cetynia1981grisWist - Cerisola po CarradorJ. Podlaski13 000DE

Janów Podlaski 1984 (Price in $)


BANAT ( Lasma Arabians )

In the following years record prices were paid only for stallions. The biggest attraction of the auction in 1984 was the Champion of England and well-proven in Poland bay stallion Banat of Janow. Dr. Eugene LaCroix paid $525.000 for him 

*Huta (x Haronia) sold for $65.000 in the 1984 Polish Prestige Sale and resold for $135.000 in the 1985 Kit Hall Sale 


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Banat1967baieEl Azrak - Bandola po WitrażJ. Podlaski525 000USA
2.Malawita1979grisAloes - Mila po GwarnyMichałów160 000USA
3.Essorta1979alezanPalas (SU) - Estonia po CometMichałów117 000USA
4.Gitana1980alezanEskimos - Gilza po EsparteroMichałów100 000USA
5.Sawanna1978alezanNamiet (SU) - Sasanka po AlmifarJ. Podlaski100 000USA
6.Druzja1980baieEtap - Drużyna po CometMichałów98 000USA
7.Zelandia1982baieProbat (SE) - Zięba po Negatiw (SU)Michałów90 000USA
8.Fundacja1980baieAlgomej - Furda po AndrutKurozwęki83 000USA
9.Despotka1979grisBandos - Dysputa po CometMichałów82 000USA
10.Czapelka1970grisMagnat (SU) - Czarowna po CometJ. Podlaski80 000USA
11.Dulka1977grisGedymin - Drużyna po CometMichałów71 000DE
12.Baltona1978baieEtap - Bangla po EgoJ. Podlaski67 000USA
13.Huta1978grisAndrut - Haronia po CelebesKurozwęki65 000USA
14.Espaniola1977alezanPalas (SU) - Esencja po AquinorMichałów64 000USA
15.Dżungla1980grisEukaliptus - Dębica po ElfMichałów62 000USA
16.Robótka1977baieMelon - Rokada po CzortKurozwęki57 000USA
17.Erozja1978grisBurkan (GB) - Elwira po ElfMichałów47 000USA
18.Tipitaka1981grisWist - Tiwiriada (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski47 000USA
19.Parodia1977grisGwarny - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski45 000USA
20.Capua1981grisWist - Capella po AquinorJ. Podlaski42 000USA
21.Fluksja1982baieSet - Flotylla po El PasoMichałów41 000USA
22.Cewiarka1979baiePartner - Cerrita po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski40 000DE
23.Faktoria1980alezanGondolier - Farsa po BandosJ. Podlaski39 000Hollande
24.Pemba1964baieCzort - Penza po FaherJ. Podlaski39 000USA
25.Nasturcja1977grisTryptyk - Newada po GrandKurozwęki30 000USA
26.Euros1978alezanEtap - Eunice po CometJ. Podlaski----------
27.Zulus1979grisPalas (SU) - Zazula po Negatiw (SU)Michałów----------
28.Estonia1964grisComet - Estokada po Amurath SahibMichałów----------
29.Leliwa1970grisNegatiw (SU) - Laszka po MiecznikMichałów----------
30.Derma1980grisPartner - Dewiza po Negatiw (SU)Michałów----------
31.Modena1979baieAlgomej - Mekka po GwarnyMichałów----------
32.Etola1962grisNabor (SU) - Ela po MiecznikMichałów----------
Lot S/1Akcja1982GreyBandos x Arba by cometJanow35.000USA Furioso Farms
Lot S/6Lektorka1979GreyElef x Lekcja by Carycyn Kurozweki21.000USA Klee Arabians
Lot S/7Leta1979GreyElef x Liwia by DoktrynerKurozweki15.200USA Mecca Arabians
Lot S/8Epistola 1980GreyEufrat x Elektorka by AndrutKurozweki15.400USA Le Roy Van Kirk
Lot S/9Hera1980BayEufrat x Haronia by CelebesKurozweki13.400 Sweden Goran Wallenius
Lot S/10Rozeta 1980BayEufrat x Rohatyna by  BanatKurozweki10.200USA Ed Nixon Davis
Lot S/11Makowka1978BayMelon x Maczuga by ChazarKurozweki20.000USA Ogilvie
Lot S/13Mewa1978BayMokan x Murhejka by MuharytAnna Debska15.000USA Ka-Tal-Pe Arabians
Lot S/15Fantastyk1978bayPartner x Farida by Bandos Janow51.550USA American Arabians
Lot S/33Czapa1972GreyCarycyn x Czarka by Mir Said Janow 46.200USA Ventura Farm 
Lot S/19Karnawal 1980Bay Etap x Kasta by Wielki Szlem Janow 42.300Sweden Erik Melander 
Lot S/23Wiking 1979BayEtap x Wilma by PietuszokJanow21.300USA Le Roy Van Kirk
Lot S/16Dryl1975BayGedymin x Daszawa by Nabor Michalow 10.200UK Pat Lindsay
Lot S/31Epizod1979GreyAlgomej x Elektorka by Andrut    

Podlaski 1985 (Price in $)





ALGIERCZYK ( USA - Saihati Farms )

A native of Saudi Arabia, and then living in the US, Abdul Wahed Al Saihati, bought in 1985 bay stallion for $310.000 dollars, and in 1987 - Aloe bay stallion for $395.000 dollars. In both cases, there was an auction disaster, and the main opponent of the Saudi was Dick Patterson. In the meantime, in 1986 the State John and Peggy Yates of the United States purchased the gray stallion Haracz for $385.000 


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Algierczyk1977baieEngano - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski310 000USA ( Saihati )
2.Fantastka1975grisPalas (SU) - Fanza po ChazarJ. Podlaski240 000USA ( American ar )
3.Harmonia1966grisNegatiw (SU) - Harfa po Omar IIJ. Podlaski215 000USA ( Ventura Farms )
4.Dywizja1981alezanProbat (SE) - Drużyna po CometMichałów165 000USA ( Paramount ar )
5.Żołna1977alezanPalas (SU) - Zazula po Negatiw (SU)Michałów140 000USA ( Oxy ar)
6.Contessa1980grisWist - Candida po AquinorJ. Podlaski125 000USA ( E.Lacroix )
7.Carówna1981baieProbat (SE) - Caryca po Negatiw (SU)Michałów105 000B ( B.V.B.A Nejdi )
8.Modena1979baieAlgomej - Mekka po GwarnyMichałów90 000USA ( American ar )
9.Branka1975grisBanat - Braga po Negatiw (SU)Kurozwęki85 000USA ( Saihati )
10.Drwina1980grisEukaliptus - Donna po Negatiw (SU)Michałów72 000USA ( Pay-Jay )
11.Gardenia1978grisEngano - Garsella po BandosJ. Podlaski72 000USA ( Foxmoor ar )
12.Cerwia1979grisEufrat - Cedzyna po Negatiw (SU)Michałów70 000USA ( Pay-Jay )
13.Wieża1966baieDoktryner - Wieszczka po GeyranJ. Podlaski70 000USA ( Patterson ar )
14.Nizina1981baieAloes - Nejtyczanka po BanatKurozwęki67 000USA ( Saihati )
15.Zgoda1981grisDylemat - Zięba po Negatiw (SU)Michałów65 000USA ( J. Ihnotic )
16.Derma1980grisPartner - Dewiza po Negatiw (SU)Michałów62 000USA ( Pay-Jay )
17.Wenecja1980grisPalas (SU) - Weneda po GedyminMichałów62 000USA ( Ventura Farms )
18.Eksmisja1982grisEternit - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów61 000USA ( Oostermeyer  )
19.Eureka1976alezanGwarny - Eunice po CometJ. Podlaski60 000USA ( American ar )
20.Forma1982grisPalas (SU) - Furda po AndrutKurozwęki59 000NL ( Hartog)
21.El-Eta1977baieEtap - Ellenai po Wielki SzlemJ. Podlaski57 000USA ( J & S Sloan )
22.Zeriba1980grisPartner - Zięba po Negatiw (SU)Michałów55 000USA ( American ar )
23.Emgarda1980baieEskimos - Emilia po CelebesMichałów51 000USA ( Krakus ar )
24.Kamfora1978gniadaRelax - Kama po EleuzisJ. Podlaski45 000NL ( Hartog )
25.Ryksza1980baie brunEufrat - Roszada po CelebesKurozwęki45 000USA ( Bosker )
26.Adria1980alezanEukaliptus - Amhara po Nabor (SU)Michałów38 000USA ( Paramount ar )
27.Frajda1981grisDylemat - Fuga po El AzrakMichałów34 000USA ( Tom Chauncey )
28.Fason1976baieEl Paso - Fladra po CelebesMichałów17 000Suede ( T.Stenholm )
29.Erytrea1978grisAndrut - Eufonia po DoktrynerKurozwęki----------
30.Etamina1979baieEllorus - Etna po FaherJ. Podlaski----------
31.Filia1976alezanEufrat - Floryda po CometMichałów----------
32.Wyrwa1981alezan.Partner - Wilczyca po El PasoMichałów----------
33.Leliwa1970grisNegatiw (SU) - Laszka po MiecznikMichałów----------

                          SALE TOTAL for 33 Horses  :  $ 2.537.000  * Average : $ 90.607

Janów Podlaski 1986 (Price in $)


HARACZ ( USA - Pay -Jay )


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Haracz1976grisPalas (SU) - Harmonia po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski380 000USA (Pay-Jay)
2.Ferrara1982baieProbat (SE) - Fatima po Negatiw (SU)Michałów165 000USA (Magess)
3.Enrilo1981alezanProbat (SE) - Emisja po CarycynMichałów110 000USA ( G.Lacroix )
4.Elfryda1982alezanProbat (SE) - Estrada po Burkan (GB)Michałów100 000Brésil (Archilla)
5.Orgia1971alezanKrezus - Orla po Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski77 000USA (Patterson)
6.Etamina1979baieEllorus - Etna po FaherJ. Podlaski76 000Suede (Ekstrom)
7.Flądra1979grisBandos - Fladra po CelebesMichałów75 000Brésil (Archilla)
8.Defilada1969baieBajdak - Dessa po GrandMichałów71 000USA (Al Saihati)
9.El Mura1979baieMuharyt - Elewacja po CelebesJ. Podlaski69 000USA (Magness)
10.Giemza1979grisPalas (SU) - Gilza po EsparteroMichałów65 000USA (Magness)
11.Halka1979grisEllorus - Harmonijka po BandosJ. Podlaski52 000Brésil (Souza)
12.Dora1982baieProbat (SE) - Defilada po BajdakMichałów46 000USA (Magness)
13.Parantela1982baieProbat (SE) - Pascha po El PasoMichałów46 000USA (Belle Smathers)
14.Dekada1982grisEternit - Dysputa po CometMichałów40 000USA (Ed.n Davis)
15.Eurytmia1981baiePepi - Europa po BandosJ. Podlaski40 000B ( B.V.B.A Nejdi )
16.Sanna1980baieWist - Sasanka po AlmifarJ. Podlaski36 000Brésil L.Fagundes)
17.Wizytówka1982baieEufrat - Wiorsta po BanatKurozwęki36 000Suede (Karlsson)
18.Cena1982grisBanat - Ceregiela po CelebesJ. Podlaski35 000USA (Ed.n Davis)
19.Orchis1982baieBanat - Orlica po KrezusJ. Podlaski34 000Suede (Karlsson)
20.Warka1981baieProbat (SE) - Wistula po El PasoMichałów32 000USA (Ed n Davis)
21.Canta Bella1981grisEufrat - Catalina po El PasoKurozwęki30 000Brésil (L.Fagundes)
22.Columbia1982baieProbat (SE) - Caryca po Negatiw (SU)Michałów30 000USA (Pay-Jay)
23.Cyganeria1980grisRelax - Cyrkulacja po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki30 000USA ( ed N.Davis)
24.Bogota1983baieProbat (SE) - Bolonia po EleuzisJ. Podlaski29 000B (B.V.B.A Nedji)
25.Arkada1981grisBanat - Arkoza po DoktrynerJ. Podlaski28 000NL (Hartog)
26.Rosa1982grisPalas (SU) - Rohatyna po BanatKurozwęki27 000USA (A.Sahebekhtiari)
27.Wydra1978grisEufrat - Wilczura po ArielMichałów27 000USA (A.Sahebekhtiari)
28.Wyrwa1981alezanPartner - Wilczyca po El PasoMichałów27 000USA (A.Sahelbekhtiari)
29.Fronda1978baieAloes - Familia po GwarnyMichałów26 000USA (al Saihati)
30.Panda1982grisPartner - Pogoń po Burkan (GB)Michałów24 000Brésil (E.Neto)
31.Zadra1973grisDambor - Zamieć po CzardaszMichałów20 000Suede (E.Melander)
32.Nasturcja1977grisTryptyk - Newada po GrandKurozwęki14 000IT (L.Beccheroni)
33.Eminencja1980baieAlgomej - Ellonga po AlmifarKurozwęki13 000USA (Tom Decter)

Janów Podlaski 1987 (Price in $)


ALOES (USA - Abdul Al Saihati)


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Aloes1973baieCelebes - Algoa po CzortJ. Podlaski395 000USA (Abdul Al Saihati)
2.Algerina1978baieEllorus - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski170 000USA (Magness)
3.Ceregiela1974baieCelebes - Cerkwica po CometJ. Podlaski83 000USA (Chur)
4.Donna1973grisNegatiw (SU) - Dysputa po CometMichałów72 000Canada (Bronte Golda)
5.Etruska1983grisAloes - Etruria po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski70 000Suede (Karlsson)
6.Foka1979grisAloes - Fatima po Negatiw (SU)Michałów51 000USA (Pay-Jay)
7.Artemida1969grisChazar - Amhara po Nabor (SU)Michałów50 000Suede (I.Ekstrom)
8.Ceratka1977grisGwarny - Cerkwica po CometJ. Podlaski47 000USA (Magness)
9.Gil1981baieProbat (SE) - Gildia po El PasoMichałów45 000USA (Jim.Wagner)
10.Werona1982grisProbat (SE) - Weneda po GedyminMichałów45 000USA (Fisher)
11.Gilza1967baieEspartero - Gastronomia po MarabutMichałów41 000USA (Weatherford)
12.Głowica1983baiePepi - Głownia po El PasoMichałów41 000Brésil (Sousa)
13.Matryca1980grisBandos - Maskota po CometMichałów40 000USA (B.Krauch)
14.Nubia1979baieAlgomej - Newada po GrandKurozwęki40 000USA (Allan Laplante)
15.Lepianka1978grisCzeremosz - Leliwa po Negatiw (SU)Kurozwęki37 000USA (R.Mazzei)
16.Enna1982siwaEternit - Emilia po CelebesMichałów30 000USA (J.Tovar)
17.Areta1983grisSet - Artemida po ChazarMichałów27 000Suede (Karlsson)
18.Fraza1980grisBandos - Fatma po AnarchistaMichałów27 000USA (J.Wagner)
19.Aladyna1981alezanBanat - Alchemia po GwarnyJ. Podlaski26 000IT ( Loris)
20.Filipika1979grisBandos - Fatma po AnarchistaMichałów25 000USA (Pay-Jay)
21.Westa1983grisPalas (SU) - Weneda po GedyminMichałów22 000USA (R.Mazzei)
22.Dekada1982grisEternit - Dysputa po CometMichałów20 000Suede (Karlsson)
23.Dulcynea1983grisSet - Dulka po GedyminMichałów20 000Brésil ( Souza)
24.Warzecha1978grisBurkan (GB) - Warynka po BanzajKurozwęki20 000Brésil (M. Duarte)
25.Wydma1982grisProbat (SE) - Wichura po AndrutMichałów20 000USA (Wagner)
26.Zaduma1981grisBandos - Zadra po DamborKurozwęki20 000Suede (E.Melander)
27.Filia1976alezanEufrat - Floryda po CometMichałów19 000DE (Ismer )
28.Flamenca1983grisBanat - Furda po AndrutKurozwęki19 000B (B.V.B.A Nejdi )
29.Guldynka1982alezanPalas (SU) - Gromadka po TryptykKurozwęki17 000USA (Magness)
30.Samosiera1980grisEl Paso - Sarabanda po BandosJ. Podlaski19 000USA Pay-Jay)
31.Gala1983baieAlgierczyk - Gwardia po BraniborKurozwęki18 000USA (J.Wagner)
32.Pieszczota1977alezanPartner - Pierzga po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski18 000USA (Pay-Jay)
33.Czasza1976grisMelon - Czarta po DoktrynerKurozwęki17 000Suede (Andersson)
34.Dewizka1977grisEufrat - Dewiza po Negatiw (SU)Michałów17 000Suede (M.Oster)
35.Babilonia1982baieBanat - Bolonia po EleuzisJ. Podlaski15 000

Brésil (M.Duarte



Gondolier - Elbana po BandosJ. Podlaski15 000USA ( Magness)
37.Czara1982grisBanat - Czapelka po Magnat (SU)J. Podlaski10 000Brésil (Fabrini)
38.Reduta1983baieAlgierczyk - Rohatyna po BanatKurozwęki----------
39.Dębica1972grisElf - Daszawa po Nabor (SU)Michałów----------
40.Kometa1971grisElf - Cumparsita po GwarnyMichałów----------
41.Cynia1982baieAloes - Cyrkulacja po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki----------
42.Egri1981grisBandos - Egreta po AndrutKurozwęki----------
43.Emilia1969baieCelebes - Ela po MiecznikMichałów----------

Janów Podlaski 1988 (Price in $) 



 NOMannéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Weczera1979grisBandos - Warmia po CometMichałów106 000USA
2.Cyrenajka1975grisBanat - Cykuta po Mir SaidKurozwęki101 000USA
3.Pensylwania1982grisEnos - Penicylina po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski81 000USA
4.Fuga1974Baie brunEl Azrak - Forteca po CzardaszMichałów71 000USA
5.Polonez1980baieEtap - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski65 000Brésil
6.Ekstaza1969grisCelebes - Eskapada po Nabor (SU)Michałów53 000USA
7.Cięciwa1981grisPalas (SU) - Cedzyna po Negatiw (SU)Michałów50 000USA
8.Alkazar1980baieEl Paso - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski46 000USA
9.Aldara1983baieProbat (SE) - Arra po BandosJ. Podlaski42 000USA
10.Waza1983baieBanat - Warzecha po Burkan (GB)Kurozwęki38 000Suede
11.Endymia1983alezan.Probat (SE) - Energia po BandosJ. Podlaski37 000USA
12.Egzorta1983grisPalas (SU) - Estrada po Burkan (GB)Michałów35 000USA
13.Artystka1983baieBanat - Arena po GwarnyKurozwęki32 000USA
14.Saradela1979grisPartner - Sarabanda po BandosJ. Podlaski30 000Suede
15.Elmona1984baieProbat (SE) - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski27 000USA
16.Margola1982grisPartner - Milada po Burkan (GB)Michałów26 000USA
17.Cewka1976grisCelebes - Cerisola po CarradorJ. Podlaski23 000USA
18.Grenada1984baieSet - Gilza po EsparteroMichałów23 000Brésil
19.Hreczka1984grisBanat - Haronia po CelebesKurozwęki23 000USA
20.Debora1979grisAloes - Debata po Negatiw (SU)Michałów22 000USA
21.Zawada1984grisBanat - Zadra po DamborKurozwęki22 000Brésil
22.Anglia1984baieProbat (SE) - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski21 000DE
23.Goplana1983baieProbat (SE) - Gonagra po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski21 000Suede
24.Parabola1981alezanEllorus - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski20 000Suede
25.Czako1979baie brunBanat - Czapelka po Magnat (SU)J. Podlaski19 000DE
26.Fosa1982alezanProbat (SE) - Finezja po GedyminMichałów19 000USA
27.Pieczęć1976grisPalas (SU) - Pierzga po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski19 000USA
28.Cytra1973grisNegatiw (SU) - Czatanoga po AnarchistaMichałów18 000USA
29.Carmina1983grisWoroblin - Cartagena po MuharytBiałka16 000USA
30.Elga1984grisSet - Estonia po CometMichałów14 000Suede
31.Desperacja1984grisPalas (SU) - Despotka po BandosMichałów13 000Italie
32.Kolia1982grisProbat (SE) - Kometa po ElfMichałów13 000USA
33.Depresja1983grisPepton - Dewizka po EufratMichałów12 000RFN
34.Folga1984baiePepi - Fabiola po Negatiw (SU)Michałów12 000Italie
35.Fliza1984baiePepi - Filia po EufratMichałów10 000Suede
36.Gwizd1981baieProbat (SE) - Gwiazda po ElfMichałów10 000USA
37.Etika1982grisPhazon (SU) - Espada po AquinorMichałów9 000Italie
38.Emka1976alezanEl Paso - Emalia po ChazarMichałów5 000Suede

Janów Podlaski 1989 (Price in $)



Etana ( Aloes x Etruria by Palas )

Owner - Paolo gucci to $ 80.000


LOTNOMAnnéeRobePédigrée + Foal by
AAlgomej1973baieCelebes - Algonkina by Pietuszok (SU)J. PodlaskiNot Sale?
BZulus1979grisPalas (SU) - Zazula by Negatiw (SU)Michałów20.000Polsim Co (PL)
2.Albaneta 1985BayBanat - Algeria by Celebes / Foal by EuropejczykJ.Podlaski80.000R. Freeman (USA)
10Etana1984GreyAloes - Etruria by Palas (SU) / Foal EuropejczykJ.Podlaski80.000Paolo Gucci (USA)
1.Złota Iza1985baieAlgierczyk - Zawieja po MelonKurozwęki50.000R.Freeman (USA)
6.Estetka1982GreyPalas (SU) - Euforia by Bandos / Foal EukaliptusKurozweki40.000Paolo Gucci (USA)
8.Haiti1980BayBanat - Harsza by Ego / Foal by EuropejczykJ.POdlaski31.000B.Soerensen (SE)
17.Gromadka1976GreyTryptyk - Gwardia by Branibor / Foal EukaliptusKurozweki26.000R.Freeman (USA)
12.Zaneta1985ChesnutFanatyk - Zolna by Palas (SU) /Foal BoryslawMichalow24.000R.C Hartog (NL)
9.Fladra1979GreyBandos - Fladra by Celebes / Foal by BoryslawMichalow22.000B.Ohlsson (SE)
18.Glownia1973BayEl Paso - Gwardia by Branibor / Foal by ArbilMichalow22.000W.Hackos (USA)
27Orlica1975BayKrezus - Orla by Pietuszok / Foal by PeptonJ.Podlaski19.000R.H Flammer (USA
25Estepona1984BayPepton - Estrela by el Paso / Foal by BoryslawMichalow18.000Stepha.Powers USA
19.Alaska1981BayPepi - Aleja by Bandos / Foal by EuropejczykJ.Podlaski18.000Ann Moonan (NL)
16.Parabola1981ChesnutEllorus - Parma (SU) by Aswan (EG) / GabarytJ.Podlaski17.000Antonio Filho Brazil
4.Fajka1976GreyPalas (SU) - Fantina by Negatiw (SU)/   PartnerJ. Podlaski15.000Ann Moonan (NL)
7.Malwina1982GreyProbat (SE) - Mila by Gwarny / Foal by ArbilMichałów15.000Ann Moonan (NL)
29.Alita1981BayEllorus - Alkaba by Celebes / foal by PepiJ.Podlaski15.000R.Freeman (USA)
30.Pokuta1984GreyPalas (SU) - Patera by Bandos / Foal by ArbilMichalow14.000Holger Ismer (DE)
38Grota1985Grey*Wilkolak - Giemza by Palas (SU) / BoryslawMichalow12.500R.C Hartog (NL)
15.Delicja1984BaySet - Defilada by Bajdak / Foal by ArbilMichalow12.000Polsim Co (PL)
13.Kasata1979bayEtap - Kasta by Wielki Szlem / Foal EuropejczykJ. Podlaski11.000Polsim Co (PL)
37.Orka1979GreyPartner - Orgia by Krezus / Foal by GabarytJ.Podlaski11.000R.Butcher (UK)
14.Albania1976GreyGwarny - Aleksja by Czort / Foal By PartnerJ. Podlaski10.000Polsim Co (PL)
22.Saradela1979GreyPartner - Sarabanda by Bandos (Champ Europe)J. Podlaski10.000Sweden
23.Fastryga1985GreyPenitent - Finezja by Gedymin / Foal by EtogramMichałów10.000Holger Ismer (DE)
33.Nuta1985ChesnutWoroblin - Nubia by Algomej / Foal by partnerBiałka10.000R.C Hartog (NL)
35.Everesta1980GreyGondolier - Europa by Bandos / Foal By algomejJ. Podlaski10.000B.Soerensen (SE)
5Pentoda1970GreyBandos - Piewica by Priboj (SU)J.PodlaskiWithdrawn 
36Matina1984GreyPalas (SU) - Milada by Burkan (UK)MichalowWithdrawn 
3Zuela1982ChesnutProbat (SE) - Zazula by Negatiw (SU)MichalowNot Sale 
11Elongacja1977BayMelon - Ellonga by AlmifarKurozwekiNot Sale 
20Poltawa1985ChesnutEukaliptus - Pascha by El PasoMichalowNot Sale 
21Maksyma1983BayFason - Makowka by MelonBialkaNot Sale 
24Godna1980ChesnutBanat - Gonagra by Negatiw (SU)J.PodlaskiNot Sale 
39.Gafa1984GreyPepton - Gildia po El PasoMichałówNot Sale 
26Egri1981GreyBandos - Egreta by andrutKurozwekiNot Sale 
28Funga1986BayEnrilo - Fuga by El AzrakMichalowNot Sale 
31Kamera1985GreyEternit - Kamfora by RelaxJ.PodlaskiNot Sale 
32Damieta1983GreyPalas (SU) - Draperia by GedyminMichalowNot Sale 
34Mila1971BayGwarny - Meluzyna by CzardaszMichalowNot Sale 
           TOTAL Polish Prestige : $622.500   

          High : $80.000  Low : $10.000

                Average :$ 24.000

S1Balldonna1985Grey(Parys x Balladyna)Janow4.000P.Neff  (CH)
S2El-Era1985Grey(Ernal x El Eta)Janow6.000K.Murray (UK)
S3Entaria1985Chesnut(Palas x Eurytmia)Janow5.000K. Bellman (DE)
S4Etyma1985Bay(Banat x Etamina)Janow RNA
S5Gaza1986Bay(Gil x Gambia)Janow4.000Holger Ismer (DE)
S6Gorycz1986Chesnut(Palas x Godna)Janow4.200R.N Thoren (SE)
S7Kaskada1985Bay(Banat x Kasetka)Janow2.700W.Janowski (PL)
S8Piecza1986Grey(Palas x Pieszczota)Janow7.200Dr Burggraf (DE)
S9Sandra1985Chesnut(Palas x Saradela)Janow4.200R.N Thoren (SE)
S10Sierra Nevada1985Grey(Aloes x Siena)Janow3.600J.Ducharme (USA)
S11Enrika1987Bay(Tallin x Eskandia )Michalow RNA
S12Fedora1987Bay(Probat x Fraza)Michalow RNA
S13Kolonia1985Chesnut(Haracz x Kometa)Michalow4.500E. Hussmann (DE)
S14Promesa1986Bay(Alcazar x Passa)Michalow5.600C.B Cravinhos (Br)
S15Zyta1987Bay(Tallin x Zula)Michalow3.000Den Hartog (NL)
S16Chryzantema1987Grey(Partner x Cynia)Kurozweki3.000K. Murray (UK)
S17Facjata1985Grey(Etnograf x Furda)Kurozweki RNA
S18Laponka1984Grey(Embargo x Lepianka)Kurozweki3.000E. Nielsen (SE)
S19Rewelacja1984Bay(Embargo x Robotka)Kurozweki3.100Holger Ismer (DE)
S20Cartagena1978Grey(Muharyt x Candida)Janow2.500K .Bellman (De)
S21Empiria1985Bay(Woroblin x Emka)Bialka RNA
S22Miss1984Grey(Eternit x Mekka)Bialka3.400A. Alfredssen (SE)
    COLTS at Podlaski BARN    
S25Baltazar1984Bay(Aloes x Baltona)Janow15.200Y. Morat (FR)
S26Dziegiel1985Bay(Fanatyk x Doliwa)Michalow10.200L .Beccheroni (It)
S27Goliat1985Bay(Eukaliptus x Gildia)Michalow22.600M. Parkinson (USA
    RNA = Reserve Not Achieved    
    COLTS at the Warsaw Race Track   
S41ORIGAN 1984Grey(Parys x Orgia)Janow26.800R .Flammer (USA)
S42EREIZ1985Bay(Algierczyk x Elongacja)Kurozweki10.000Paolo Gucci (USA)

         Total polish Silent Sale :$ 162.800

            High :$26.800  Low:$2.500 

                      Average : $ 6.783


Janów Podlaski 1990 (Price in $)


PILARKA ( USA - Gucci ) 

Over the next ten years, prices at the auction Janów not even came close to the old records. Yet only once, in 1990, the excitement reached its zenith when he appeared in the ring European and World Champion, unforgettable saw. Bought it for US $ 215,000 stud owner Millfield Stables - Paolo Gucci.


1.Pilarka1975grisPalas (SU) - Pierzga po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski215 000USA ( Gucci)
2.Pikieta1982grisProbat (SE) - Platyna po CzardaszMichałów160 000USA ( Gucci)
3.Eza1981grisBandos - Eufonia po DoktrynerKurozwęki??
4.Simla1981baieBanat - Simone po CzortJ. Podlaski25 000USA ( Gucci)
5.Elsynora1978grisBandos - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów18 000Autriche ( Chat)
6.Getynga1981alezanPalas (SU) - Gilza po EsparteroMichałów31 000USA ( Hackos )
7.Elleida1979baieAlgomej - Ellonga po AlmifarKurozwęki20 000Suede ( Karlsson)
8.Fazenda1983grisBandos - Fantastka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski57 000Italie ( Rocca )
9.Weneda1975grisGedymin - Wenera po Negatiw (SU)Michałów?voir vente 1991( Gucci)
10.Czata1983grisBanat - Cyrkulacja po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki33 000UK (Maxwell )
11.Harmonijka1974grisBandos - Harmonia po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski20 000Suede ( Hale )
12.Zuela1982alezanProbat (SE) - Zazula po Negatiw (SU)Michałów23 000UK ( Beaver )
13.Maskotka1978grisBandos - Maskota po CometMichałów11 000Suede (Nielsen )
14.Europejka1984grisErnal - Europa po BandosJ. Podlaski14 000NL  ( Moonen )
15.Dewiza1971grisNegatiw (SU) - Drużyna po CometMichałów33 000USA ( Sause )
16.Ceneria1978baiePartner - Ceramika po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski12 000Israel ( Zirinski )
17.Balladyna1980alezanEl Paso - Ballada po PartnerJ. Podlaski10 000Fr ( Meeus)
18.Aronia1986grisTallin (SU) - Arteria po Probat (SE)Michałów10 000NL ( Hartdog )
19.Candela1978alezanEtap - Capella po AquinorJ. Podlaski22 000USA ( Magness )
20.Delenda1983baieSet - Defilada po BajdakMichałów8 000Autriche ( Heid )
21.Zawiejka1983alezanBanat - Zamieć po CzardaszKurozwęki8 000IT ( Paravano )
22.Farma1979grisPartner - Farsa po BandosJ. Podlaski20 000UK ( Watts )
23.Geneza1983grisPepton - Gizela po Palas (SU)Michałów20 000USA ( Gucci )
24.Wojenka1982grisPalas (SU) - Wieczerza po TryptykBiałka8 000NL ( Hartog )
25.Henna1984baieEmbargo - Huta po AndrutKurozwęki20 000USA ( Ishikawa )
26.Dalia1987baieTallin (SU) - Dalida po Probat (SE)Michałów9 000NL ( Hartog )
27.Parabola1981alezanEllorus - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski12 000Suede ( Sorenson )
28.Filadelfia1987grisTallin (SU) - Flota po Probat (SE)Michałów8 000NL ( Hartog )
29.Ceratonia1983grisProbat (SE) - Ceratka po GwarnyJ. Podlaski33 000UK ( Watts )
30.Weronika1987grisTallin (SU) - Waćpanna po BandosMichałów16 000B ( De Baecker )
31.Epizoda1985grisPartner - Erytrea po AndrutKurozwęki8 000IT ( Bottura )
32.Finetka1986grisSet - Finezja po GedyminMichałów19 000USA ( Gucci )

Janów Podlaski 1991 (Price in $)



EMFAZA ( USA -Fisher )


1.Emfaza1980grisEukaliptus - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów60 000USA ( Fisher )
2.Perfidia1987grisPalas (SU) - Pentoda po BandosJ. Podlaski27 000DE ( Ismer )
3.Eksplozja1983grisBanat - Euforia po BandosKurozwęki??
4.Wioleta1984grisPalas (SU) - Weneda po GedyminMichałów19 000Argentine ( Oveto )
5.Etencja1973grisBandos - Etna po FaherJ. Podlaski20 000USA ( Gucci)
6.Donia1982grisProbat (SE) - Donna po Negatiw (SU)Michałów46 000UK ( Mourad )
7.Partytura1986grisEternit - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski28 000UK (Mourad )
8.Ewidencja1986baieAlgomej - Egri po BandosKurozwęki11 000IT ( Lostia )
9.Etapka1980grisEtap - Eskapada po Nabor (SU)Michałów??
10.Dzierlatka1977baieGedymin - Defilada po BajdakMichałów11 000NL ( Hartog )
11.Anatolia1985alezanBanat - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski15 000PL ( Obreska )
12.Damieta1983grisPalas (SU) - Draperia po GedyminMichałów25 000IT ( LOstia )
13.Winnica1981grisBandos - Wieża po DoktrynerKurozwęki12 000IT ( Lostia )
14.Weneda1975grisGedymin - Wenera po Negatiw (SU)Michałów16 000USA ( Gucci)
15.Organtyna1983alezanProbat (SE) - Orgia po KrezusJ. Podlaski50 000UK ( Mourad )
16.Ostka1975baieKrezus - Ostrawa po CarycynJ. Podlaski??
17.Czamara1986grisPepton - Cyganeria po RelaxKurozwęki16 000NL (Hartog)
18.Elewacja1970baieCelebes - Ellora po WitrażJ. Podlaski18 000USA ( Gucci )
19.Ekstrema1987baieProbat (SE) - Ekspansja po CzeremoszMichałów20 000Bresil ( Souza )
20.Godna1980alezanBanat - Gonagra po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski12 000IT ( Ricci )
21.Efemeryda1987grisEukaliptus - Emigracja po Palas (SU)Michałów22 000Suede ( Mellander )
22.Euneada1985grisPepton - Eufonia po DoktrynerKurozwęki11 000IT ( Lostia)
23.Euterpe1983alezanProbat (SE) - Eunice po CometJ. Podlaski??
24.Etologia1984grisPepton - Erozja po Burkan (GB)Michałów11 000PL (Kalinowski)
25.Santa Luccia1986grisBalon - Sanna po WistJ. Podlaski11 000IT ( LOstia )
26.Fontanna1984grisPalas (SU) - Fatima po Negatiw (SU)Michałów20 000Suede ( Toman)
27.Alanina1985baiePalas (SU) - Algerina po EllorusJ. Podlaski14 000NL ( Hartog)
28.Amanda1987grisTallin (SU) - Artemida po ChazarMichałów11 000IT ( Lostia )
29.Zadziora1983baieBanat - Zadra po DamborKurozwęki11 000FR ( Meeus )
30.Funga1986baieEnrilo - Fuga po El AzrakMichałów14 000Suede ( Toman)
31.Else1986baieGil - Elektra po BandosJ. Podlaski12 000IT ( Lostia )
32.Maczeta1978grisBurkan (GB) - Mila po GwarnyMichałów??
33.Fauna1987grisAlkazar - Fajka po Palas (SU)Białka12 000IT ( Lostia )
34.Eudoksja1986alezanPesennik (SU) - Etapka po EtapMichałów22 000NL ( Hartog )

Janów Podlaski 1992 (Price in $ )



HAWANNA ( USA Fisher )


EGINA ( UK - Watts )

In 1991-96 only one English auction star Prestige reached the price of $100.000 dollars. It was in 1994, when Shirley Watts was willing to pay this amount for Janów PALBA.

 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Palba1985grisPenitent - Pliszka po GwarnyMichałów235 000USA ( retirée ? )
2.Hawanna1987grisArgo - Hajnówka po El PasoJ. Podlaski50 000USA ( Fisher )
3.Egina1984grisPalas (SU) - Estrada po Burkan (GB)Michałów40 000UK ( Watts)
4.Enima1981grisBandos - El Krea po KrezusKurozwęki35 000UK (Darley Stud)
5.Delicja1984grisSet - Defilada po BajdakMichałów31 000UK (Darley Stud)
6.Esoretka1983grisPalas (SU) - Estonia po CometMichałów30 000USA ( Fisher)
7.Ordynacja1981baieBanat - Orgia po KrezusJ. Podlaski28 000USA (retirée ?)
8.Alanga1986baiePalas (SU) - Algerina po EllorusJ. Podlaski27 000UK (Darley Stud)
9.Equina1985baie brunPalas (SU) - Equitana po AloesJ. Podlaski27 000USA ( N.Nichols)
10.Elwanga1984baieProbat (SE) - Elewacja po CelebesJ. Podlaski21 000DE (W.Weski)
11.Etylina1982grisEternit - Etykieta po GedyminMichałów20 000UK (Darley Stud)
12.Elektroliza1988grisPartner - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski19 000Suede ( Tomon ar)
13.Elsterna1984baieWoroblin - Elsynora po BandosBiałka17 000Suede ( Tomon ar)
14.Federacja1987baieTallin (SU) - Filia po EufratMichałów17 000DE ( Ismer)
15.Finta1984grisSet - Finezja po GedyminMichałów17 000UK (Watts)
16.Wernera1987grisTallin (SU) - Wendeta po Palas (SU)Michałów17 000Suede ( Uhlen )
17.Algretta1984baieProbat (SE) - Algerina po EllorusJ. Podlaski15 000NL ( Vlasaker Ar)
18.Partita1976grisBandos - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski15 000B ( DE Prins)
19.Wilenka1987alezanTallin (SU) - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów15 000UK (Darley Stud)
20.Cętka1984baieAlgierczyk - Cyrenajka po BanatKurozwęki14 000USA ( Paramount ar)
21.Habenda1988alezanProbat (SE) - Hajnówka po El PasoJ. Podlaski14 000DE (Klein)
22.Malowana1984grisEternit - Makówka po MelonBiałka12 000USA (Santorelli)
23.Cecora1985grisWoroblin - Cewka po CelebesBiałka11 000PL ( Kalinowski)
24.Fanny1986grisCzako - Fajka po Palas (SU)Białka11 000IT ( L.Dori)
25.Formacja1990alezanFalsyfikat - Fletnia po EternitMichałów11 000Austriche (Muller)
26.Elsinoe1974baieCelebes - Elipsa po Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski10 000USA ( retirée ?)
27.Waluta1990grisGadir (DE) - Walkiria po Mamluk (SU)Michałów10 000DE (B.Higi)
28.Maranta1983baieDambor - Miszka po MuharytA. Dębska8 000B ( De Prins )
29.Wiecha1986grisPartner - Winnica po BandosKurozwęki8 000UK (Darley Stud)
30.Petarda1984grisErnal - Pentoda po BandosJ. Podlaski----------
31.Harmata1987grisPartner - Haubica po BandosKurozwęki----------
32.Babolna1985grisPepton - Braminka po ElefKurozwęki----------
33.Mirra1987baieProbat (SE) - Mitra po CelebesMichałów----------
34.Et-Et1984grisEternit - Eta po EtapBiałka23 000UK (Darley Stud)
35.Dynamika1985grisFanatyk - Dębica po ElfMichałów20 000UK (Darley Stud)

Janów Podlaski 1993 (Price in $)


FLORIA ( USA -Magness)


AWermut1982baieProbat (SE) - Warmia po CometMichałów------
BEgon1986alezanEnrilo - Epopeja po Palas (SU)Michałów------
1.Galera1988alezanDrabik - Gizela po Palas (SU)Michałów17 000NL
2.Elgonda1982grisGondolier - Elbana po BandosJ. Podlaski13 000UK
3.Eskalacja1987baieProbat (SE) - Epopeja po Palas (SU)Michałów21 000FR ( Pihlstrom)
4.Arina1987grisPalas (SU) - Arra po BandosJ. Podlaski15 000UK
5.Zjawa1986baiePepton - Zagadka po EufratKurozwęki18 000UK
6.Petarda1984grisErnal - Pentoda po BandosJ. Podlaski20 000Autriche
7.Harmata1987grisPartner - Haubica po BandosKurozwęki15 000U.A.E
8.Wioleta1984grisPalas (SU) - Weneda po GedyminMichałów21 000UK ( Watts )
9.Etanika1985grisAloes - Etencja po BandosJ. Podlaski7 000IT ( Dori)
10.Donia1982grisProbat (SE) - Donna po Negatiw (SU)Michałów?retirée
11.Enkracja1985alezanPalas (SU) - Endecja po BanatJ. Podlaski12 000Autriche ( Chat)
12.Frasquita1986grisErnal - Fronda po AloesBiałka13 000UK ( Watts)
13.Wernera1987grisTallin (SU) - Wendeta po Palas (SU)Michałów17 000IT ( dori )
14.Babolna1985grisPepton - Braminka po ElefKurozwęki7 000IT
15.Saracenia1981alezanEl Paso - Sarabanda po BandosJ. Podlaski15 000UK
16.Floria1988grisPenitent - Flądra po BandosMichałów45 000USA ( Magness)
17.Farmerka1985grisBanat - Farma po PartnerJ. Podlaski11 000UK
18.Persefona1987baieAlkazar - Pentoza po EllorusBiałka10 000IT
19.Etopa1981grisPartner - Etykieta po GedyminMichałów9 000PL
20.Ekawa1986baieAlcazar (SE) - Equitana po AloesJ. Podlaski?retirée
21.Zalotnica1987baiePartner - Zawieja po MelonKurozwęki12 000DE
22.Elektroliza1988grisPartner - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski13 000U.A.E
23.Damieta1983grisPalas (SU) - Draperia po GedyminMichałów42 000UK
24.Winna Góra1988baie brunPalas (SU) - Winnica po BandosKurozwęki11 000IT
25.Sieniawa1988baieProbat (SE) - Simla po BanatJ. Podlaski14 000UK
26.Emina1987grisPalas (SU) - Emka po El PasoBiałka7 000Autriche
27.Wiza1990baieArbil - Wizja po El PasoMichałów22 000suede ( Melander)
28.Halfa1985grisPalas (SU) - Halka po EllorusJ. Podlaski11 000DE
29.Freja1989grisPiechur - Frejlina po PeptonMichałów22 000DE ( Ismer)
30.Oklahoma1989baieWermut - Ostka po KrezusBiałka8 000DE
31.Wentura1988grisPenitent - Weneda po GedyminMichałów9 000U.A.E
32.Gra1987grisPartner - Gromada po BanatKurozwęki5 000IT


Janów Podlaski 1994 (Price in $)  


PALBA ( UK- Watts)



 The high selling lot was PALBA ( Penitent x Pliszka  by Gwarny) at $100.000 purchased by Shirley Watts (UK) "one of the most beautiful mares I have ever seen " said an obviously impressed Merredith bishop " we really would have loved to have her" Shirley must have really wanted the mare too as the bidding stalled below the $100.000 reserve , through briefly . PALBA had been offered in the 1992 auction with the reserve not met then ( but then sold to Paolo Gucci (usa) after the sale for a reported $235.000the sale never finalized ) Not so in"94 with no hesitation the reserve was met and the mare sold . A Gorgeous mare to begin with, PALBA's race record certainly added to her attractiveness 2/15 (5-6-3) with three stakes wins and she is in foal to Monogramm . This marked the first time in three years that 6 figures was reached in the auction itself.

LOTNOMAnnéeRobePédigrée + Foal
AGabaryt1982grisBanat - Gambia po BandosJ. Podlaski??
1.Albigowa1987baieFawor - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski??
2.Flota1981grisProbat (SE) - Flotylla po El PasoMichałów24 000UK (Watts)
3.Eubea1984grisBanat - Euforia po BandosKurozwęki18 000Suede (Mield-Ohlsson)
4.Allora1990baieEuropejczyk - Almeria po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski18 000DE (Janssen)
5.Palba1985grisPenitent - Pliszka po Gwarny / +Monogramm
Michałów100 000UK ( Watts)
6.Ettoria1985grisAloes - Etruria po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski40 000USA ( Chur)
7.Gąsawa1982baieProbat (SE)- Gilza po Espartero /MonogrammMichałów28 000USA ( Courtelis)
8.Embara1984grisEternit - Emka po El PasoBiałka14 000CH ( Rothen)
9.Karawana1983baieProbat (SE) - Karabela po CelebesJ. Podlaski10.000IT
10.Czeczotka1989grisEukaliptus - Czata po BanatKurozwęki12 000Autriche (Huber)
11.Passa1980baieEukaliptus - Pascha po El PasoMichałów??
12.Siena1980grisBanat - Simone po CzortJ. Podlaski61 000UK (Umm Qarn Mgt)
13.Waćpanna1978grisBandos - Warmia po CometMichałów??
14.Nimfa1985grisPartner - Nejtyczanka po Banat / +Foal BorekKurozwęki12 000USA (Courtelis)
15.Fauna1987grisAlkazar - Fajka po Palas (SU)Białka11.000IT
16.Wineta1980baieEtap - Wilma po Pietuszok (SU)J. Podlaski43 000USA Magness)
17.Markizeta1984baieAloes - Marunka po MokanW. Jackowska10 000DE (Bar)
18.Eloranta1988grisEndel - Estela po Probat (SE)Michałów15 000UK (Watts)
19.Palma1983grisBandos - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski26 000Suede (Miedl-ohlsson)
20.Deri1984baieHaracz - Debora po AloesBiałka??
21.Ekspansja1979grisCzeremosz - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów??
22.Elestora1990baieEuropejczyk - Elsinoe po CelebesJ. Podlaskiwithdrawn 
23.Dzineta1989grisEternit - Dzielna po HaraczBiałka??
24.Esmeralda1979grisBandos - Elwira po ElfMichałów20 000DE (Burggraf)
25.Orisa1989baieAlegro - Organtyna po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski17 000FR (Mazet)
26.Wiśnia1989baieTallin (SU) - Winnica po BandosKurozwęki??
27.Kryza1986alezanEnrilo - Kłonica po Palas (SU)Michałów15 000UK (Umm Qarn Mgt)
28.Ekawa1986baieAlcazar (SE) - Equitana po AloesJ. Podlaski11.000IT
29.Matnia1984grisPalas (SU) - Milada po Burkan (GB)Michałów9.000IT
30.Natura1979alezanBanat - Nawa po BandosJ. Podlaski??
31.Warwara1990grisEukaliptus - Warszula po Palas (SU)Michałów20 000DE (Keller)

                Total : 1 Horses sold for a Total amount of $493.000 * Average sale : $ 27.389  

Janów Podlaski 1995 (Price in $)  


LOTNomannéeRobepédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Calabria1990grisEukaliptus - Castylia po PeptonKurozwęki??
2.Ankara1991grisEuropejczyk - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski??
3.Fergana1990alezanArbil - Flota po Probat (SE)Michałów??
4.Organtyna1983alezanProbat (SE) - Orgia po KrezusJ. Podlaski??
5.Werda1989grisPiechur - Wendeta po Palas (SU)Michałów??
6.Passada1983baieWoroblin - Pentoza po EllorusBiałka??
7.Eldora1990alezanPamir - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski??
8.Miranda1976baieEl Paso - Mitra po CelebesMichałów??
9.Zadyma1990baiePalas (SU) - Zawieja po MelonKurozwęki??
10.Eura1987baieFawor - Europa po BandosJ. Podlaski??
11.Galera1988alezanDrabik - Gizela po Palas (SU)Michałów??
12.Medytacja1988baie brunEuropejczyk - Mekka po GwarnyBiałka??
13.Piwnica1993grisEldon - Pilina po EternitJ. Podlaskiretirevoir 2006
14.Fonola1991alezanArarat - Fletnia po EternitMichałów??
15.Eforka1990grisPalas (SU) - Epizoda po PartnerKurozwęki??
16.Dulcynea1983grisSet - Dulka po GedyminMichałów??
17.Machalia1989alezanTallin (SU) - Macierzanka po MokanA. Waliszewski??
18.Warszawianka1991grisBalon - Warsowia po Tallin (SU)Michałów??
19.Deri1984baieHaracz - Debora po AloesBiałka??
20.Faszyna1988baieProbat (SE) - Fascynacja po EtapJ. Podlaski??
21.Zorza1986grisPepton - Zawieja po MelonKurozwęki??
22.Matnia1984grisPalas (SU) - Milada po Burkan (GB)Michałów??
23.Borówka1989baieAlegro - Borowina po EtapJ. Podlaski??
24.Cygaretka1985alezanFanatyk - Ciżemka po Palas (SU)Michałów??
25.Cyrla1988grisAlgomej - Cyrenajka po BanatKurozwęki??
26.Petra1989gniadaPepton - Pestka po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski??
27.Fiesta1990grisBalon - Finta po SetMichałów??
28.Erpa1993grisEtogram - Europa po BandosJ. Podlaski??
29.Enterpriza1990grisGadir (DE) - Etologia po PeptonMichałów??
30.Woltyżerka1990grisEtos - Wojenka po Palas (SU)Białka??
31.Złota Jesień1977baieGedymin - Złota Iwa po AraxMichałów??
32.Pisanka1990grisPepton - Pilarka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski35 000J. Mazet (FR)
33.Waćpanna1978grisBandos - Warmia po CometMichałów??
34.Satyra1993grisEukaliptus - Saracenia po El PasoJ. Podlaski??
35.Walencja1990grisFalsyfikat - Weneda po GedyminMichałów??
36.Eubia1990baieWermut - Eubea po BanatKurozwęki??
37.Malwa1989baieEuropejczyk - Malwina po Probat (SE)Michałów??

Janów Podlaski 1996 (Price in $)



(Eukaliptus x Etopa by Bandos)

This Year, for the first time in several years, American buyers topped the sale . R.Mazzei of Furiso Arabians ( California) spent the most money ($151.000) and paid the bighest single price for 1 horse ($71.000). LOT1 - ELEUZA (Eukaliptus x Etopa by Bandos) a 1991 Grey mare Bred at Michalow , intrigued propective buyers from the moment the polish Prestige catalog hit the mailboxes, internationnally . When the time came for actually nodding at the ringmen, bidding became a duel between Raymond Mazzei and Paul Atkinson who was bidding for Charlie and Shirley Watts of Halsdon Arabians (UK) , one of the sale's top buyers in recent years. Finally R.Mazzei prevailed and he paid $71.000 for *ELEUZA in foal to BOREK ( *Fawor x Borowina by Etap) , then several lots later paid $55.000 for *ALMERIA ( *Probat x Algeria by Celebes) a 1984 bay bred at J.Podlaski in foal to *ECAHO ( *Pepton x Etruria by Palas). Then after catching his breath R.Mazzei got the final bid on *FINLANDIA ( *Fantastyk x Familia by Gwarny) a Grey bred by Michalow in foal to BOREK . "The mare came to Furiso in november," R.Mazzei says." ELEUZA , the last to foal produced a bay filly in may , just a beauty earlier, *ALMERIA gave us a colt sired by Negatraz . An unusual situation in that the poles had imported frozen semen of Negatraz to produce this foal . *FINLANDIA also produced a colt and she 's in foal to our sallion PARTIZAN BA (Gwizd x Poznan by Nabeg ) *ELEUZA will also be bred PARTIZAN      


Gabaryt Stallion

1982GreyBanat - Gambia by BandosJ. Podlaski35.000Mc Millan (USA)
BWermut Stallion1982baieProbat (SE) - Warmia by CometMichałówNot Sale?
1.Eleuza1991GreyEukaliptus - Etopa by PartnerMichałów71 000R.Mazzei (USA)
5.Almeria1984BayProbat (SE) - Algeria by CelebesJ.Podlaski55.000R.Mazzei (USA)
10Walkeria1986GreyMamluk (SU) - Weczera by BandosMichalow41.000Ch.Watts (UK)
6.Espinoza1989GreyPiechur - Esperanca by SetMichalow31.000Ch.Watts (UK)
13.Finlandia1983GreyFantastyk - Familia by GwarnyMichalow25.000R.Mazzei (USA)
19Zalotna1994ChesnutMonogramm (US) - Zaleta by PiechurMichalow22.000M.Nordstrand (SE
7.Farina1987GreyPalas (SU) - Fabiola by Negatiw (SU)Bialka17.000M.Stone (BE)
23.Elmira1994ChesnutMonogramm (US) - Elma by Probat (SE)Michalow12.000A.Franksson (SE)
2.Ceduła1977GreyBandos - Cesja by EgoJ. Podlaski12.000Mc Millan (USA)
24.Wizjera1988ChesnutTallin (SU) - Wizja by El PasoMichalow12.000B.Chur (USA)
20.Celebracja1981GreyBandos - Cyrkulacja by Palas (SU)Kurozweki10.000Ch. Jamar (BE)
22.Fifa1990GreyEukaliptus - Furda by AndrutKurozweki9.000Ch. Jamar (BE)
21.Boruta1992BayAlegro - Borowina by EtapJ.Podlaski9.000Mc Millan (USA)
17.Deboleka1994chesnutMonogramm (US) - Dabrowa by Probat Michalow8.000W. Lenitzki (DE)
15Pytia1990GreyPepton - Pipi by BanatJ.Podlaski8.000A. Wojtowicz (PL)
27Efebia1991BayArbil - Wilejka by El PasoMichalow8.000Ch. Watts (UK)
18.Arwistawa1992BayAlegro - Arina by Palas (SU)J.Podlaski7.000Kuczynski (PL)
28.Weltawa1991BayArbil - Wilejka by El PasoMichalow6;200M.C Millan ( USA)
3.Emancypacja1990GreyFalsyfikat - Emigrantka po EukaliptusMichałówNot Sale?
4.Zorza1986GreyPepton - Zawieja po MelonKurozwękiNot Sale?
8.Ewiwa1983GreyAloes - Etencja po BandosJ. PodlaskiNot Sale?
9.Eksplozja1983GreyBanat - Euforia po BandosKurozwękiNot Sale?
11.Celimena1985GreyPalas (SU) - Ceregiela po CelebesJ. PodlaskiNot Sale?
12.Delbana1989GreyPiechur - Dewiza po Negatiw (SU)MichałówNot Sale?
14.Niwa1990ChesnutEukaliptus - Nejtyczanka po BanatKurozwękiNot Sale?
16.Margilla1987bayGil - Maranta po DamborA. WaliszewskiNot Sale?
25.Eleina1985baieAlgierczyk - Elleida po AlgomejKurozwękiNot Sale?
26.Epikura1991GreyGadir (DE) - Etologia po PeptonMichałówNot Sale?
29Eubia1990BayWermut - Eubea by BanatKurozweki6.000R.Reed (UK)
30Winiarnia1990GreyPalas - Winnica by BandosKurozweki5.500R.Reed (UK)
31Awangarda1992GreyGrandorr (US) - Arteria by Probat (SE)Michalow5.500Ch.Watts (UK)
32Fletnia1981GreyEternit - fladra by CelebesMichalow5.000A.Franksson (SE)
33Pleszka1992GreyPamir - Pliszka by GwarnyMichalow5.000K.A Bellman (DE)
34Ekscelencja1990Bay  Michalow5.000 J.Krauze
35Sarolta1992BayAlegro - Saracenia by El PasoJ.Podlaski3.000H.P Kuhlhoff (DE)
36Farelka1996GreyPers - Farina by Palas (SU)Bialka3.000M. Stone (BE)
37Eunos (colt)1992GreyEldon - Eunona by EukaliptusMichalow4.500O. Prehn (DE)

Janów Podlaski 1997 (Price in $)



In 1996, the weight of the organization and promotion of the auction, the Company acquired the Polish Prestige, originating from the former team of Animex. The five-year collaboration with studs resulted in the recovery state of the market and auction turnover increase to a level not seen since more than 10 years. The most spectacular result was the sale in 1997 and 1999, the two stars of the Warsaw track. Turkish Jockey Club paid $450.000, respectively. for Batyskaf   and $500.000. for Druid 
ABatyskaf1990grisPamir - Bajeczka po BandosJ. Podlaski450.000Jokey club(Turquie)
1.Pistacja1988baieProbat (SE) - Pipi po BanatJ. Podlaski440.000
 Zicky-Thyssen (Argentina)
2.Ekologia1989grisPiechur - Emigracja po Palas (SU)Michałów??
3.Persona1985grisPalas (SU) - Pentoda po BandosJ. Podlaski??
4.Wilnianka1988baieTallin (SU) - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów??
5.Cedynia1993grisEldon - Ceduła po BandosJ. Podlaski220.000Zicky-Thyssen (Argentina)
6.Zagora1995grisMonogramm (US) - Zguba po EnriloMichałów??
7.Bellona1987noirCzako - Beliza po EtapJ. Podlaski??
8.Nisza1991grisEukaliptus - Nimfa po PartnerKurozwęki??
9.Misteria1989grisPalas (SU) - Miss po EternitBiałka??
10.Eracea1992grisEukaliptus - Etopa po PartnerMichałów70.000Belgique
11.Cudna1984grisEternit - Cedrela po DoktrynerBiałka??
12.Saszetka1977grisEngano - Sasanka po AlmifarJ. Podlaski??
13.Prymka1993grisWojsław - Premia po Palas (SU)Michałów??
14.Całka1992grisArarat - Cętka po AlgierczykKurozwęki??
15.Czantoria1983grisProbat (SE) - Czapelka po Magnat (SU)J. Podlaski??
16.Elia1992baieEukaliptus - Eulalia po EufratMichałów??
17.Margilla1987baieGil - Maranta po DamborA. Waliszewski??
18.Wiara1992baieWermut - Wiorsta po BanatKurozwęki??
19.Delvana1985baieFason - Debora po AloesBiałka??
20.Estradamura1990grisFalsyfikat - Esmeralda po BandosMichałów??
21.Farfurka1990grisPepton - Farma po PartnerJ. Podlaski??
22.Arabella1983baieFason - Albania po GwarnyBiałka??
23.Karawana1983baieProbat (SE) - Karabela po CelebesJ. Podlaski??
24.Kwiryna1993alezanPamir - Kryza po EnriloMichałów??
25.Elwara1992baieArbil - Elwanga po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski??
26.Dukla1993baieWojsław - Dymisja po Probat (SE)Michałów??
27.Bazylika1991grisPalas (SU) - Braminka po ElefKurozwęki??
28.Faramuszka1993grisPamir - Fortaleza po EuropejczykMichałów??
29.Elekta1985grisPalas (SU) - Elewacja po CelebesJ. Podlaski??
30.Eldona1993grisPamir - Erotyka po EufratMichałów??
31.Ewaluacja1991baieWermut - Ewidencja po AlgomejKurozwęki??
32.Cacanka1991alzanBorysław - Carmen po WoroblinBiałka??
33.Ekierka1992grisPamir - Ekspansja po CzeremoszMichałów??
34.Ewarysta1991baieEuropejczyk - Ewiwa po AloesJ. Podlaski??
35.Krynolina1993alezanEgon - Kwesta po Pesennik (SU)Michałów??

Janów Podlaski 1998 (Price in $)



Most faithful and very generous client was in those years, Mrs. Shirley Watts, which Emilda for mares in 1998 and Euza and Alejka in 2000 paid $200.000, $110.000 and $100.000. dollars. This last price at auction a year earlier also reached gray stallion Pamir purchased Paulo AP Bilyk (Brazil), incidentally Polish origin.


 NOMAnnée.RobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Emilda1990grisPamir - Emanacja po EukaliptusMichałów200 000UK ( Watts)
2.Maesta1990grisPartner - Maskotka po BandosBiałka131 000UK (Watts)
3.Partytura1986grisEternit - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski56 000Austriche
4.Pigwa1991baiePepton - Pipi po BanatJ. Podlaski40 000Suede (Onsala ar)
5.Estetyka1989baiePiechur - Estancja po Palas (SU)Michałów34 000Suede (Kullatorp)
6.Endel1981grisPalas (SU) - Elwira po ElfMichałów30 000Uk (Watts)
7.Avenida1994baieEuropejczyk - Alejka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski29 000SP (Bautista)
8.Waleria1989grisEndel - Waćpanna po BandosMichałów28 000UK (Ware)
9.Bajeczka1982grisBandos - Baśń po CzortJ. Podlaski26 000Austriche (Kapsch)
10.Perfekcja1991grisPepton - Pestka po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski26 000U.A.E (Mansour)
11.Alba1992baieArbil - Almeria po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski18 000U.A.E (Mansour)
12.Efezja1990grisFalsyfikat - Emfaza po EukaliptusMichałów16 000Qatar (Al shaqab)
13.Egejka1993grisArarat - Egipcjanka po BanatKurozwęki15 000PL (Lusiecki)
14.Ekade1993baieArbil - Ekawa po Alcazar (SE)J. Podlaski15 000U.A.E (Mansour)
15.Elewka1983grisPalas (SU) - Elegancja po Burkan (GB)Michałów15 000SP (Martensson)
16.Elzeda1989baieAlegro - Elita po CelebesJ. Podlaski15 000USA  (J.Sampson)
17.Emiliana1990grisGadir (DE) - Erwina po Palas (SU)Michałów15 000UK (Rodgers)
18.Furola1991baieArbil - Furora po PeptonMichałów15 000Turquie (Jockey club)
19.Chwała1993grisEran - Celebracja po BandosKurozwęki10 000Turquie (Jockey club)
20.Ebola1991grisEldon - Egina po Palas (SU)Michałów10 000PL (Lusiecki)
21.Greczynka1989grisEtogram - Garsella po BandosKurozwęki10 000PL (Lusiecki)
22.Wieniawa1994alezanMonogramm (US) - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów10 000DE (Weidner)
23.Bochnia1994baieFawor - Borowina po EtapJ. Podlaski9 000FR (Mazet)
24.Kabała1978grisPalas (SU) - Kometa po ElfMichałów9 000Jordanie (Jaafar)
25.Ambrozja1994alezanMonogramm (US) - Arteria po Probat (SE)Michałów8 000U.A.E (Mansour)
26.Elizka1991grisPamir - Eulalia po EufratMichałów8 000PL (Blaszczyk)
27.Zatoka1991baie brunArbil - Zula po Probat (SE)Michałów8 000SP (Martensson)

                                   TOTAL Prestige Sale 27 Horses for $836.000   * Average :$ 30963

Janów Podlaski 1999 (Price in $)




1.Druid1993baieWojsław - Dalida po Probat (SE)Michałów500 000Turquie (Gouvernement)
2.Albula1994baieFawor - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski130 000UK (Watts)
3.Ekoletta1995grisEndel - Ekologia po PiechurMichałów75 000Turquie (gouvernement)
4.Petycja1989grisPalas (SU) - Pentoza po EllorusBiałka50 000U.A.E ( Zayed Al Nahyan)
5.Espinacja1994grisEndel - Espinoza po PiechurMichałów20 000U.A.E ( Zayed Al Nahyan)
6.Farah-Buffi1990grisArgo - Farah-Aisha po Probat (SE)A. Ou40 000Turquie (Gouvernement)
7.Egzotyka1982grisProbat (SE) - Elana po ElfMichałów30 000USA (J.Blincoe)
8.Celtyka1994grisEukaliptus - Celimena po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski26 000UK (D. REED)
9.Eskambia1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Estepona po PeptonMichałów26 000Turquie (Gouvernement)
10.Alcistka1995baieEuropejczyk - Almeria po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski20 000DE (Ismer)
11.Cygarniczka1994alezanMonogramm (US) - Cygaretka po FanatykMichałów20 000PL (Tarus)
12.Machalia1989alezanTallin (SU) - Macierzanka po MokanA. Waliszewski20 000Turquie (Gouvernement)
13.Sambra1988noirPartner - Sarabanda po BandosJ. Podlaski20 000U.A.E (Rahid Al Otaiba)
14.Elpera1992alezanPers - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski19 000U.A.E (Zayed Al Nayhan)
15.Czereda1987grisProbat (SE) - Cięciwa po Palas (SU)Michałów19 000DE (Schaerfer)
16.Wizjerka1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Wizjera po Tallin (SU)Michałów15 000PL (Tarus)
17.Zula1981baieProbat (SE) - Zazula po Negatiw (SU)Michałów15 000Suede (Onsala ar)
18.Ferma1992baieWojsław - Futura po Pesennik (SU)Michałów14 000U.A.E (Rahid Al Otaiba)
19.Gloria1986baieEukaliptus - Gildia po El PasoMichałów14 000UK  (C.Reed)
20.Arika1992alezanBorysław - Arabella po FasonBiałka12 000U.A.E (Zayed Al Nahyan)
21.Frejlina1983grisPepton - Finezja po GedyminMichałów10 000DE (Ismer)
22.Hajnówka1981alezanEl Paso - Harmonia po Negatiw (SU)J. Podlaski10 000Autriche
23.Pandora1991baieBalon - Plisa po Probat (SE)Michałów10 000U.A.E (Rahid Al Otaiba)
24.Pelisa1994alezanEuropejczyk - Perełka po ErnalJ. Podlaski10 000PL (Krysztof Poszepczynski)
25.Falba1994grisPers - Farina po Palas (SU)Białka9 000U.A.E (Zayed Al Nahyan)
26.Bazylea1983grisProbat (SE) - Baśń po CzortJ. Podlaski8 000SP (Martensson)
27.Borowina1979baieEtap - Bolonia po EleuzisJ. Podlaski8 000USA (G.Altemberg)
28.Fulda1991grisPamir - Finta po SetMichałów7 000PL (Tarus)
29.Grenlandia1988grisEukaliptus - Getynga po Palas (SU)Michałów----------
30.Antwerpia1986grisEternit - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
31.Numidia1987grisErnal - Nubia po AlgomejBiałka----------
32.Fuma1994alezanMonogramm (US) - Flota po Probat (SE)Michałów----------
33.Osełka1987noirPalas (SU) - Ostka po KrezusBiałka----------
34.Greczynka1989grisEtogram - Garsella po BandosKurozwęki----------
35.Eunona1985grisEukaliptus - Etykieta po GedyminMichałów----------
36.Circe1992baieAlegro - Ceduła po BandosJ. Podlaski----------
37.Albertina1987grisErnal - Albania po GwarnyBiałka----------
38.Eklipsa1995baie brunFawor - Ekawa po Alcazar (SE)J. Podlaski----------
39.Bajarka1995grisBalon - Bajeczka po BandosJ. Podlaski----------
40.Botanika1993alezanEuropejczyk - Borowina po EtapJ. Podlaski----------
41.Erotonia1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Erotyka po EufratMichałów----------
42.Felicja1987grisProbat (SE) - Fletnia po EternitMichałów----------
43.Emu1993baieArbil - Empala po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------

Janów Podlaski 2000 (Price in $)



Millennium 2000 was also the last, when the auction in Janow was organized under the banner of the Polish Prestige.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Euza1995grisEtogram - Eura po FaworJ. Podlaski110 000UK (Watts)
2.Alejka1985baiePalas (SU) - Aleja po BandosJ. Podlaski100 000UK ((Watts)
3.Pamir1984grisProbat (SE) - Parma (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski100 000Brésil (Haras Polona)
4.Empressa1987grisProbat (SE) - Emfaza po EukaliptusMichałów65 000Suede (Blommerod)
5.Pilina1987grisEternit - Pilarka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski60 000PL (S.Redestowicz)
6.Nimb1992alezanEukaliptus - Nejtyczanka po BanatKurozwęki50 000UK (Anonyme)
7.Pestka1983baieProbat (SE) - Pentoda po BandosJ. Podlaski45 000USA (Sherwood)
8.Estoba1994baieWojsław - Estetyka po PiechurMichałów44 000UK (Watts)
9.Edina1992grisEgon - Etylina po EternitMichałów38 000USA (J. ferlita)
10.Encarna1991baiePamir - Estepona po PeptonMichałów36 000U.A.E (Rashid al Otaiba)
11.Plisa1982grisProbat (SE) - Pliszka po GwarnyMichałów36 000Suede (Onsala)
12.Warszula1983grisPalas (SU) - Waćpanna po BandosMichałów31 000Suede ( Kullatorp)
13.Etnografia1988grisAloes - Etażerka po BandosJ. Podlaski30 000PL (S.Redestowicz)
14.Perkusja1995alezanWojsław - Premiera po PiechurMichałów30 000USA (Magness)
15.Flobia1994grisZłotogłów - Florena po Palas (SU)Białka25 000U.A.E ( Rahid al Otaiba)
16.Per Pani1994baie fbrunZłotogłów - Petycja po Palas (SU)Białka22 000UK (Anonyme)
17.Antwerpia1986grisEternit - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski20 000B ( Devaux DB Arabians)
18.Eina1992grisArarat - Ejnia po AlgomejKurozwęki20 000Suede (Ohlosson)
19.Fanaberia1982baieProbat (SE) - Fabiola po Negatiw (SU)Michałów20 000Bresil (Haras Polana)
20.Elia1992baieEukaliptus - Eulalia po EufratMichałów17 000USA (R.Mazzei)
21.Farah-Bersa1992grisPers - Farah-Aisha po Probat (SE)A. Ou17 000UK (Silverdale ar)
22.Escoveda1992grisPamir - Esmeralda po BandosMichałów16 000UK (Lynn Tait)
23.Montana1994grisWojsław - Matnia po Palas (SU)Michałów16 000USA (Canterbury Farm)
24.Estela1981grisProbat (SE) - Estrela po El PasoMichałów13 000Bresil ( Haras polana)
25.Barkarola1989baieAlegro - Balladyna po El PasoJ. Podlaski11 000DE (Dubravsky Arab)
26.Celoma1996grisArbil - Celna po AlegroJ. Podlaski10 000PL (K.Poszepczynski)
27.Kora1993baie brunWagram - Kaskada po BanatW. Janowski10 000USA (J.Blincoe)
28.Tiranda1983grisBandos - Tiwiriada (SU) po Aswan (EG)J. Podlaski9 000UK (D & C Reed)
29.Aris1996grisEldon - Arwistawa po AlegroJ. Podlaski8 000DE (Doubravsky Arab)
30.Ekawa1986baieAlcazar (SE) - Equitana po AloesJ. Podlaski8 000PL (S.redestowicz)
31.Fernando1994grisMonogramm (US) - Frejlina po PeptonMichałów----------
32.Wedeta1993baieWermut - Wiorsta po BanatKurozwęki----------
33.Margilla1987baieGil - Maranta po DamborA. Waliszewski----------
34.Elestora1990baieEuropejczyk - Elsinoe po CelebesJ. Podlaski----------
35.Nota1993grisBrokat - Nejtyczanka po BanatKurozwęki----------
36.Ekspertyza1991baieWermut - Eksplozja po BanatKurozwęki----------

Janów Podlaski 2001 (Price in $)




In 2001 there was a change and the change of the name of the organizer of the event, which, together with the National Show is called Arabian Horse Days. At the beginning of the new millennium and the good omen, the auction with the longest tradition in the world given the proud name of "Pride of Poland". The burden fell on the shoulders of the organization of two private companies: Polturf sc ( Barbara Mazur) and Dreadlines Sp.Z o.oThe new brand has proved to be lucky for breeders and new organizers, bringing high prices, good trading income and commercial success. A unique collection of mares attracted the attention of many distinguished guests, and the most expensive mare sold Lot 1. Egna for $120.000 dollars has become the pride of the stable Mrs. Shirley Watts.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Egna1992greyEukaliptus x Egzotyka by Probat (SE)Michalow120.000UK (Watts)
2.Baja1996greyPamir x Bajeczka by BandosJ.Podlaski70.000UK (Watts)
3.Emanta1991grisPamir - Emanacja po EukaliptusMichałów70 000PL (Gozdzialski)
4.Esklawa1985grisEukaliptus - Ekstaza po CelebesMichałów70 000U.A.E (Al Shaqab)
5.Garonna1985baieFanatyk - Gizela po Palas (SU)Michałów60 000USA (J.Blincoe)
6.Granada1996alezanMonogramm (US) - Grenlandia po EukaliptusMichałów52 000PL (K.Poszepczynnski)
7.Algora1988baieProbat (SE) - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski50 000PL (Sowiniec Stud)
8.Grenlandia1988grisEukaliptus - Getynga po Palas (SU)Michałów47 000UK (PWS Maxwell)
9.Etopka1988grisEukaliptus - Etopa po PartnerMichałów45 000PL (C.Witko)
10.Argentyna1989grsPartner - Arra po BandosJ. Podlaski40 000PL (C.Witko
11.Palestra1986grisPenitent - Patera po BandosMichałów40 000U.A.E (Al Shaqab)
12.Parana1988alezanProbat (SE) - Partita po BandosJ. Podlaski40 000UK (Watts)
13.Entuza1996grisEukaliptus - Ekologia po PiechurMichałów34 000PL (L.Jarmuz)
14.Elcantara1991grisPamir - Erotyka po EufratMichałów30 000U.A.E (Al Shaqab)
15.Ewoluta1989grisPiechur - Erudycja po Probat (SE)Michałów23 000UK (Silverdale Stud)
16.Armenia1988grisTallin (SU) - Arteria po Probat (SE)Michałów21 000PL (K.Grudziaz)
17.Bogatynia1990baieEuropejczyk - Borowina po EtapJ. Podlaski21 000USA (M.Parkinson)
18.Ara1996grisBatyskaf - Arabella po FasonBiałka15 000PL (S.Redestowicz)
19.Egejka1993grisArarat - Egipcjanka po BanatKurozwęki15 000PL (W.Sobczak)
20.Pescara1996grisEldon - Petra po PeptonJ. Podlaski12 000PL (A.Piwnicki)
21.Alberga1997baiePepton - Albigowa po FaworJ. Podlaski10 000PL (T.Tarczynski)
22.Pelargonia1992grisAlegro - Pektyna po BandosJ. Podlaski10 000PL (S.Redestowicz)
23.Sari1987grisArgo - Samosiera po El PasoJ. Podlaski10 000USA (G.Altenberg)
24.Tamiza1990grisPalas (SU) - Tania po BandosKurozwęki10 000PL (Jarmuz)
25.Entyk1991grisPers - Enkracja po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
26.Fernando1994grisMonogramm (US) - Frejlina po PeptonMichałów----------
27.Perforacja1986grisErnal - Pentoza po EllorusBiałka----------
28.Esteria1992grisGabaryt - Elektra po BandosKurozwęki----------
29.Perturbacja1993grisEukaliptus - Petarda po ErnalJ. Podlaski----------
30.Emarilla1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Emigrantka po EukaliptusMichałów----------
31.Pytia1990grisPepton - Pipi po BanatJ. Podlaski----------
32.Małgośka1995grisGabaryt - Małmazja po WermutA. Waliszewski----------
33.Epifraza1995grisPepton - Etruria po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
34.Ferra1994grisGabaryt - Ferradura po AlgomejKurozwęki----------
35.Wybranka1989alezan.Piechur - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów----------
36.Nutka1994grisPers - Numidia po ErnalBiałka----------
37.Minorka1992baieWermut - Maranta po DamborA. Waliszewski----------
38.Mansarda1995grisWojsław - Matnia po Palas (SU)Michałów----------
39.Siewka1993grisEldon - Siena po BanatJ. Podlaski28.000SP vendue pride 2002
40.Eja1988baieWigor - Elena po PeptonKurozwęki----------
41.Zemsta1990baieArbil - Zula po Probat (SE)Michałów----------

Janów Podlaski 2002 (Price in $)


WIEZA WIATROW ( U.A.E - Abdul Aziz Al Saud )

Sensation of 2002, it has become a last-minute introduction to the list of the annual auction mare "WIEZA WIATROW", which the day before she won the title of Reserve Champion Polish. Offer "last minute" found favor in the eyes of buyers from Saudi Arabia, who, after a fierce battle with the Americans bought the filly for $220.000 dollars.
This was the last year when the auction was conducted in US dollars.
In view of the Polish accession to the European Union since 2003. The auction is conducted in Euros.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX $
1.Wieża Wiatrów2001baie brunGanges - Wiaźma po ArbilMichałów220 000     U.A.E (Abdul Aziz Al Saud)
2.Elfina1994baie brunPamir - Elektroda po EnganoJ. Podlaski120 000UK (S.Watts)
3.Ellada1991baieBalon - Emigracja po Palas (SU)Michałów55 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
4.Wipera1992noirFawor - Wendeta po Palas (SU)Michałów55 000UK (Cullinghurst arabian)
5.Ekwipunek1995baieEukaliptus - Equitana po AloesJ. Podlaski50 000USA ( anonyme)
6.Hulanka1989grisEukaliptus - Heraldyka po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki45 000UK (C& D Reed)
7.Zemsta1990baieArbil - Zula po Probat (SE)Michałów42 000UK (S.Watts)
8.Escalona1991grisEldon - Eskandia po Probat (SE)Michałów40 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
9.Saba1990grisEtat - Saszetka po EnganoJ. Podlaski40 000U.A.E ( Abdul Aziz Al Saud)
10.Escalanta1992grisGrandorr (US) - Estancja po Palas (SU)Michałów35 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
11.Dominika1989grisPiechur - Damieta po Palas (SU)Michałów32 000SP (G.Bautista)
12.Bellona1987noirCzako - Beliza po EtapJ. Podlaski30 000UK (S.Watts)
13.Ewolta1996alezanMonogramm (US) - Ewoluta po PiechurMichałów30 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
14.Fargola1988grisArgo - Farma po PartnerJ. Podlaski30 000Qatar (Ali Al thani)
15.Siewka1993grisEldon - Siena po BanatJ. Podlaski28 000SP (G.Bautista)
16.Epifraza1995grisPepton - Etruria po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski25 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
17.Girlanda1992grisEukaliptus - Giza po PeptonMichałów25 000PL ( ?)
18.Perspektywa1995baieEukaliptus - Pestka po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski25 000PL (C.Witko)
19.Zamiana1994baie brunBorek - Zasługa po WigorKurozwęki25 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
20.Zenobia1988grisEndel - Zuela po Probat (SE)Michałów22 000SP (G.Bautista)
21.Zguba1986grisEnrilo - Zazula po Negatiw (SU)Michałów22 000SP (G.Bautista)
22.Cygarniczka1994alezanMonogramm (US) - Cygaretka po FanatykMichałów18 000SP (G.Bautista)
23.Ekspedycja1990grisFalsyfikat - Erudycja po Probat (SE)Michałów16 000SP (G.Bautista)
24.Aruba1997grisEldon - Argentyna po PartnerJ. Podlaski15 000Qatar (Ali Al Thani)
25.Makarena1997noirBorek - Marieta po ArbilMichałów15 000UK (D & C Reed)
26.Nostalgia1987baiePartner - Nejtyczanka po BanatKurozwęki15 000USA (N.Astor-white)
27.Barykada1995baieEukaliptus - Barkarola po AlegroJ. Podlaski13 000PL (C.Witko)
28.Dąbrowa1987grisProbat (SE) - Dębówka po EternitMichałów12 000SP (G.Bautista)
29.Torpeda1995grisBalon - Tiranda po BandosJ. Podlaski10 000UK ( anonyme)
30.Emoza1986grisErnal - Emka po El PasoBiałka8 000UK (D & C Reed)
31.Fawela1989grisEukaliptus - Furda po AndrutKurozwęki8 000USA (J.Bakalarz)
32.Fernando1994grisMonogramm (US) - Frejlina po PeptonMichałów----------
33.Furiat1995baie brunMonogramm (US) - Furora po PeptonMichałów----------
34.Perlik1990grisPepton - Pestka po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski----------
35.Dajana1992baieWojsław - Dalida po Probat (SE)Michałów----------
36.Celta1998grisPasat - Celna po AlegroJ. Podlaski----------
37.Per Panna1996grisBatyskaf - Petycja po Palas (SU)Białka----------

Janów Podlaski 2003 ( PRICE in EUROS )






In 2003, in the ring presented to 37 mares, and another a group of thirty persons (mares and stallions) was offered as part of the silent sales, the so-called Silent Sale. The overall result of a charge of 836,500 Euros and the auctioneer's hammer fell four times as many as 24 during the main auction. This time, the majority of horses sold went beyond the Old Continent: eleven to North America, including the No. 1 Auction - EMBELLA (140.000 Euros), And seven on the Middle East (Jordan and the United Arab Emirates), including as high auctioned ELWIA (140.000 Euros). FIGLARKA that caught the eye of buyers from Brazil, after a fierce auction price reached a staggering 105 thousand. They did not disappoint the fans of the Arabian horse country, choosing for himself eight mares. Western Europe has become the home for three consecutive: ELŻUNIA deserved left for Germany, promising EKBATANA to Italy and ARGA (Silent Sale) - to France.

 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Elwia1996grisEcaho - Etopka po EukaliptusMichałów140 000U.A.E (Al Aryam Arabian)
2.Embella1995grisMonogramm (US) - Emanacja po EukaliptusMichałów140 000USA (George Sbyszewski
3.Figlarka1995grisMonogramm (US) - Frejlina po PeptonMichałów105 000Bresil (Lenita Perroy)
4.Wideta1997grisWachlarz - Wendeta po Palas (SU)Michałów46 000U.A.E ( Al Aryam Arabian)
5.Pilotka1995grisPamir - Pilina po EternitJ. Podlaski44 000Jordanie (Jaafar Stud)
6.Aliara1995baieEuropejczyk - Albigowa po FaworJ. Podlaski36 000PL (M.Switalski)
7.Promenada1997baieWachlarz - Pandora po BalonMichałów32 000U.A.E (Al Aryam Arabian
8.Ekbatana1999grisPesal - Ekspozycja po EukaliptusMichałów26 000IT (Marina.Pasquali)
9.Wega1999grisEmigrant - Wilnianka po Tallin (SU)Michałów24 000Jordanie (Jaafar stud)
10.Słonka1994baieWojsław - Salamandra po AlegroB.Dąbrowski20 000PL (K.Gozdzialska)
11.Emiria1999grisEmigrant - Empressa po Probat (SE)Michałów17 000USA (Sherwood Forest )
12.Etra1990grisPepi - Etażerka po BandosJ. Podlaski16 000U.A.E (Al Aryam Arabian
13.Osaka1993alezanEuropejczyk - Orchidea po BanatJ. Podlaski15 000PL (C.Witko)
14.El Alia1995baiePamir - Elestora po EuropejczykJ. Podlaski13 000PL (W.Stronza)
15.Erotomanka1992grisEukaliptus - Erotyka po EufratMichałów13 000USA (D & C Reed)
16.Elżunia1988alezanPalas (SU) - Elleida po AlgomejKurozwęki12 000DE (K.SChmitz)
17.Wybranka1989alezanPiechur - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów11 000USA (M.Parkinson)
18.Carina1997grisPesal - Cacanka po BorysławBiałka10 000USA (White oak arabians)
19.Edissa1988grisEuropejczyk - Elsynora po BandosBiałka10 000PL (A.Wojtowicz)
20.Marieta1991baieArbil - Miranda po El PasoMichałów10 000USA (D & C Reed)
21.Hossa1994grisPepton - Heraldyka po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki9 000USA (Sherwood Forest)
22.Wierzba1998alezanWojsław - Wipera po FaworMichałów9 000USA (Jade Creek Arabians)
23.Baza1995grisEukaliptus - Bazylea po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski7 000PL (S.Witko)
24.Ekspertyza1991baieWermut - Eksplozja po BanatKurozwęki6 000USA (White Oak Arabians)
25.Arabeska1993grisEldon - Arina po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski?SP
26.Pasterka1991baieBorysław - Passada po WoroblinBiałka-----retiré
27.Pertycja1995grisPers - Petycja po Palas (SU)Białka----------
28.Bella-Donna1998baieArarat - Bellona po CzakoPW Halex----------
29.Dąbrowica1993grisEndel - Dąbrowa po Probat (SE)Michałów----------
30.Erotonia1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Erotyka po EufratMichałów----------
31.Elice1996baieEuropejczyk - Elżunia po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki----------
32.Fulda1991grisPamir - Finta po SetMichałów----------
33.Antena1997grisBalon - Antwerpia po EternitJ. Podlaski----------
34.Brandy1996grisPenthagonn (DE) - Braminka po ElefKurozwęki----------
35.Embola1992alezanBalon - Embara po EternitBiałka----------
36.Bogdanka1995baieEuropejczyk - Borowina po EtapJ. Podlaski----------
37.Firosetta1999grisEldon - Fraskata po PersBiałka----------
38.Consuela1997grisPasat - Ciupaga po BanatKurozwęki----------
 Furiat1995BayMonogramm x Furora by PeptonMichalow23.000E(USA) George Altenberg
 Werter1996GreyEukaliptus x Walkiria by MamlukMichalow23.000E(Jord) Najdi Al Saleh

Janow Podlaski 2004 (price in euros)



Directory contents jubilee 35th international auction electrified sections of the public from the moment I saw the light of day. Select "limited" to 27 mares, but the rate of that for this extraordinary opportunity to prepare Stud, was giving a head rush. Among the guests who will come to very large numbers Janow in connection with participation in organized in Warsaw Waho Congress (World Arabian Horse Breeders Organization), there were new customers, trying their hand at Janów auction for the first time. And what was the fight, because a similar configuration of the stars infrequent. The last time there was a Polish colors ESKALOPKA European Champion (140.000 E.) And Race Horse of the Year SAVVANNAH (135.000E.), Purchased for sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates. Among others departed for Ocean Polish Champion: EKSCELLA to the US (120.000E.) And ANEGDOTA to Argentina (70 .000E.), And this year's Vice Champion Stallion EPIKRATE - Brazil (35.000E. - Silent Sale). The turning point, however, proved auction bidding PALESTYNA, completed at a record level of 300.000E, Resulting in a large group of American impulse buyers to purchase a further 7 mares and efficiently contributed to achievements in awe awakening as a result of 1,272,000, - Euro (including Silent Sale: 112.500, -Euro).
With rates of mares Monogramm that shattered an auction in 2004, were selected exotic beauty, international champion of ELANDRA, considered to be the most charming of his beautiful daughters. Its value is multiplied fact that she was the only daughter left by the unforgettable ERLANDA immortal Emigrantka's sister and Emanacja. ELANDRA found a new home by the ocean, reaching the price of 290.000 Euro close to record achieved by PALESTYNA. Topping the list were also great daughter of the legendary Eucalyptus
: Polish Champion LARISSA (80.000E - USA), always appreciated during the National Show, dynamic HEROLDIA (50.000E - USA) and great, even the royal origin AMBA (85.000E. - USA).


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Palestyna1994grisMonogramm (US) - Palestra po PenitentMichałów300 000USA
2.Eskalopka1994grisMonogramm (US) - Egzotyka po Probat (SE)Michałów140 000U.A.E
3.Savvannah1997baieMonarch AH (US) - Sarmacja po GilJ. Podlaski135 000U.A.E
4.Ekscella1994grisMonogramm (US) - Estancja po Palas (SU)Michałów120 000USA
5.Ekspozycja1992alezanEukaliptus - Esperanca po SetMichałów75 000Argentine
6.Anegdota1997grisEldon - Angola po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski70 000Argentine
7.Eloida2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Ekspedycja po FalsyfikatMichałów42 500Afrique du sud
8.Enigma1999noirFawor - Emza po PartnerBiałka40 000IT
9.Aneksja1994grisBalon - Antwerpia po EternitJ. Podlaski32 000USA
10.Pustynna Droga2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Pustynna Tarcza po PamirMichałów31 000U.A.E
11.Artemiza2000grisEukaliptus - Argentyna po PartnerJ. Podlaski22 000USA
12.Sigma1998baieArarat - Sieć po EuropejczykJ. Podlaski22 000Norwege
13.Czereśnia1998baieWachlarz - Czeremcha po Pesennik (SU)Michałów20 000Brésil
14.Estelka1992baieWojsław - Estela po Probat (SE)Michałów20 000USA
15.Wenessa1993alezanEgon - Wizjera po Tallin (SU)Michałów20 000USA
16.Promocja1997alezanEukaliptus - Premiera po PiechurMichałów16 000USA
17.Epifraza1995grisPepton - Etruria po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski15 000UK
18.Epoza1994grisEukaliptus - Ewiwa po AloesJ. Podlaski15 000IT
19.Nitra1994baieWermut - Nostalgia po PartnerKurozwęki14 000USA
20.Edita1997grisPesal - Edissa po EuropejczykBiałka10 000FR
21.Eqviria1992grisPers - Equina po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
22.Euskara1993grisArarat - Euglena po BanatKurozwęki----------
23.Baida1994grisBalon - Bajeczka po BandosJ. Podlaski----------
24.Wizyta1990baieWermut - Wiorsta po BanatKurozwęki----------
25.Eria1993grisEuropejczyk - Esparceta po FaworJ. Podlaski----------
26.Pilina1987grisEternit - Pilarka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
27.Wola1995baieArbil - Woltyżerka po EtosBiałka----------

Janów Podlaski 2005 (Price in euro)




 NOMAnnéeRobePedigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Elandra1995grisMonogramm (US) - Erlanda po EukaliptusMichałów290 000USA
2.Amba2001grisEukaliptus - Albigowa po FaworJ. Podlaski85 000USA
3.Larissa1992grisEukaliptus - Linda po Palas (SU)Michałów80 000USA
4.Eberia1996grisEcaho - Ebola po EldonMichałów54 000B
5.Celna1991grisAlegro - Ceduła po BandosJ. Podlaski36 000USA
6.Zuzanna1993baieWojsław - Zula po Probat (SE)Michałów36 000USA
7.Gafal1998alezanPamir - Gratka po ArbilJ. Głowacki35 000AzerbaÏdjan
8.Enisia1995grisSinus (DE) - Erytrea po AndrutJ. Żurowski32 000Martinique
9.Eria1993grisEuropejczyk - Esparceta po FaworJ. Podlaski32 000Afrique du Sud
10.Eqviria1992grisPers - Equina po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski30 000USA
11.Ernesta2000grisEmigrant - Ernera po Monogramm (US)Michałów28 000USA
12.Pustynna Tarcza1991grisPamir - Pretoria po PenitentMichałów28 000USA
13.Bajada1997grisPamir - Bajeczka po BandosJ. Podlaski26 000USA
14.Egzyna2001grisEldon - Elganda po Monogramm (US)Michałów22 000PL
15.Prawica2001AlezanArarat - Palmira po Monogramm (US)Michałów22 000UK
16.Fiszka1999grisEldon - Falba po PersBiałka21 000PL
17.Aleuta1993baieEuropejczyk - Alejka po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski16 000PL
18.Frontiera1999alezanArarat - Fargola po ArgoJ. Podlaski16 000PL
19.Gryzetka1993alezanWojsław - Garonna po FanatykMichałów16 000Azerbaïdjan
20.Ostragon1994grisPers - Osełka po Palas (SU)Białka14 000Azerbaïdjan
21.Girlanda1992grisEukaliptus - Giza po PeptonMichałów10 000Martinique
22.Wigna2000grisEldon - Wyborna po Monogramm (US)Michałów10 000Israel
23.Elicja1997baieWachlarz - Elia po EukaliptusMichałów7 000IT
24.Fuzja2000grisHarbin - Fula po PartnerBiałka7 000PL
25.Heroldia1992grisEukaliptus - Heraldyka po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki?USA
26.Algira1995baieBalon - Algeria po CelebesJ. Podlaski?USA
27.Harbin1993grisEukaliptus - Halfa po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
28.Euzetia1995grisEtogram - Euzebia po Palas (SU)J. Podlaski----------
29.Eugesta2000grisPesal - Esteria po GabarytBiałka----------
30.Flotylka2000grisEmigrant - Fuma po Monogramm (US)S. Redestowicz----------
31.Betania2000grisArarat - Baida po BalonJ. Podlaski----------
32.Decyzja1991grisPamir - Delicja po SetMichałów----------
33.Pokusa1999grisEldon - Perforacja po ErnalBiałka----------

Janów Podlaski 2006 (Price in euro)


ESPADERO (Australie) 

The Year 2006 turned out to another watershed year for the Janów auction. Traditionally, the place playing HORSE ARABIAN DAYS linking auction and show National, a square in the center studs where the needs of visitors and customers for the duration of the event was created entire mobile infrastructure. In 2006, she was given to use the new indoor arena with 'u down bokso stables for 40 horses tions and adjacent square competition, fully equipped for the purpose of playing the demonstration events, shopping and equestrian. Situated on the edge of the stud object remains an integral part of it, without disrupting established ways of communication, while retaining the style and atmosphere of the nineteenth-century architecture.
With the launch of this facility, the organizers became independent of weather conditions, which have proved to be beneficial in the year, when the devastating rains for a few days before the auction could lead to its appeal. Under the roof of the new hall fell significantly to sales result, nearly 1.6 million. The hero of the auction was a buyer from Australia, who visited Janow the first time and did not give a chance regulars, buying 17 horses, including the most expensive: stallion ESPADERO (210 .000E) And mares HULA (160.000E) - PILICA ( 65.000E) And GEHENNA (180.000E). Face it tried to Americans, buying adored PEPESZA for 135.000E and promising EL Mina for 55 .000E and the Belgians, who with the desire to have FRASKATA, mares recognized as the best in the moving Aug. Polish studs, paid 135.000 Euros.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Espadero1997grisEldon - Esparceta po FaworJ. Podlaski210 000Australie
2.Gehenna1995grisMonogramm (US) - Gizela po Palas (SU)Michałów180 000Australie
3.Hula1996grisPenthagonn (DE) - Hulanka po EukaliptusKurozwęki160 000Australie
4.Fraskata1993grisPers - Frasquita po ErnalBiałka135 000B
5.Pepesza1993grisEukaliptus - Pestka po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski135 000USA
6.Alegoria1999grisEukaliptus - Algora po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski90 000USA
7.Elganda1994grisMonogramm (US) - Eloranta po EndelMichałów75 000Australie
8.Pilica1994baieFawor - Pipi po BanatJ. Podlaski65 000Australie
9.El Minia1999grisPesal - Emanacja po EukaliptusMichałów55 000USA
10.Eudocja2003grisEkstern - Eunika po WachlarzMichałów49 000Australie
11.Emantka1996grisEukaliptus - Emanta po PamirMichałów42 000B
12.Entuza1996grisEukaliptus - Ekologia po PiechurMichałów37 000Australie
13.Esturia1996grisEcaho - Esklawa po EukaliptusMichałów30 000B
14.Migrant2000grisEmigrant - Mina po Monogramm (US)S. Lange30 000SP
15.Wejmutka2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Wrzawa po EndelMichałów27 000DE
16.Elwira1992baieArbil - Ewiwa po AloesJ. Podlaski21 000Australie
17.Loretta1993grisWojsław - Linda po Palas (SU)Michałów20 000SP
18.Wiliam1995grisEndel - Wilia po PeptonMichałów20 000Australie
19.Perfazja1996grisBatyskaf - Perforacja po ErnalBiałka18 000B
20.Eligia1998grisSanadik El Shaklan (DE) - Escalona po EldonMichałów17 000DE
21.Abba1997grisPesal - Arabella po FasonBiałka15 000B
22.Barka1997grisArarat - Barkarola po AlegroJ. Podlaski13 000FR
23.Celesta2002grisEcaho - Celta po PasatJ. Podlaski12 000Canada
24.Piwnica1993grisEldon - Pilina po EternitJ. Podlaski11 000FR
25.Tripla1992grisEukaliptus - Trema po GwarnyKurozwęki11 000Australie
26.Gryzetka1993baieWojsław - Garonna po FanatykMichałów10 000FR
27.Piramida1999grisPesal - Pergola po FalsyfikatMichałów10 000Australie
28.Esteria1992grisGabaryt - Elektra po BandosKurozwęki9 000Australie
29.Nutella1996grisPers - Numidia po ErnalBiałka9 000Australie
30.Elebi1999grisPamir - Elestora po EuropejczykJ. Podlaski7 000PL
31.Marita2001baieGanges - Marieta po ArbilMichałów7 000PL
32.Parella1998grisArbil - Partytura po EternitJ. Podlaski5 000PL
33.Emrod1997grisEmigrant - Empressa po Probat (SE)Michałów?FR
34.Wedeta1993baieWermut - Wiorsta po BanatKurozwęki?IRL
35.Czambra2000baieWojsław - Czartawa po ArbilJ. Podlaski-----retirée
36.Antonia2000grisArarat - Aneksja po BalonJ. Podlaski-----retirée

Janów Podlaski 2007 (Price in euro)




Pride of Poland in 2007 had a historical dimension: the anniversary of 190 years of Stud in Janow Podlaski was proudly celebrated the best result of years of sales and marketing of over 2.5 million. After several years of break the game returned Mrs. Shirley Watts, acquiring only one mare - Janow PIETA, but it is the highest price Auction: 300.000 Euro. The second price auction - 205.000E. ZULEJKA Michałow paid for purchasing from Belgium. 5 mares have achieved rates of over 100.000E. Euro: ERRARA (165.000E.), ALTONA (180 .000E), SIKLAWA (100.000E.), FAUSTYNA (150 .000E), LAVERNA (140.000E.). Overall - the horses on the main list were sold for an average of over 74.000. Euro, and the buyers were not issued just two of the 33 mares. Purchased this year buyers will enjoy the horses on five continents, in such exotic places as Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, Tenerife and Australia.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Pieta2003baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Pilar po FaworJ. Podlaski300 000UK
2.Zulejka2001baieGanges - Zuzanna po WojsławMichałów205 000B
3.Altona1999grisEukaliptus - Albigowa po FaworJ. Podlaski180 000B
4.Errara1996grisMonogramm (US) - Estela po Probat (SE)Michałów165 000U.A.E
5.Faustyna2004grisEmigrant - Felicjana po EksternMichałów150 000B
6.Laverna2003grisEkstern - Loretta po WojsławMichałów140 000U.A.E
7.Siklawa2001grisLaheeb (IL) - Siewka po EldonJ. Podlaski100 000Qatar
8.Pralina1996grisEcaho - Premiera po PiechurMichałów85 000U.A.E
9.Złota Wieża2002baie BrunGanges - Zatoka po ArbilMichałów85 000B
10.Elenita2003baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Epifania po EmigrantMichałów80 000Qatar
11.Wiaźma1991baieArbil - Wizja po El PasoMichałów80 000B
12.Polenta2002grisEcaho - Pilica po FaworJ. Podlaski75 000B
13.Prudencja1997grisEmigrant - Pergola po FalsyfikatMichałów70 000U.A.E
14.Worskla1996grisEukaliptus - Wilejka po El PasoMichałów70 000Qatar
15.Eolida2001grisEldon - Ekspozycja po EukaliptusMichałów60 000U.A.E
16.Epifania1998grisEmigrant - Empressa po Probat (SE)Michałów60 000SP
17.Firosetta1999grisEldon - Fraskata po PersBiałka53 000PL
18.Ekonomika2000grisPesal - Ekosfera po Palas (SU)Białka50 000U.A.E
19.Eusala2000grisPesal - Euskara po AraratBiałka50 000Qatar
20.Belladona1995baieEuropejczyk - Bellona po CzakoJ. Podlaski45 000FR
21.Bajonna2003grisGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Bajada po PamirJ. Podlaski44 000Australie
22.Eukariont2003grisGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Euzetia po EtogramJ. Podlaski42 000Australie
23.Greta1999grisPesal - Girlanda po EukaliptusMichałów40 000B
24.Melonia1996grisBatyskaf - Meta po PartnerBiałka36 000Australie
25.Bogini1997baie brunArbil - Bogatynia po EuropejczykJ. Podlaski30 000FR
26.Wanilia1997baieAlegro - Wizyta po WermutKurozwęki27 000Australie
27.Celta1998grisPasat - Celna po AlegroJ. Podlaski25 000USA
28.Emisana1998baieWojsław - Estepona po PeptonMichałów23 000DE
29.Pianella1998grisPamir - Pilina po EternitJ. Podlaski22 000Australie
30.Eumenida2002grisEldon - Euzetia po EtogramJ. Podlaski18 000FR
31.Major1997grisBatyskaf - Meta po PartnerBiałka15 000Australie
32.Fula1993grisPartner - Florena po Palas (SU)Białka14 000Afrique du Sud
33.Salina1996grisArbil - Sari po ArgoJ. Podlaski12 000USA
34.Niniwa1999alezanEtogram - Niwa po EukaliptusG. Ostrowski----------
35.Citroneta2000grisPesal - Cirka po BorekBiałka----------

Janów Podlaski 2008 (Price in euro)



Pride of Poland 2008 went under the sign of unusual, unique and one-of-a-kind offer. Michałów Stud won an extraordinary decision to share with the world one of its greatest achievements, offering one of the most outstanding Polish mares, sprinkled with titles on two continents, unusual and unique daughter Monogramm - Kwestura. There was a similar offer throughout the nearly 40-year history of the Janów auction, because the moment of this year in the ring Pride of Poland 2008 raised similar enthusiasm and excitement, as when the round triumphant parade after winning the World Championships in Paris the year before. Bidding was dramatic. At the level of 900,000. Euro seemed that will not move on, but then switched to a completely new, anonymous player. Finally, the mare reached a record price of 1,125,000. Euro and went to Ajman Stud
Warmed high score and disappointment of losing a great opportunity for bidders turned not so titled, and the equally wonderful mares as ANDROMEDA (270,000E.) AMRA (340,000E), Ellissara (240,000E.) EGEA (160,000E) EKINAA (100,000E).

A total of 45 horses were sold for a total amount of Euro 3,175,000.
Meeting took place Silent auction Selection Sale. In a slightly revised, refreshed formula, tender proved to be much more effective form of sales, than a little outdated and waking Silent Sale controversy.


 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Kwestura1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Kwesta po Pesennik (SU)Michałów1 125 000E.A.U
2.Amra2000grisEukaliptus - Albigowa po FaworJ. Podlaski340 000UK
3.Andromeda2002grisEldon - Aneksja po BalonJ. Podlaski270 000UK
4.Ellissara2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Ekscella po Monogramm (US)Michałów240 000Arabie Saud.
5.Egea2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Egna po EukaliptusMichałów160 000Arabie Saud.
6.Ekina2004alezanEkstern - Eklera po EcahoBiałka100 000B
7.Peczora1999grisEmigrant - Premiera po PiechurMichałów90 000UK
8.Bellissima2002grisEkstern - Bellona po CzakoS. Redestowicz80 000Arabie Saud.
9.Dormeza2003grisEkstern - Dobrzyca po EmigrantMichałów65 000PL
10.Emegna2004AlezanMagnum Psyche (US) - Embola po BalonS. Redestowicz60 000Arabie Saud.
11.Ewina1998grisWojsław - Ewoluta po PiechurMichałów55 000Bresil
12.Wróżka2001noirGanges - Wipera po FaworMichałów52 000B
13.Garuna2006grisGrafik - Gwarka po Monogramm (US)A. Wójtowicz47 000Uk
14.Elwinga2004noirHS Pirandelo (GB) - Elekcja po EtogramJ. Podlaski42 000B
15.Erotika1999grisPesal - Erotomanka po EukaliptusMichałów40 000USA
16.Sawantka1996grisPepton - Saszetka po EnganoJ. Podlaski37 000B
17.Eutenia2004baieMetropolis NA (US) - Eutona po EtogramJ. Podlaski35 000FR
18.Husara2002grisPesal - Hula po Penthagonn (DE)Białka27 000Arabie Saud.
19.Cefeida2003grisMetropolis NA (US) - Celna po AlegroJ. Podlaski25 000USA
20.Ellanda1998baieWojsław - Ellada po BalonMichałów21 000USA
21.Emeeria2002alezanAngor - Ernera po Monogramm (US)Michałów21 000Arabie Saud.
22.Parola2000grisEukaliptus - Parana po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski15 000IT
23.Bałaguła2004grisPesal - Balerina po AraratJ. Podlaski13 000USA
24.Alberina2001grisPamir - Albina po PersBiałka12 000USA
25.Agora2000baieWachlarz - Aga po EukaliptusJ. Podlaski12 000USA
26.Fukara2000baieSamsheik (US) - Furora po PeptonMichałów10 000USA
27.Cirsza2004baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Cirka po BorekBiałka?FR
28.Pereira1999grisEldon - Per Pani po ZłotogłówBiałka?UK
29.Diastema2001grisEldon - Demona po Monogramm (US)Michałów??
30.Calineczka2003grisMetropolis NA (US) - Carina po PesalBiałka----------
31.Wesoła Nowina2002alezanEkstern - Wenessa po EgonMichałów----------
32.Salamina2001grisLaheeb (IL) - Sari po ArgoJ. Podlaski----------
33.Dombra2001grisEldon - Dąbrowica po EndelMichałów----------
34.Arvena2003alezanEmigrant - Abba po PesalBiałka----------
35.Eukomia2002alezanEmigrant - Eupatoria po Sinus (DE)J. Podlaski----------
36.Epoka2001alezan.Pilot - Epoza po EukaliptusJ. Podlaski----------
37.Estrelia2001grisPamir - Esteria po GabarytBiałka----------

Janów Podlaski 2009 (Price in euro)






 NOMRobeAnnéePédigréeSTUDPRIX Euro
1.Pinta2005grisEkstern - Pilar po FaworJ. Podlaski500 000UK
2.Fallada1995alezanMonogramm (US) - Fanaberia po Probat (SE)Michałów465 000B
3.Preria2000baieArarat - Pipi po BanatJ. Podlaski230 000UK
4.(A venir ?)2010?(?) - Pianissima po Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)?175 000USA
5.Emika1999grisEldon - Emoza po ErnalBiałka120 000B
6.Felicjana1999grisEkstern - Felicja po Probat (SE)Michałów105 000Moyen Orient
7.Estaka2004baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Eskalopka
po Monogramm (US)
Michałów80 000PL
8.Droga Mleczna2002grisEkstern - Dąbrowica po EndelMichałów67 000Moyen Orient
9.Euscera1999grisEmigrant - Elcantara po PamirMichałów65 000USA
10.Złota Orchidea2004grisEmigrant - Złota Orda po PesalMichałów65 000B
11.Filistia2003baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Fantazja po WachlarzMichałów62 000Koweit
12.Lozanna2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Larissa po EukaliptusMichałów58 000Moyen Orient
13.Granada1996alezanMonogramm (US) - Grenlandia po EukaliptusMichałów52 000USA
14.Bellanda2002noirPilot - Belladona po EuropejczykJ. Podlaski50 000B
15.Halima2004baieEkstern - Heroldia po EukaliptusBiałka45 000USA
16.Poksa2005grisEkstern - Pokusa po EldonBiałka40 000Arabie Saud.
17.Elimeja2003baieGazal Al Shaqab (QA) - Ellanda po WojsławMichałów36 000FR
18.Pogoda2005grisEkstern - Perora po EldonJ. Podlaski30 000Moyen Orient
19.Elmina1999Alezan bruléHarbin - Elżunia po Palas (SU)Białka25 000Qatar
20.Wizga2002grisEkstern - Wizula po EgonL. Jarmuż20 000Arabie Saud.
21.Nina1995grisMonogramm (US) - WN Nastasea (US)
po Nabor (SU)
Michałów20 000Qatar
22.Tonacja1998grisEldon - Tamiza po Palas (SU)Kurozwęki20 000USA
23.Walpurgia2005grisEkstern - Wanilia po AlegroJ. Podlaski16 000USA
24.Eliat2002grisEldon - Eleuzyna po WermutTarus Arabians15 000U.A.E
25.Euspiria2004baieAslan - Euskara po AraratBiałka11 000FR
26.Samura1999grisArarat - Sambra po PartnerJ. Podlaski11 000Australie
27.Faseta2001alezanEmigrant - Fargola po ArgoJ. Podlaski10 000U.A.E
28.Cesena2004alezanMetropolis NA (US) - Celta po PasatJ. Podlaski8 000Qatar
29.Emkira1996alezanBatyskaf - Emza po PartnerBiałka8 000Koweit
30.Pelota2002baie brunPilot - Pembina po ArbilJ. Podlaski?Qatar
31.Nike2003alezanMetropolis NA (US) - Nitra po WermutJ. Podlaski?Qatar
32.Basta1999grisArarat - Bazylea po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski?Qatar
33.Alwaro2000grisEukaliptus - Algora po Probat (SE)J. Podlaski----------
34.Panicz2006grisGaspar - Pelisa po EuropejczykM. Luft----------
35.Elgara2000grisEldon - Elganda po Monogramm (US)Michałów-----------
36.Hebe2001grisKubinec (SU) - Hossa po PeptonTarus Arabians----------
37.Fabira2004grisPesal - Frontiera po AraratJ. Podlaski----------

                                                Janów Podlaski 2010 (Price in euro)


ARABIANS HORSE DAYS - POLAND 2010 by Jeffrey Wintersteen (PDF)

Pride of poland 2010 ( Clic below and clic here for 2 vidéos )


Video on Pride Of poland 2010


PILAR ( Qatar )

 NOMAnnéeRobePédigréeSTUDPRIX E
1.Pilar1996GrisFawor - Pipi by BanatJ. Podlaski240 000Qatar
2.Ermina2006AlezanGalba (DE) - Echidna by AraratSamko P.U.H/ Luft90 000Anomyme
3.Wilga1999GrisEkstern - Wenessa by EgonMichalow82 000Belgique
4.Ariadne2001GrisLaheeb (IL) - Argentyna by PartnerJ.Podlaski60 000Qatar
5.Gadnes2008Baie BrunPsytadel  - Gracea by EtogramJ. Glowaki48 000FR
6.Pampa2004grisGazal al Shaqab - Palestyna by MonogrammMichalow45 000Uk
7.Agusta2004baiePiaff - Albigowa by FaworJ.Podlaski40 000UK
8.Etyka2005grisEkstern - Etalanta by EuropejczykJ. Podlaski40 000FR
9.Hekla1999grisPrimo - Harpia by ErnalJ.Podlaski40 000UK
10.Ebla2004baieGazal al Shaqal - Eberica by EcahoMichałów35 000FR
11.Emetyna2002grisEkstern - Esina by SinusMichałów30 000PL
12.Pustynna Tecza2003grisEkstern - Pustynna Tarcza by PamirMichałów30 000FR
13.Galatea2002grisAngor - Gehenna by MonogrammMichałów27 000Qatar
14.Natea2003grisGazal al shaqab - Nutella by PersBialka23 000Koweit
15.Altea2001baieEukaliptus - Algora by ProbatJ.Podlaski22 000USA
16.Debowa Gora2000grisLaheeb (IL) - Dabrowica by endelMichalow22 000FR
17.Perita2004baieEkstern - Perforacja by ErnalBialka22 000FR
18.Wyborna1995alezanMonogramm - Wybranka by PiechurMichałów20 000PL
19.Papaya2005grisEkstern - Psyche by EukaliptusJ.Podlaski18 000FR
20.Efuzja2001baieEmigrant - Elfina by PamirJ.Podlaski17 000Anomyne
21.Bajgora1998grisPamir - Bajeczka by BandosJ.Podlaski12 000USA
22.El Haza2001grisArarat - Emigrantka by EukaliptusMichalow12 000B
23.Emigra1996grisEukaliptus - Emigracja by PalasMichalow12 000USA
24.Erreuza2006baieGalba (DE) - Errara by MonogrammMichalow12 000Koweit
25.Percepcja2001grisLaheeb (IL) - Perturbacja by EukaliptusJ.Podlaski10 000PL
26.Petrara2006grisPoganin - Perga by EmigrantMichałów10 000Koweit
27.Batawia2006alezanEkstern - Barka by Ararat ( Vendue en sept 2010)Michałów10 000?
28.Caruza2002grisWachlarz - Carina by Pesal)Bialka----retirée
29.Cyrolka2002grisPesal - Cyma by EukaliptusBiałka----retirée
30.Demona1995alezanMonogramm - Dalida by ProbatMichalow--------

Metropolis NA - Herca by Pesal

32.Palmera2006grisPesal - Pilica by FaworJ. Podlaski--------
33.Pelgrima2003grisEmigrant - Perfazja by BatyskafBialka--------
34.Primadonna2003alezanPadron Psyche - Pelargonia by AlegroRedestowicz-Tarczynski--------
35.Sotika2006baieWh Justice - Slonka by WojslawFalborek Arabians----------
36.Wiselka2006alezanGanges - Wilnianka by TallinMichalow----------
37El Azem....  2004baie BrunGazal al Shaqab - El Fatha by Entyk    J. Podlaski30 000France ..........


                                                 It is interresting to note that during the last 4 years from 2006 to 2010.

                             EKSTERN of the 17 mares totaled an amount of 1.489.000Euros an average price of 87.588E

                                                    From 2007 to 2010 it was offered for sale ONLY 16 Mares EKSTERN


                                                                        It is interesting to note that from 2003 to 2007

                                       * ECAHO of 6 mares totaled an amount of 396.000Euros an average price of 66.000E

                                                           From 2003 to 2007 it was offered for sale 6 * Mares ECAHO

                                             Only 2 grand-daughters * ECAHO were presented for sale in 2008 and 2010

                                                                 for a total of: 135.000E an average price of 67.500E

Only one girl ECAHO in 2008 EKINA  (EKSTERN x EKLERA by ECAHO ) is Sold 100.000E


It is interesting to note that since 2001 to 2010

* Eukaliptus of 30 mares totaled an amount of 1.582.000Euros an average price of 52.533E

From 2001 to 2010 he was offered for sale 30 Mares * Eukaliptus

And 20 grand-daughters * Eukaliptus were presented to the sale of 2001 and 2010

for a total of: 1.504.000E an average price of 75.200E


Pride 2011 NEXT


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