Polish Arabians  

                   ( Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel )
                           Owner : BISHOP LANE FARM USA


NEGATRAZ                                                             x                              MONOGRAMMA                                  =                           MONOGRAMM 

BELOW  : VIDEO OF MONOGRAMM (Souvenir sequence with the presence of the Director of Michalow Stud who brought MONOGRAMM to Poland for the happiness of ALL in the breeding of Pur Polish Arabian 

                            MONOGRAMM " Best Stallion For MICHALOW (PL) and the BEST for the WORLD"



During one of my trips to the USA in 1992, I had the chance to spend 15 days in the presence of this QUEEN that was Monogramma, she had been bought by MOSICA ARABIANS (IOWA) from the Patterson family, the breeders of MONOGRAMM . Despite his great advanced age, MONOGRAMMA had an incredible presence and outfit in The Herd which was present. It was a magical moment at the time. MONOGRAMMA had 20 products from 1968 to 1988.

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To announce the arrival of Monogramm in Europe, the owners (SHILO-Bishop lane Farm) had made an advertisement in 1992 in the magazine Arabians Horse World (see above)

Monogramm (US) chestnut foaled 1985
year           name                sex            dam
1988 Lalita WCA (US) mare La Bey (US)
1989 NV Shalimar (US) mare NV Tayma (US)
1989 WCA Mon Cherie (US) mare Charm Eta (US)
1990 Monopalesce (US) gelding Opalesce (US)
1990 Seagram (US) stallion SRY Paschana (US)
1990 SW Cipher (US) mare AA-Cisily (US)
1990 WCA Mon Ami (US) mare Charm Eta (US)
1991 Azalasia (US) mare Aza-Leah (US)
1991 Concensus (US) stallion Opalesce (US)
1991 Determonation (US) stallion/gelding Charm Eta (US)
1991 Winfamous (US) mare Wind Fame (US)
1992 Monogomy (US) mare Wibracja (PL)
1992 Monogramms Promise (CA) gelding Promising (US)
1992 Opiam (US) gelding Opalesce (US)
1992 True Mist (US) mare Misty Aire (US)
1993 Ominous (US) gelding Opalesce (US)
1994 Ambrozja (PL) mare Arteria (PL)
1994 Arpad (PL) gelding Armenia (PL)
1994 Cugant (PL) stallion Czereda (PL)
1994 Cygarniczka (PL) mare Cygaretka (PL)
1994 Delmona (PL) mare Delbana (PL)
1994 Demona (PL) mare Dalida (PL)
1994 Dębołęka (PL) mare Dąbrowa (PL)
1994 Ekolog (PL) stallion Ekologia (PL)
1994 Ekscella (PL) mare Estancja (PL)
1994 Ekstern (PL) stallion Ernestyna (PL)
1994 El Mundo (PL) stallion Emigrantka (PL)
1994 Elganda (PL) mare Eloranta (PL)
1994 Elmira (PL) mare Elma (PL)
1994 Eparol (PL) gelding Estepona (PL)
1994 Erda (PL) mare Erudycja (PL)
1994 Eskalopka (PL) mare Egzotyka (PL)
1994 Espakta (PL) mare Esperanca (PL)
1994 Estardos (PL) stallion Estarda (PL)
1994 Etenta (PL) mare Emigracja (PL)
1994 Fakhr (OM) stallion Zawarcie (DK)
1994 Felin (PL) gelding Felicja (PL)
1994 Fernando (PL) stallion Frejlina (PL)
1994 Fidrygał (PL) stallion Fanaberia (PL)
1994 Fordanser (PL) stallion Fletnia (PL)
1994 Fortuna (PL) mare Furora (PL)
1994 Fuma (PL) mare Flota (PL)
1994 Ganges (PL) stallion Garonna (PL)
1994 Gem (PL) stallion Grenada (PL)
1994 Georgia (PL) mare Gizela (PL)
1994 Kolczyk (PL) stallion Kolia (PL)
1994 Kordelas (PL) stallion Kabała (PL)
1994 Lansjer (PL) gelding Linda (PL)
1994 Meteor (PL) gelding Martyna (PL)
1994 Mina (PL) mare Minerwa (PL)
1994 Mum (PL) stallion Matura (PL)
1994 Norman (PL) stallion WN Nastasea (US)
1994 Palestyna (PL) mare Palestra (PL)
1994 Poker (PL) stallion Plisa (PL)
1994 Premier (PL) stallion Premiera (PL)
1994 Walentyna (PL) mare Wilnianka (PL)
1994 Wieniawa (PL) mare Wilejka (PL)
1994 Wiszna (AT) mare Wiza (PL)
1994 Wizir (PL) gelding Wizjera (PL)
1994 Wybraniec (PL) gelding Wybranka (PL)
1994 Zagrobla (PL) mare Zguba (PL)
1994 Zalotna (PL) mare Zaleta (PL)
1994 Znicz (PL) stallion Zula (PL)
1995 Arlekin (PL) stallion Armenia (PL)
1995 Cemogramma (PL) mare Cecora (PL)
1995 Cyrograf (PL) gelding Cygaretka (PL)
1995 Delias (PL) gelding Delbana (PL)
1995 Dębowiec (PL) stallion Dębówka (PL)
1995 Egzonera (PL) mare Egzotyka (PL)
1995 Elandra (PL) mare Erlanda (PL)
1995 Emarilla (PL) mare Emigrantka (PL)
1995 Embella (PL) mare Emanacja (PL)
1995 Embra (PL) mare Emilda (PL)
1995 Emfatyk (PL) stallion Emiliana (PL)
1995 Emocja (PL) mare Emigracja (PL)
1995 Empres (PL) stallion Empressa (PL)
1995 Erbil (PL) stallion Esklawa (PL)
1995 Ernera (PL) mare Ernestyna (PL)
1995 Erotonia (PL) mare Erotyka (PL)
1995 Eskambia (PL) mare Estepona (PL)
1995 Eskobar (PL) stallion Estela (PL)
1995 Espanos (PL) gelding Esperanca (PL)
1995 Ewent (PL) gelding Ewoluta (PL)
1995 Exodus (PL) stallion Erudycja (PL)
1995 Fallada (PL) mare Fanaberia (PL)
1995 Fast (PL) stallion Futura (PL)
1995 Figlarka (PL) mare Frejlina (PL)
1995 Flambaard (GB) stallion Flota (PL)
1995 Forlana (DE) mare Fortaleza (PL)
1995 Furiat (PL) stallion Furora (PL)
1995 Gehenna (PL) mare Gizela (PL)
1995 Gracja-Bis (PL) mare Grenada (PL)
1995 Gwarka (PL) mare Gratka (PL)
1995 Krystinah (GB) mare Kryza (PL)
1995 Kurdyban (PL) stallion Kabała (PL)
1995 Kwestura (PL) mare Kwesta (PL)
1995 Leila (PL) mare Linda (PL)
1995 Martynika (PL) mare Martyna (PL)
1995 Matador (PL) stallion Miranda (PL)
1995 Milan (PL) gelding Minoga (PL)
1995 Monograf (DE) stallion Połonina (PL)
1995 Nina (PL) mare WN Nastasea (US)
1995 Palastrina (GB) mare Palba (PL)
1995 Palmira (PL) mare Palestra (PL)
1995 Porter (PL) stallion/gelding Plisa (PL)
1995 Poruta (PL) mare Premia (PL)
1995 Progres (PL) stallion Prognoza (PL)
1995 Walerek (PL) gelding Waleria (PL)
1995 Watani (DE) stallion Warwara (PL)
1995 Western (PL) stallion Wilejka (PL)
1995 Wizjerka (PL) mare Wizjera (PL)
1995 Wyborna (PL) mare Wybranka (PL)
1995 Zagora (PL) mare Zguba (PL)
1996 Covenent (US) gelding Opalesce (US)
1996 Eklezja (PL) mare Erudycja (PL)
1996 Errara (PL) mare Estela (PL)
1996 Espiacja (PL) mare Estradamura (PL)
1996 Estansia (US) mare Erwina (PL)
1996 Ewolta (PL) mare Ewoluta (PL)
1996 Feretron (PL) gelding Felicja (PL)
1996 Furgon (PL) stallion Furora (PL)
1996 Granada (PL) mare Grenlandia (PL)
1996 Monogrammed Lady (US) mare Agracious Lady (US)
1996 OKW Pewter (US) gelding Pieczatka (US)
1996 OSO Star Maker (US) stallion Starflight (US)
1996 Silver Lady MA (US) mare Silver Chalas (US)
1996 Workuta (PL) mare Wiaźma (PL)
1997 Aerogramm (US) gelding Erestana (US)
1997 Anakonda (PL) mare Armenia (PL)
1997 Dewdropagramm (US) mare Druchesta (US)
1997 Erald (PL) stallion Emigrantka (PL)
1997 Escada MF (US) mare Erwina (PL)
1997 Espadrilla (PL) mare Emanacja (PL)
1997 Kornwall (US) stallion Kawalkada (PL)
1997 Monogramm Fantasy (US) mare Fantastka (PL)
1997 Mystiqua (US) mare Mystic Charm (CA)
1997 Prism Candiegramm (US) mare TF Sue Bee (US)
1997 Silver Charm MA (US) gelding Silver Chalas (US)
1997 Zmowa (PL) mare Zguba (PL)
1998 Armeńczyk (PL) gelding Armenia (PL)
1998 Conseco (US) gelding Opalesce (US)
1998 Eleanor Rigbee (US) mare Eidelweiss (US)
1998 Electric Siluete (ES) mare Ventura (ES)
1998 Emmocja (US) mare Zymienah (DE)
1998 Emmona (PL) mare Emilda (PL)
1998 Empiryka (PL) mare Emanacja (PL)
1998 Eurogramma (ES) mare Alcudia (ES)
1998 Ferrari (PL) stallion Fanaberia (PL)
1998 Laryks (PL) gelding Linda (PL)
1998 Scimaron (US) stallion/gelding BF Bint Scimitar (US)
1998 Simplitheone (US) gelding Simpliiresistible (US)
1998 Zsoe (US) mare Zynfandel (US)
1999 Armanni (US) stallion SS Annita (US)
1999 Cicadia (US) mare Opalesce (US)
1999 Fotogramma (ES) mare Falsa (ES)
1999 Galitsiya (US) mare Gitara (PL)
1999 Obsession RL (US) mare Opalesque VF (US)
2000 Czaparall (US) mare Czelseas Pony (US)
2000 Fortatude HF (US) gelding Ferrara (PL)
2000 Montreall (US) stallion Bint Bey Shah (US)
2000 Oracle RL (US) gelding Opalesque VF (US)
2000 OSO Axotica (US) mare Algoda (SE)
2000 Sephora (US) mare Shimmering Star B (US)
2000 Stilltheone (US) gelding Simpliiresistible (US)
2001 Almost Famous (US) stallion Aladdinness (US)
2001 FS Marcello (GB) stallion Żaneta (PL)
2001 Liza Monelli (US) mare WC Amarige (US)
2001 Miss Monogramm (US) mare Bluespruce Ariana (US)
2001 OSO Eminencjo (US) stallion OSO Estrema (US)
2001 Programm (US) gelding Preima Donna (US)
2002 Anagramm (BE) gelding Antwerpia (PL)
2002 Anna Bella B (US) mare Amety B (US)
2002 Enyaa (GB) mare Escoveda (PL)
2002 Hologram (US) mare Psymetry (US)
2002 Kenelm Mona Ghalia (FR) mare DSA Ghalia (FR)
2002 Lazar (SE) stallion Lidia (DK)
2002 Prince Czarming (US) gelding Preilude (US)
2002 WN Star of Antigua (US) stallion WN Antigua (US)
2003 Annapolis (US) stallion SS Annita (US)
2003 Bonne Vivant (US) stallion Bonne Cherie (US)
2003 Felicia HF (US) mare Ferrara (PL)
2003 Monica PGA (US) mare Extra Special (US)
2005 Grazyna E (US) mare Zita (SE)
2005 Monalisiana (US) mare Zalene (US)
2006 HWA Kaseta Fantasia (US) mare Fantasi AH (US)
2006 Montraz (US) stallion Opalesce (US)
2006 SD Primavera (US) mare Om El Nadzea (US)
2007 Cignature (US) stallion Opalesce (US)
2007 GBA Nadja (US) mare Nostalgia (PL)
2007 HDC Monarch (US) stallion BA Pretty Kool (US)
2008 HDC Morena (US) mare BA Pretty Kool (US)
2009 HDC Moriska (US) mare Celtyka (PL)
2010 H Ambagramm H (US) gelding Amba (PL)
2010 HDC Moruna (US) mare Agora (PL)



N°39 GRANADA Alezan 1996 ( MONOGRAMM x GRENLANDIA by EUKALIPTUS) Michałów USD 52,000 Poland

N°1 de la vente 2003
01 EMBELLA grey 1995 (MONOGRAMM x EMANACJA by EUKALIPTUS) Michałów Stud 140,000 EUR USA

03 ELANDRA grey 1995 ( MONOGRAMM x ERLANDA by EUKALIPTUS) Michałów 290,000 EUR - USA