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PELAJA is the 1/2 sister to PALMETA . ECAHO.Polish National Champion & US National Top Ten ECAHO was considered a stallion with such an exemplary conformation that he was right-out named after the organization which handles all things Arabian in Europe. His genotype is just as extraordinary, as he is the son of two Polish National Champions stemming from Janów Podlaski’s most precious damlines. ECAHO’s sire PEPTON, a multiple stakes winner in addition to his show title, represents the family of PIEWICA, whose only recent stars include PIANISSIMA & PINGA. Whereas ECAHO’s distaff side is the family of Director Krzyształowicz’s beloved ETNA via her best-producing daughter ETRURIA. The first Polish horse chosen to compete at the Salon de Cheval, ETRURIA claimed the titles of World Champion both as a Junior and Senior. At the end of her life she was awarded with the prestigious WAHO Trophy for outstanding achievement as an Arabian individual.

ECAHO is known for having sired some of the most feminine mares in Polish breeding history,World Champion EMANDA, Scottsdale Reserve Champion & World Top Ten OLITA and double Polish National Champion/Best in Show (both Junior & Senior) PALMETA. His daughters have also written themselves down as superb broodmares, giving birth to the likes of PSYCHE VICTORIA & PSYCHE KREUZA (out of PALLAS-ATENA), PALATINO, PALABRA & PALATINA (out of PALMETA) and one of the brightest stars of the last decade, EMANDORIA (out of EMANDA).

A milestone for TOM ARABIANS program.  PELAJA was imported in utero from Poland in 1996,
* Pasieka his mother was raised in Poland Michalow STUD PELAJA II represents the best of traditional Polish breeding program.
We are very proud to have this wonderful  PELAJA II mare in our breeding program

PELAJA is the daughter of the living legend *ECAHO  (Pepton x Etruria by Palas) and it is no exception to the rule, it has the beauty of *ECAHO .
PELAJA has a beautiful neckline, a perfect body, typical head "Polish Arabian" stunning members, an exuberant movement, with an ever-present tail carriage on its back. All its production is in its image, PELAJA produced foals with impeccable conformation with various standards used. all these products are very typical with a presence very noticeable.
PELAJA gets its high neckline of the paternal line, it has many curves but this is something else that makes it different, PELAJA has potential performance as a mother. "Because of the way his neck out of his shoulder, his ability to use his legs and force her back, she locomotion that is so necessary for a performance horse. PELAJA has these high desired performance like his father * ECAHO. His paternal grandfather, peptone was the year of the horse racing and won almost every race issues in Poland. But ETRURIA is why * ECAHO is a stallion with an incredible this type and like he has sent PELAJA (see photos)
Marek TRELA director of Janow Podlaski Stud said:
- That the best lines to cross with * ECAHO are Saklawi and Kuhailan lines. "PELAJA Saklawi down the line"

Maternal side PELAJA direct descendant of the sublime mare PLISZKA 1973 ( Gwarny x Pardwa) mother of PREMIA 1981 ( Palas x PLISZKA) Polish Nat Champ Mare Res 1985 & Champ Mare Polish 1994
* ECAHO ( *Pepton x Etruria by Palas) Father international importance - Polish National Champion & US National Top Ten,
Its production has won major titles in Europe and North America, including Emanda world champion Palmeta champion Europe * Through ECAHO, it combines the best of fathers legendary BANDOS, Palas, Witraz, NEGATIW, Aswan CZORT with broodmares immortal BANDOLA, PIEWICA, Forta, TARASZCZA & ETNA. Both paternal grandparents are international champions:
* Pepton Polish National Champion, Nations Cup Champion Stallion & Best ALL Polish Racing Race of the Year;
ETRURIA Polish National Champion, European Champion and twice World Champion Mare. Polish will always remember as one of the greatest mares in the history of the Polish race. In addition to his achievements show, ETRURIA was also the mother of five international champions, who have all inherited his incomparable presence and dynamic sportiness. * Peptone was considered the most athletic stallion and good conformation of the Polish modern era, with the longer neck and more elegant.
Dam Line PELAJA II : Pliszka is described by Polish stud like a beautiful mare correct conformation and is revered as being the most beautiful and precious of all girls Gwarny. It has already produced several girls who were selected for the Polish breeding. This line has gained importance through these mares very précieuses.PLISZKA is one of the first mare Michalow to have produced a foal every year since 1977, it was sold in 1994 at the age of 21 years to Mr Lech Blaszczyk (private Breeder Polish). Pliszka is also the mother of the beautiful mare PALBA 1985 ( Penitent x pliszka). qui s'est vendue en 1994 100.000$ à Shirley Watts ( Halsdon arabians UK),  PALBA a été "High Seller" en 1994 .(Highest sale)
Polish stud to say  PARDWA . 1967 (Kord x Porfira) : produces an exceptional and important daughter, Pliszka 1973 (Gwarny), is currently representative of this precious line in the Polish selection.
Polish stud to say PORFIRA 1953 ( Priboj x Operetka) : is the only girl OPERETKA for use in the Polish stud .. During her life she has produced four daughters. His daughter PARDWA 1967 (by Kord) was used in the Polish breeding program.

*ECAHO entered the legend. He was born in JANOW PODLSASKI Stud by the Polish National Champion Mare and World Champ ETRURIA, generated by racing legend, the great Polish standard peptone, and will be named in honor of the European Conference of Arabian Horse Organization, his king's fate was sealed by its prestigious heritage shortly before his birth. It is undoubtedly the worthy heir of the illustrious father Ibrahin line in Poland.
*ECAHO has taken the world in the Tourmante, earning honors Polish National Champion Stallion said in 1995 US Top Ten, and he electrified the Arab farmers around the world when he won the Nations Cup with The Perfect Score "20 20 20 ".
*ECAHO participated in many championships for Polish stud, his descendants won the Championships before the most famous and beautiful Arabian horses that have never existed. His progeny include many national and world champions, including the incomparable Emanda, Palmetta, Olita, Emandoria (granddaughter) and the Alhambra, just to name a few.
The production of *ECAHO is in his image, it is Typed Exotic and refined, elegant and majestic, perfectly consistent and exhuberante, very athletic, ECAHO is extraordinary. An icon.
PELAJA was no exception to the rule, it is in full compliance, as his father besides the pictures speak for itself.
The legend of the ECAHO followed at Stud of Cardenas, where he lives now, as one of the main breeding stallion's head of Cardenas and the Polish stallion * ESPERANTO (Eukaliptus)
Very few mares of ECAHO were offered for sale "PRIDE OF POLAND"
From the side, Dam Line PELAJA belongs to the family estimated TARASZCZA - confiscated from Poland in 1939 and founder of inestimable dynasty descendants in Tersk with All Union Exhibition Champions that are: TEPLITSA, TALANTLIVAIA, NASLEDNIK and at the time of NEGATIW legendary father. The stream of blood TARASZCZA returned to Poland via his granddaughter PORFIRA. This family has gained international fame mainly by the granddaughter of PORFIRA Pliszka dam which is an incredible number of 18 foals, whose descendants include Champion: PREMIA, PREMIER, PREMIERA, PIACENZA, PIAWEA, PALBA, PRUDENCJA and winners race : PORTYK, HS PROPHET & PANCERZ.
PRUDENCJA, who boasts similar show successes as a Junior Spring Show & Polish Nationals class Top Five finalist and also bears the title of Warsaw Summer Show Senior Reserve Champion Mare. Both ladies can also take pride in their half-brother PRIAM, a hardy athlete who brought home money-earning finishes in six out of eight stakes in which he competed, among them the Arabian Produce (Janów Podlaski) Stakes. Other close relatives include champions PREMIA, PREMIERA, PREMIER, PALBA, PIAWEA, PALANGA, PADOVA, PAVOROTTO K.A. and the high-selling duo of the 2011 Pride of Poland Sale - PANIKA (at 120 thousand Euro) & PIACENZA (at 475 thousand Euro). All these “P” individuals trace back to the Janów Podlaski broodmatron TARASZCZA, dam of the epochal sire NEGATIW.

Elwia  1996  grey
Ecaho - Etopka by Eukaliptus -Michałów  140 000 E   U.A.E ( Al Aryam Arabian)

Eberia   1996  grey  Ecaho - Ebola by Eldon  Michałów   54 000 Euros Belgique

Esturia 1996    grey  Ecaho - Esklawa by Eukaliptus    Michałów  30 000 Euro  Belgique
Celesta  2002  grey  Ecaho - Celta by Pasat  J. Podlaski  12 000 Euros  Canada

Enkora  2002  grey  Ecaho - Edreada by Ararat  J.Podlaski  25 000 Euros  U.A.E
Pralina  1996  grey  Ecaho - Premiera by Piechur  Michałów  85 000 Euros  U.A.E
Polenta  2002  grey  Ecaho - Pilica by Fawor  J. Podlaski 75 000 Euros  Belgique


Nefer  2001  grey  Ecaho - Nitra by Wermut  J. Podlaski  ????? E

Cerinola grey 2001 Ecaho Celna by Alegro Janow Podlaski Stud  25.000  GERMANY

 ALHAMBRA grey 2002 ECAHO ALBIGOWA / FAWOR  Janów Podlaski Stud  140.000E    UK - Halsdon Arabians
PIRANEZA grey 2007 ECAHO PILAR / FAWOR Janów Podlaski Stud      Poland - 36.000E !!!!!!

AVERAGE PRICE OF PURCHASE for a girl From *ECAHO : 62.200 Euros

7 little girls ECAHO were offered for sale" PRIDE OF POLAND"
EKINA  2004  Chesnut  Ekstern - Eklera by ECAHO Bialka  100 000 E  Belgique

EBLA  2004  Bay  Gazal Al Shaqab - Eberia by ECAHO  Michalow  35 000 E  France

Ebora Grey 2003 Ekstern Eberia by Ecaho Michalow Stud   20.000E  Czech Repu

 Palatina chest 2009 QR Marc Palmeta by Ecaho Janow Podlaski Stud  90.000 POLAND-Parys
Ostoja grey 2005 Ekstern Olita by Ecaho Janow Podlaski Stud   18.000  SAUDI ARABIA


ESIDONA grey 2006 GALBA (DE) ESTURIA/ECAHO Michałów Stud
PERESPA chestnut 2007 ENZO (US) POLENTA/ECAHO Janów Podlaski Stud

Pliszka  Mare Grey  born in 1973 PRODUCTION

Year Name Sexe Sire
1977 Paszkot Stallion Eufrat
1978 Perkun Gelding Aloes
1979 Puszczyk Stallion Aloes
1980 Pyton Stallion Partner
1981 Premia Mare Palas (SU)
1982 Plisa Mare Probat (SE)
1983 Pegaz Stallion Palas (SU)
1985 Palba Mare Penitent
1986 Pogarda Mare Tallin (SU)
1987 Palatyn Gelding Probat (SE)
1989 Plon Gelfding Piechur
1990 Portyk Gelding Borysław
1991 Pasieka Mare Ararat
1992 Pleszka Mare Pamir
1993 Paloma Mare Wojsław
1994 Postawa Mare Endel
1995 Puchacz Stallion Wojsław
1997 Plico Stallion Ecaho
Pasieka  Mare Grey Born in 1991
Year Name Sexe Sire
1996 Pelaja II (DE) Mare *Ecaho ( PL)
1997 Panik (DE) Stallion Benik (SU)
1998 Palba (DE) Mare Alabin (NL)
1999 Pamjatnik (DE) Gelding Alabin (NL)
2001 Plisa (DE) Mare Cugant (PL)
2002 Premier (DE) Stallion FS Bengali (DE)
2003 Perm Jamaal (DE) Gelding Bey El Jamaal (BR)
2005 Muranas Paolo (DE) Stallion Alishaar El Bri (AT)

50,00 %
Pasieka 50,00 %
Pepton 25,00 %
Etruria 25,00 %
Ararat 25,00 %
Pliszka 25,00 %
Bandos 12,50 %
Pemba 12,50 %
Palas 12,50 %
Etna 12,50 %
Palas 12,50 %
Arra 12,50 %
Gwarny 12,50 %
Pardwa 12,50 %
Negatiw 6,25 %
Bandola 6,25 %
Czort 6,25 %
Penza 6,25 %
Aswan 6,25 %
Panel 6,25 %
Faher 6,25 %
Elżunia 6,25 %
Aswan 6,25 %
Panel 6,25 %
Bandos 6,25 %
Arba 6,25 %
Amurath Sahib 6,25 %
Gwara 6,25 %
Kord 6,25 %
Porfira 6,25 %

First foal of PELAJA .
PILINA 2001 ( Cugnan x Pelaja y Ecaho) 

- Photo Michaela Weidner

               Alishaar El Bri                    x                             PELAGA                                      =                            Murana's Patrizia 

                       PSYTADEL                      x                       PELALA                                          =                            PASIJON P

                     AMALFI                          x                             PELAJA                                    =                            PIANIST P

                 ALI KAN                     x                                 PELAJA                                 =                                 PLAYA KAN P


           MURANAS JUMANI             x                        PELAJA                               =                   PEDRA   29-02-2012  ( at Stud )