Polish Arabians  


                                                                            (Werbum x Embella by Monogramm) 

We finally have a little girl in our breeding Monogramm, moreover by the superb Mare EMBELLA (Monogramm x  Emanacja by Eukaliptus). EMBELLA is the granddaughter of the best line of the dynasty of the "E-LINE". EMBELLA is the granddaughter of EMIGRACJA .who is: Polish Nat Champ Junior 1987 - Champ European Junior and the World in 1988, vice-champion Senior of Poland in 1992, Champ Senior of Poland in 1999 and "Best in Show", this pearl of Polish breeding allied extreme type, style and charisma.                                                                                      Impossible not to fall under the spell of such beauty!
Emanacja is the mother of 11 products, eight mares and 3 stallions:
EMILDA Grey (Pamir - 1990) Mare, junior champion of Poland in 1992, senior vice-champion of Poland in 1996 and 1997, exported to Britain in Watts;
EMANTA Grey ( Pamir - 1991) Mare, sold in Poland in 2001 to $ 70,000 with a breeding by Ganges (Monogramm)
EMANOR Grey (Wojslaw - 1993) Stallion, champion of Poland 1998 standard used to Kurozweki, exported to USA, vice-champion of Canada 1999, senior US Champion 1999 Champion 2000 in Scottsdale performance;
EMBELLA Grey (Monogramm -1995) Mare, exported to the USA in 2003 to 140,000 Euros;
EMANDA Grey ( ECAHO -1996) Mare, junior vice-champion of Poland in 1998, senior vice-champion of Poland 2003;
ESPADRILLA Grey ( Monogramm -1997)  broodmare at Michalow Stud;
EMPIRYKA Grey (Monogramm -1998) Mare;
EL MINIA Grey (PESAL - 1999) Stallion ;
EMIN PASZA Grey (Eldon - 2001) Mare;
EL EMEERA Grey (Ekstern -  2002) Mare;
EMANSON Grey (Wojslaw - 2003) Stallion , brother of EMANOR.
1992 was a particularly good year for this family, Emilda winning the Junior Championship at Ellada (daughter of EMIGRACJA) while qu'Emanacja ranked senior vice-champion behind his half-sister EMIGRANTKA.
EMBELLA was sold in 2003 to "PRIDE OF POLAND 2003" with the most "HIGHT PRICE" of the sale. 140.000Euros  bought by an Emir of Dubai.
ENERGIDA is the only Daughter of EMBELLA breed in poland .ENERGIDA was born in Michalow Stud .
ENERGIDA : Big framed (standing 155 cm in withers) mare of excellent breeding quality. She is sired by Michałów Stud bred chief sire Werbum, Champion Stallion of Summer Arabian Horse Show in Warsaw, the stallion who posesses and passes excellent conformation, size and great movements.Her dam - Embella (monogramm x Emanacja by Eukaliptus) was 2003 Pride of Poland highest sold horse (140 000 EUR to USA)! She was a daughter of the fantastic broodmare Emanacja and the legendary Monogramm. Emanacja being the most important member of Michałow E-line she won the titles of All Nations Cup Champion, Polish National Champion Mare/Best in Show, European Junior Champion Filly, Polish National Junior Champion Filly and World Reserve Junior Champion, and besides Embella she also produced: Emilda (Pamir x Emanacja by Eukaliptus)  - European Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Mare, British National Champion Mare, Polish National Junior Champion Filly and twice Polish National Reserve Champion Mare; Emanda (Ecaho x Emanacja by Eukaliptus) - World Champion, European Reserve Champion, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion and Junior Champion, and Polish National and Białka Spring Show Reserve Junior Champion Filly; and Emanor (Wojslaw x Emanacja by Eukaliptus) - US National Champion Stallion, Polish National Champion Stallion/Best in Show, Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion and English Pleasure, Canadian National Champion Park Horse and Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure. Energida is a dam of very typey filly by Pershahn El Jamaal - Ershana, sold abroad and after she are a very good filly named Enerina sired by Triple Crowned Champion and sire of Champions - Ekstern (foaled 14.04.2011) and after 1 very nice filly Envy Eternity to international Champion and sire of Champions - Valerio Ibn Eternity and in 2014 again 1 filly by Panicz ( Gaspar x Peliza by Europejczyk) .  ENERGIDA today gave us only girls. dream for a breeder

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ENERGIDA transmits to all its production a fantastic trot coming from Monogramm (EMBELLA), a perfect short back, with a well oriented neck as well as a very typical head.
ENERGIDA is very reminiscent of his Barrage EMBELLA, one of the daughters of Monogramm (The maker) born in Michałów who became the stallion's trademark. EMBELLA belongs to MONOGRAMM's elite collection along with DEMONA, EKSCELLA, ESKALOPKA, ETENTA, GEORGIA, PALESTYNA, ZAGROBLA, EGZONERA, ELANDRA, EMBRA, EMOCJA, FALLADA, PALMIRA, EMMONA and , the one and only KWESTURA.
EMBELLA proved her beauty isn't just skin deep and carried her streak of success to stud by producing Emirron and Embellon.
But not all this glamor should be attributed to MONOGRAMM, as EMBELLA descends from the greatest dynasty line of champions from Michałów, more precisely the strongest and most important "E-LINE" branch. As a daughter of EMANACJA, Polish National, All Nations Cup, European and World Champion and the best offspring of extraordinary broodmare EMIGRACJA, EMBELLA shares this incredible genotype with her highly decorated siblings EMILDA (dam of EMBRA & EMMONA), EMANOR , EMANDA (dam of EMANDORIA), EMPIRYKA & EMANTA (dam of EKSTERNA).
WERBUM the father of ENERGIDA represents the rare Polish breeding male line of the "LINE" Bairactar db and is linebred to one of the oldest and most outstanding WERBENA damline from Michałów, by his mother (WERDA ) and the paternal dam (WILEJKA). WERBUM is the first son of WOJSŁAW, a National Champion of Poland and father of international field importance, alongside the best athletes of the 90s, DRUID twice Racehorse of the year DRUID was sold (500.000Euros) as well as EMANOR Polish National Champ, Canadian Nat Champ and US Nat Champ.


     Entuzja 2008 - photo S.Henda (Pl)   - Eldon (PL) x Energida (PL) by Werbum (PL))   Sale In Italy

                                        ERSHANA 2009   (Pershahn El Jamaal (BR) x Energida (PL) by Werbum (PL) 

ERSHANA (Pershahn El Jamaal (BR) x Energida (PL) )  that belongs to Zalia Arabians represents the blood of another daughter of Emigracja, through the dreamlike Emancja (by Eukaliptus) – the dam of such outstanding mares as the World Champion Emanda (the dam of the magical World and European Champion Emandoria), Espadrilla or Embella, both of them by Monogramm. The latter is the price record holder of the auction Pride of Poland in 2003, where she was sold as Lot 1 for the sum of 140 thousands euro. This is just her who is the granddam of Ershana (out of Energida by Werbum), in the spring, this year. This yearling filly has an uncommon pedigree not only because of her dam line but also because of her sire's. She is the only Polish daughter of the Scottsdale Champion, the Canada and US Res. Champion Pershahn El Jamaal who was announced as one of the best sons of the epochal Ali Jamaal (by Ruminaja Ali).

                                     Envy Eternity 2008  (Valerio ibn Eternity (B) x Energida (PL) by Werbum (PL))

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ENERINA (PL ) 2011 ( Ekstern (PL) x ENERGIDA (PL) by Werbum (PL))
with this handler Marek Demczuk (PL)
3nd polish Janow Podlaski 2014 : 92,17pts  (2x20) Head + Head Neck by Richard Petty (US)

ENERINA ( Ekstern x Energida by Werbum)  
Last Saturday (July 6th) turned out to be a very successful day for Polish horses which participated in the Swedish Int. C-show Arabhäst i Väst in Grevagården (10 km from Skövde). The championship took place in a big equine center, and was accompanied by sunny wheather and quite a large public. 67 horses entered the ring.
Karbona (Ekstern – Karbala/Emigrant), bred by Michałów State Stud, owned by Waldemar Bąk, won her 3year fillies class (92,33 pts) and was chosen Gold Champion Filly.
The 2year Enerina (Ekstern – Energida/Werbum), br./o. by Czeple Arabians (PL), was 2nd in her class (91 pts)
Championship ECAHO C-Schau 2013 -(DE)
Class filly (9)
MZ Djlshada (QR Marc x MZ Djamira) B.: Margot Zinniker, CH / O.: Maja Schläpfer, CH
HD Prestige (Bolero EM x DB Priska) B.: Dominik Hofegger, AT / O.: Ruth Wenzel, CH
Enerina (Ekstern x Energida by Werbum) B.: Stanislaw Slawinski, PL / O.: Stanislaw Slawinski, PL
Karimah Magidaa LDA (Mishaal HP x Illa Magidaa LDA) B.: LD Arabians, USA / O.: Nayla Hayek, CH
Majeedah CF (WH Justice x Maharani CF) B./O.: Barbara Schwarz, GER
Layalia (FT Wuotan x Layana Sadika SA) B./O.: Birthe Storhaug, GER
Sahara Khipsyche (Khidar x Sahara Psyche) B./O.: Haras Sahara c/o J. Ullström, BE
Enigmatica (HDB Sihr Ibn Massai x Esterna) B./O.: Silvatica Black Arabians, PL
GS Hänady (GS Sabu Ibn Kyros x Harima) B.: Matthias Scholz, GER / O.: Jutta Hoffmann, GER
36th polish national arabian horse show results, 2014
Three-Year-Old Fillies (7):
1. El Fada (Ekstern x El Fatha by Entyk), Janów Podlaski Stud; (92,67Pts)
2. Permaria (Esparto x Perolia by Gazal Al Shaqab), Bialka Stud.; (92,33Pts)
3. Enerina (Ekstern x Energida by Werbum), Czeple Arabians; (92,17Pts)
Enerina is the only one to have achieved 2x20. 20 Type. 20 head / neck .Note obtained by the American Judge Richard Petty

Blood contribution by ancestor for ENERGIDA 
Werbum 50.00 %   Embella 50.00 %
Wojsław 25.00 %   Werda 25.00 %
Monogramm 25.00 %  Emanacja 25.00 %
Tallin 12.50 %  Wilejka 12.50 %
Piechur 12.50 %  Wendeta 12.50 %
Negatraz 12.50 %  Monogramma 12.50 %
Eukaliptus 12.50 %  Emigracja 12.50 %
Nabeg 6.25 %  Talantlivaia 6.25 %
El Paso 6.25 % Warmia 6.25 %
Banat 6.25 % Pierzeja 6.25 %
Palas 12.50 % Weneda 6.25 %
Bask 6.25 %  Negotka 6.25 %
Knippel 6.25 % Monopolia 6.25 %
Bandos 6.25 % Eunice 6.25 %
Emisja 6.25 % 

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                                                                                  Energida ( Werbum x Embella by Monogramm)

                                                                                      3/4 Sister ENERGIDA
                                                          EPYKASJA( Werbum x Espadrilla by Monogramm )
                                                                                    Mare, grey, 2003 -Owner ??
                                                                                    Breeder: SK Michałów, PL
                                                         Sire line: Bairactar 1813 -Dam line: Milordka ~1810